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Top Ten Of The Week-January Thaw

If you take away the 8 inches of snow we got about three weeks ago you could make an observation that this winter would be like last, not much snow and above normal temps but the fact is it's been cold most of the time here.  This week promises 40 degrees and sunshine before it gets cold again.  No shortage of tunes here though.

Marty Stuart continues to have his own show on RFD. TV to which doesn't get shown around here but came across this little tidbit from a few years ago.  Turns out the link still works.... The Marty Stuart Show on RFD.TV.  Ya remember those country music shows of long ago and far away on Saturday's back when TV was good.  Probably before your lifetime, well Marty Stuart has a half hour variety show on Saturday Nights on RFD-TV.  Too bad our cable company won't let us trade MTV for RFD TV.

1.  Runaway-Samantha Fish 2011  What better way to start out the top ten this week with the hot rocking number that she threw upon the crowd Saturday Night in Davenport.  For all intent purposes, Samantha has done wonders over here at Crabb Top 10 land, since she is the most searched name here although my Saturday Night review didn't garner much on the ratings chart.  But I was there to witness her playing up a storm up close and personal, especially on the floor to which jump up on a chair and shred away on the guitar chords.  Used to think Susan Tedeschi was like that too but Samantha Fish just blows her out of the water. Move over, there's a young gunslinger in town and will return again just to know you know she mean business.

2.  No-Bulldog  1972  After the Rascals broke up, Dino Danelli and Gene Cornish formed this band that made an album for Decca and a one hit wonder for them as well. Major songwriters were Billy Hocher and John Turl. KLWW played this song, don't recall KCRG ever did.  I think this popped up on a K Tel album as well.  Had the single somewhere but not in my collection, found it in my dad's.  Don't know how that got in there, I'm still looking for Red Eye Blues from Red Eye, another 45 that has vanished without a trace.

3.  Mighty Morris Ten-Episode Six 1966  Another obscure 45 that I knew nothing about being released in the US but I guess this came out on Warner Brothers back in the 60s.  The Episode Six's discography is even more scattershot than then Jamey Ryan attempt that I did on the Singles Going Steady 10 blog.  It's a bizarre surf and drag song more in kin with Jan and Dean and the forgotten Cabin Crew She Ain't A Lot, Episode Six decided upon a drag song with a motorcycle? Mod Bike?  Hell I don't know.  Other side was a cover of the Beatles' Here, There And Everywhere.  Written by future producer Roger Glover.  BTW, this sound by this band would be night and day the next time they invaded Warner Brothers, Glover and Ian Gillan the lead singer would turn another band's fortunes around to a more harder rock, Deep Purple.

4.  I'm In Love-The Fourmost 1964  More popular in England then they ever were over here, they recorded a bunch of songs that were written by John Lennon or Paul McCartney. They recorded for Parlophone but in the US the songs were picked up by Atco to which I found the 45 at Ragged Records, later Capitol issued a couple singles, one produced by Ron Richards of the Hollies fame. Here There And Everywhere. Thank God for the internet for this history of the band:

5.  Give Me Just A Little Bit More Time-Falstaff 1995  The guilty pleasure album of the month is Pravda K tel tribute album Star Power since I added a track last week and this week, we get just about a note by note similarity by these bunch of unknowns to which they show their alt rock power by having a meltdown ending.  This song is their claim to fame since Google brings up other bands with the name Falstaff but nothing sounds close to this band.  Forever a unknown I guess.

6.  Lonely Weekends-Jerry Lee Lewis 1972  Over and done in a Ramones like minute forty four this was a top fifty country hit for The Killer.  Charlie Rich had a bigger with this.


