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Week In Review:Pretenders, Mud Games 3

What a difference a week makes.  Last weekend Iowa put 55 points on Ohio State.  This week they couldn't muster 55 yards total offense in a 38-14 blowout loss to Wisconsin in Madison.  If it wasn't for two pick six interceptions by Josh Jackson, Iowa would been shut out.  Wisconsin simply owned the Hawks, manhandled the Hawks and for Nate Stanley's return to Mad City, he simply fell apart.  Of course, the offense line went back to Ole blockers, the WR's and TE's got their glass hands back and it was ugly.  Funny how last week they worked so hard to get back to the good graces of Colin Cowherd, Then Wisconsin comes in and proves that Iowa is still that Fake ID college team.  But at least they beat Ohio State.  To which Ohio State came back a blazing and blew Michigan State out of Columbus 48-3.  Good thing Iowa didn't play them this week, it would have been 96-0.  Ohio State decided to run the ball and they ran it down the Spartans' throat.  Next up for the Buckeyes, Illinois and then back home to face Michigan.  Ohio State still is favored to get into the Championship game and probably will play Wisconsin.  We'll then see if Wisconsin is the real deal or if Ohio State simply had a bad game against Iowa.

What do Iowa State and Arizona State have in common?  They are both fading and are pretenders.  Iowa State offense came back but the defense was AWOL and Oklahoma State outlasted them 49-42 and won on a interception that Iowa State was a touchdown. Sad way to end the game.  Arizona State is now at 500 once again, UCLA won 44-37, spotting a 14-0 ASU lead and chipped away and then battered the ASU Plastic Fork defense, thus proving that the victory over Washington was a fluke.  And probably their bowl game.   Oregon State and Arizona close out the season. A victory over OSU might get them a second tier bowl game but 2 more losses and Todd Graham might be joining Butch Davis, recently jettisoned from Tennessee, in the unemployment line.

And now Sarah Jane Underwood wants you to check out her ass.  EEYAW!

(The 1974 San Francisco/Cleveland Mud Bath-Neil Liefer photo)

I don't care about the NFL anymore and since giving up TV I have not paid attention to the games. The Chargers moved to Los Angeles and still suck.  In the age of field turf and modified grass stadiums, there's hardly anymore games played in the mud like they used to.   However, I decided some hard to find Mud games in the archives and therefore decide to pay tribute to games played on real turf and real mud.

(NFL Archives-Mack Lee Hill slogging through the muck )

1)  Double Dose Of Charger Mud In Your Eye  1964

San Diego 20  Houston 17  10/25/64 (Houston)
San Diego 28  Kansas City 14   11/15/64  (Kansas City)

(George Blanda)

You have to search the You Tube for the old year in review for the AFL and NFL teams but they are still out there.  On the way to the 1964 AFL Title, San Diego had to go into Houston  to play the Oilers and a hurricane monsoon that almost drowned the players in the second half.  But the legendary George Blanda drove the Oilers down the  Gulf of Jepperson Stadium and was in line for a winning FG, till it sailed a bit wide left and a pissed off George jumping up and down the puddles to complain that the referees blew the call.  A few weeks later, The Chargers went up to Kansas City, a place that they haven't won very much up there but managed to score 4 touchdowns in the second quarter in a steady rain and Lance Alworth had two TDs and 168 yards receiving in a soggy 28-14 victory.  After that, San Diego lost three of their last four games, including a 49-6 scalping at home, but still managed to get in the AFL Championship, to which they lost 20-7 to the Buffalo Bills, which is could be consider a mud bowl but not as epic as these two games.  The game forever known as Mike Stratton planting Keith Lincoln six feet into the moon after trying to get a pass over his head.  Lincoln would not be the same again.

(Steven Savioa: Photo)

2)  The Last Mud Game In New England 2006

New York Jets 17 New England 14 (Foxboro) 11/12/06

It's been a known fact that any grass stadium on the East Coast will be subject to the elements of Noreasters and heavy rains and this game was no exception.  Tom Brady was introduced to the Jets defense time after time.  It didn't help things that the FIFA soccer league used Gillette Stadium for soccer games which contributed to the field becoming tough to play.  After the game, The Patriots would rip up the grass and put in field turf, which has now been replaced three times in a decade, most recently the start of the 2017 NFL season. Tom Brady has mentioned he would like to return to a grass field.  But nowadays it's field turf all the way.  Even the grass stadiums don't have much mud anymore, the Dallas/Washington game of two weeks ago proved that.

(Tom Silverstein- Photo)

3)   A Bad Trick Or Treat Game  1994

Green Bay 33 Chicago 6  10/31/94

In 1994 the NFL decided to do a throwback to the old days of old uniforms which worked wonders for teams like San Diego, both the New York Jets and Giants to which both teams would return to their old jerseys.  Some teams were better off leaving them in the past, Chicago and Green Bay had some hideous uniforms and of course those ugly Denver Broncos uniforms from 1960 including the vertical stripes.  On this game Brett Favre and Edgar Bennett had more trouble battling the elements of hard rain and 40 mile an hour winds than the Chicago Defense, Bennett ran for over 100 yards and Favre scored on a 36 yard TD run.  As for the Bears offense, let's just say they got blown away by the elements on that Halloween night. http://www.chicagotribune.com/csac-bt-941031bearspackersgamer-story.html

(Jim Kanicki-Getty Images)

4)  New York Giants  Sinking in the mire 1968-1969

Cleveland 45  New York 10 (12/1/68)
Cleveland 28  New York 17  (11/23/69)

Of course we can always count on Cleveland and Municipal Stadium to give us a double dose of Mudpie action.  But once upon a time, Cleveland had a pretty good football team that played in a stadium by the lake with a field that went uphill.   Of course you could count upon seeing plenty of muddy games in November and December and usually the New York Giants were there on the muddiest of games, (the most mud still remains the 6-2 baseball score Dallas hung on the Brownie) but in 1968 Cleveland hounded Fran Tarkenton all over the field to the point that Fran was replaced by Dick Wood.  The Browns pretty much had things go all their way even before the rains came off the lake and turned the field into muck.  The Browns rubbed the mud in the face of the Giants to the last second TD from Frank Ryan to Tommy McDonald, who managed to do a mud angel in the end zone and jumped on a few Browns in the process.  The 1969 game was a bit more closer although Leroy Kelly scored 3 TDs in the first half, Tarkenton did get the Giants back in the game with 2 TD passes. But Bill Nelsen would throw a 24 yard TD pass to Gary Collins and that was the game.

(Neil Leifer again with the photo credit, 1965 game, Couldn't find any pictures of the 69 game)

5)  Mud Bowl 2  1969

Cleveland 20  Green Bay 7  12/7/69

Two weeks after outlasting New York, Cleveland finally beat the Green Bay Packers after a decade of coming up short and of course they had plenty of help from a gale off the lake and a steady rain.  Bill Nelsen hit Paul Warfield on a amazing TD catch to which Bob Jeter popped him in the face, to which Warfield took exception and was ready to kick Packer ass.  Ernie Kellerman's 40 yard Pick Six sealed the fate of the Packers, although Don Horn did throw a TD pass to Dave Hampton to make the score more closer than it actually was.

6)  Oakland 21  Miami 14  1970 Playoffs

The most famous picture of that game was Big Bad Ben Davidson embracing Bob Griese as he was delivering yet another mud pack to the quarterback.  Heavy rains turned the Oakland field into a quagmire. Willie Brown scored on a 50 yard Pick Six, and Darrell Lamonica threw a 82 yard strike to Rod Sherman to seal the game.  http://www.raiders.com/news/article-1/Greatest-Moments-1970-AFC-Divisional-Playoff/4390c51f-6980-4ab6-a7cc-2aed915d508f

Blaine Nye covered in Cleveland Mud (Photo: SI)
7)  Baseball in the mud  1970

Dallas 6 Cleveland 2 12/12/70

Would you believe Bill Nelsen threw for 239 yards in perhaps the most muddiest game in Cleveland Browns history.  A game of epic mud flattery, everybody who got on the field would have 10 pounds of mud on their jerseys and even both kickers Mike Clark and Don Cockcroft looked like mudders. The Browns had a chance to win this game, but a costly penalty on Gary Collins nullified one TD and on a final drive, Collins fumbled and the Cowboys recovered in the end zone.  In terms of pure mud utopia, this gives a run for the money with the 1965 Green Bay Championship game and the December 15, 1962 13-10 Browns victory at the Rumble in the mud at Kezar Stadium with the 49ers, to which Cleveland would be king of the mud in 1974.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4lDkR8RhnI

8)  Packer Mud Bowl 2 1997

Green Bay 35 San Francisco 14 1/4/97

History has shown that both Green Bay and San Francisco had their share of mud battles, the most notable one was the 13-0 1960 Mud bath that earned the Packers a date with Philadelphia that season. Kezar Stadium gave no favors to the home team and basically hampered their running and passing attack, while Paul Horning and Jim Taylor had no problems running through the muck  Twenty years after the 1965 Packer victory over Cleveland in Lambeau Mud, San Francisco came a calling and Desmond Howard burned them with a 71 yard punt return.  Steve Young got hurt and so Elvis Grabec came in and found himself covered in Lambeau real estate.  Edgar Bennett scored two touchdowns as well.  After that, they replaced the muddy sod with new grass and Carolina got beat 30-13.  Packers went on to beat New England in the super bowl.  However the Super Mud game was GB/SF.