7. I Asked For Water-Howlin Wolf 1956  Upon the fact that Samantha Fish takes a lot of her inspiration from the man himself everybody should know that the Rocking Chair (Aka Howlin' Wolf) is required listening to anybody who wants to understand the blues or for that matter rock and roll since so many British acts took their cue for Chester Burnett but of course Stevie Ray Vaughn paid tribute to the man by covering a few songs himself.  At the FYE Moline, they were the only place that had this CD and since my original CD has issues being played on my player it was time for a upgrade.  Of course, being home and stuck with a flu or allergic reaction to something I tore up the place trying to find the discman that had the Wolf CD in it and freaked out to the point that I called the Quality Inn in Eldridge to see if they had it and was even more freaking out,till I lifted up the blanket on the couch and found it underneath.  To which I breathe a sigh of relief and thanked the lucky stars that I found it.  AND DON'T DO THAT TO ME EVER AGAIN!  Update: I switched Howling for My Baby in exchange for this moody blues classic.

8.  You'll Be Mine-Stevie Ray Vaughan/Double Trouble 1985  Speaking of SRV doing Howlin Wolf......Why not?

9.  I Sat Back And Let It Happen-Leroy Van Dyke  1962  I guess this top ten is taking on a more Conservative approach judging all by all the blues and obscure 45s it has been taking the more I dig into this. The fourth single from the batch of records that I took home from the folks, this 45 has seem better days and better glories as a frisbee 45.  But then again this may have been in bad shape when I picked it up at the Church garage sale years ago.  Most of Van Dyke's time at Mercury was trying to rewrite Walk On By and How Long Must You Keep Me A Secret (written by Barry Mann of Who Put The Bomp fame) shadowed the country top forty of 1962.   B side sounds more into Don Gibson's territory of Don't Tell Me Your Troubles or Sea Of Heartbreak judging by the bomp bomp bomp of the bass singer on this song.  I think this 45 of mine might be considered for the next batch of fun with scratchy 45s, whenever that takes place.

10.  Too Many Ways To Fall-Arc Angels  1992  Charlie Sexton joins up with Doyle Bramhall 2 and Double Trouble to make a wonderful but a bit overlong album but I don't think had a proper followup.  They tour from time to time but for me they just fell off the map.  Co-written with Tonio K (Life In The Foodchain) this song got some moderate airplay during the early 90s.  Still holds up well after these years.

Five Me More!

Freeze Frame- J. Geils Band 1982
I Didn't Know I Loved You Till I Saw You Rock And Rolled-Gary Glitter 1972
Spiders And Snakes-World Famous Blue Jays 1995
Congo Square-John Mayall 1990
Teenage Icon-The Vaccines 2012

News wire:
Willie McCoy checked out, best known as the dude to sang about wanting his baby back ribs. But they had a feast at his funeral.

Actually McCoy died September 8th: Link

David Bowie celebrated his 66th birthday by offering up a new single and new album slated for April.  It's his first new album since Reality of 10 years ago. The new single Where We Are Now (up for a limited time)

I suppose this is a parody of sorts but here's a read about Classic Rock being a cancer upon the kids of today.  Then again, today's youth doesn't have much variety due to Cumulus/Clear Channel owned robot radio and whatever the hell Nicki No Talent puts out or promotes on American Idol, another reason to keep the TV off. American Idol, it won't go away!
Photo: Well done
Coming off the record month of views, looks we'll be back to the usual 2000 mark again, so I guess the novelty has worn off.  But to the faithful I am working on some more new stuff and at the same been quietly restocking the back archives of 2009.  I really don't promote back history but it's neat to see what was going on during that year, March and April 2009 archives are now restored from other websites.  As always you're welcome to check the history of that month.  Once we get that done we'll turn our attention to 2008.  One month at a time.
Finally, special thanks to the clerk at the Eldridge Casey's for letting me park my car there after the Saturday Night breakdown and to the clerk at Quality Inn for her hospitality in my time of need.  And of course my brother for getting my car back home.  Couldn't done with it without y'all.  Next time I should consider bringing my own toothpaste though.  But the Eldridge Quality Inn had 100 channels of digital cable to choose from and ME TV to boot.  If you're in the neighborhood, tell them Crabby sent ya.

Not that they will give you a discount but it will be free promotion for me! ;-)

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