(John Brodie finding his way through the Kezar Mud in the 13-0 Packer shut out in 1960 Ray Nisckie looks on as a Packer LB tries to tackle Brodie)

(Cleveland Vs San Francisco  to which they won 13-10 in 1962  Neil Leifer: Photo Credit)

(Fred Waters: Photo Credit)

And we always seem to find pictures of the St Louis Mud Bath at Old Sportsman Park in 1964 to which both St Louis and New York slogged through a 10-10 tie.  Jackie Smith does the zig zag walk in front of a New York defender taking a splash.

Passings:  Chuck Mosely, original lead singer of Faith No More.  Died of a drug overdose.  He was 57.

Janis Hansen, singer for Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 (The Look Of Love) died from leukemia on Oct 4.  She was 74.

Next week, we'll try to return to a more musical theme.  I think we got this years Crabby's and the Turkey's of the year next week.  Probably won't be a novel but at least it will get us out of the mud of this blog.   So here's mud in your eye from Jim Bakken in that St Louis/New York Mess of a tie in 1964.

An Muddy Album From The Past: REM-Monster (Concord 1994)

I had an extensive argument with somebody over the value of Monster while comparing it to Automatic For The People, an album that has recently gotten the 25th Anniversary treatment with a blue ray and four other CDs of note.  I tend to think that Automatic was a nice album with some cool songs (Man On The Moon, Drive, Ignoreland although a lot of critics didn't care for that final number).    Monster, was the muddy followup and dammed if I didn't pick a more perfect album about Mud Bowls than this.  I still contend that side 1 still works fairly good, What's The Frequency Kenneth, Crush With Eyeliner, the latter featuring Peter Buck using such a nasty delay that I stole that for a song I did with the Townedgers in 2002.  Star 69 is a nice uptempo modern alternative rock (not punk rock, personal note to Everybody's Dummy).  However there's a complaint to this album is that time has not treated side 2 very well, I still can't get into Tongue, the worst cop of a U2 sound I ever heard (or is that Rolling Stones?)  Let Me In, is a failed salute to Sonic Youth but that misstep is replaced by Circus Envy and ends on a good note with You.  Let's face it, the naysayers will not warm up to Monster, it's the loudness of the recording, or the songs weren't good enough.  But even for a dollar find, I'll still put on Monster when I wanna hear REM go grunge.  But then again I enjoy REM uptempo and rocking, even if the distortion delay gets a bit out of hand.
Grade A-

Final note:  The new Stone Temple Pilots lead singer is Jeffery Adam Gutt, a one time X Factor contestant and has plenty of him doing covers of other people songs on You Tube, Hallelujah for one. His vocals on Plush if its any indication will put STP back into the sound of Core, which despite it's big sales was their least interesting album for me.   We wish Jeffery and STP the best of luck.

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Week In Review: Iowa Double Nickles Ohio State, CMA Awards

If you live in Iowa the big story of the week was Iowa going double nickles and destroying Ohio State 55-24 on Saturday before a packed crowd and national television audience. And shocking the hell out of everybody including myself.  We didn't think Iowa could beat the damned Buckeyes much less blow them out of Iowa City.  Amari Hooker, gave the Hawks a quick lead with a pick six and although Ohio State equaled the score and started to flex their muscles, a strange thing happened that would turn the game into Iowa's favor. A 17 all tie and a 3 and 8th, future NFL potential star Nick Boza gave Nate Stanley a head thump and was flagged for targeting and was excused for the rest of the game by the refs.   Next play Stanley throws to Noah Fant for a touchdown and the avalanche started.   J D Barrett started thinking that Josh Jackson was part of the Buckeyes.  Jackson stole three passes from Barrett including a out of this world one handed grab.  And then:  the offense showed up, or rather the offense line finally decided to block people out.  It may have been those big blackout jersey's the Hawkeyes were wearing, but after Bosa's exit, Iowa simply manhandled the Buckeyes. Akem Wadley had 122 yards rushing, Nate Stanley threw for five touchdown passes and Ohio State never did recover except for a dumbass fake punt to which that Iowa punter might be sitting for the rest of the season (or at least the next game) that the next play Ohio State scored.  However Iowa got that TD back late in the game after a 4th interception by Barrett and Iowa was long gone by then.

This victory was very significant.  Nobody ever scored 55 points on a Urban Meyer coached team and Iowa double nickleded Meyer.  Iowa beat a quality team.  Iowa beat Ohio State.  Iowa knocked Ohio State out of the bowl championships and ended Barrett's chances for a Heisman.  But it also made a believer out of Colin Cowherd for a brief moment.  Colin scoffed at the Hawks undefeated season of 2015, called them the Fake ID of college football and pissing off the Hawkeye  fans in the process but in the end all Iowa had to do was beat Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship and Stanford in the Rose bowl, to which the Hawkeyes did not that season.  The 2015 season had plenty of cupcakes and under-performing Big Ten Teams at that time.  Iowa was winning ball games but they were not beating the big teams when given a chance to play on the big stage.  During the game he gave great credit to Nate Stanley and gave his approval by saying Iowa Turned 21 that Saturday and now will be looking for another team to call the Fake ID of college football, with an eye on another big ten team of course (Wisconsin) but rather perhaps another team that more of a fake than the Badgers, Washington comes to mind, maybe Miami.  But for now, since Colin is buying a round of beer for all of us hawkeyes at the Deadwood, I'll take a Schlitz over a Pabst if you don't mind.   Next up, Wisconsin at Madison next Sunday.  The Hawks have to retain the Heartland Trophy and despite what Coherd thinks, Wisconsin is super tough in Madison.  But the Hawkeyes have played their best football in November and with them blowing out the always tough Buckeyes this might inspire them to continue to play their best when it comes down to crunch time.  Beating the Columbus Buckeyes did make them bowl eligible once again.  Side note: The Hawks did defeat Madison in 2015.

The other team I root for, Arizona State won their 600th game on Pat Tillman Tribute Day and outlasted Colorado 41-30, scoring 24 points in the final quarter before a crowd of ghosts. Demario Richard ran for 189 yards, 141 of it in the final quarter including a 80 yard run. ASU had 583 total yards in the game and overpowered Colorado.  Colorado didn't help their causes, WR developed glass hands at the wrong time including two dropped passes in the end zone. UCLA in LA is next on the Sun Devil list.

And Iowa State went to West Virginia and lost 20-16.  The Cyclones had no offense in the first half and WV lead 20-0.  Clones did make a game out of it but it was too little too late. And the offense has quietly gotten back to being nonexistent.  They must improve on that when Oklahoma State comes calling next week.

In the NFL we have C J Beathard, now playing QB for the 49ers.  Last season C J was part of the Iowa squad and was good enough to be drafted by San Francisco to back up Bryan Hoyer.  While there are good feelings about C J being a starter, San Francisco has been bloody awful this season, they have not won a game this season (0-9) and C J has no running backs, no receivers and certainly no offense line whatsoever.  Hoyer was moved out of town, Jimmy Groppaino was traded from New England to be the QB eventually (Hoyer has resigned with New England, so it's was a minor trade of sorts).  But while Groppiano has been on the sidelines, taking notes, C J is out on the field getting killed, getting sacked 5 times and hit him for another 11 times by The Arizona Cardinals.  It's tough to go back to pass and seeing Cardinals greeting you time after time but finally after a late hit the 49ers, who couldn't block or catch for their lives finally had enough and decided to protect their QB with a rumble all their own.  C J did score a touchdown and the admiration of the Cardinals and their coach but it did wounded up in a 20-10 loss.  They might have better luck against the New York Giants next week but CJ will be without his Iowa counterpart George Kittle.

Passings: Roy Halliday, pitcher for Philadelphia and Toronto and won Cy Youngs in both leagues died in a plane crash on Tuesday.  He was 40.

(Glan's Facebook Page Photo)

Penitti "Whitey" Glan, drummer for Mandela and later was part of Lou Reed's Rock And Roll Machine Band died from cancer.  He was 71

Paul Buckmaster, worked with David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Elton John on arrangements passed away on Wednesday.  He was 71.  I thought his work on Madman Across The Water defined his greater moments, He also gave credibility to Train as well.  http://ultimateclassicrock.com/paul-buckmaster-dead/

Joe Fortunato, (number 31) fabled Chicago Bears linebacker who helped them to a NFL Championship title in 1963 passed away from a short illness on Monday.  He was 87.

It's been one year since the infamous 11/9 elections to which every Republican known to man and a failed reality star became president and already the voters have decided to do something about it.  Too bad they couldn't do it last year and 2014 when I knew if America ignored to vote and stayed home this was going to happen and in our case  Chuck Grassley, Congressman For Life got voted once again and we're still stuck with Joni Do Nothing Ernst Wonderbags. Gas prices have gone up 30 cents again for no real reason and we're at 2.59 a gallon.  But Virginia voters had enough of Fool 45's antics and voted mostly Democrat, including a transgender woman.  The era of Chris Christie is now over in New Jersey as they elected a Democratic Governor.  Here in CR, Monica Vernon won 30 percent of the vote but since it was under 50 percent she'll face a Republican candidate in yet another election in December, to which we'll probably see more anti ads for another month.  The two party system isn't all that great, we slide from the left to the right and back to the left.  But if there's any indication on what's on the horizon, people are getting fed up by the do nothing NRA bought out Repubicants and maybe we the people will get off our asses and actually vote the Koch suckers out. But we're still stuck with Joni till 2020, unless she chokes on a sandwiches or gets struck down by lightning.  Sooner the better.

The CMA Awards of 2017 continue to the be the clusterfuck as the clash of the new rap rock like artists meshed with what's left of the traditional country, if there's any.  Glen Campbell won his first CMA award (posthumously) with a duet with Willie Nelson on Funny How Time Slips Away from Glen's final album Adios. Last time Glen won a CMA was in 1968. And the Osborne Brothers won Video Event Of The Year with It Ain't My Fault.

In terms of theory the CMA 2017 Awards is trying to get away from the Bro Country crapola and good for them although the times have been a changin and not for the good.  Garth Brooks reclaimed Entertainer Of The Year over Luke Bryan. Chris Stapleton won two awards including album of the year and Male Vocalist and fallen angel Taylor Swift got single of the year with Better Man to which Little Big Town sang that song.  Brothers Osborne got Duo Of The Year, Jon Pardi Newcomer of the year and my favorite category Best Instrumentalist: Mac McAnally. He's been taking that award on a regular basis and congrats to him.  While Miranda Lambert didn't have much love where she was nominated at, she still managed to take home Female Country Singer Of The Year, to which she owns Carrie Underwood in that department despite a so so album she put out last year.

But on a good note; Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett didn't win a single CMA award. ;)

This week's album reviews:

Walter Becker-11 Tracks Of Whack (Giant 1994)

The reason why Donald Fagen sang on the Steely Dan albums was that Donald had more of a vocal you could relate to, Becker is very eccentric and off the wall for anybody outside of rabid Steely Dan fans to ever care about.  The best way to describe this is Gaucho Gone Gonzo. Very off the wall. Some things do stand out, Junkie Girl including F bomb madness, the repeated tag line of Waterloo and the faux paus reggae of This Moody Bastard.  Becker's weird sense of humor comes into play.  This album does sound like whack.
Grade B-

The Darkness-Pinewood Smile (Cooking Vinyl 2017)

To these ears, The Darkness is the last of the true bands dedicated to the classic rock of the 1970s, AC/DC crossed with Queen and Justin Hawkins' over the top vocals has made these guys my favorite band of the century that uses classic rock as a reference.   The Queen influence is now becoming well known now that the guys have gotten Roger Taylor's son Rufus to play drums and he adds a bit more harder rock to the songs, not that Emily Dolan Davies was no slouch.  While their last album they stretch themselves out to 14 songs, this time they keep it to 10 songs and 35 minutes. Still funny as hell, especially on Solid Gold which might be based on a true story about a Sony A and R dude clueless as hell and All The Pretty Girls which pretty much explains itself. And then they end things by doing a speed metal tag ending to Stampede Of Love.    It's a shame modern rock doesn't give these guys much love.  They're a hell lot more funnier and rocking than Five Finger Death Punch.
Grade B+

Martin Carthy (Fontana 1965)

British folk songs are hard to take if you're not used to hearing them and as much as I tried to get into Richard Dwyer-Bennett's Irish folk songs, I couldn't get past the fourth song before giving up and donating it for a good cause.   Carthy (who did hook up with Steeleye Span and Albion Country Band) recorded this traditional British Folk album with help from Dave Swarbrick (Fairport Convention) and inspired the likes of Richard Thompson and Bob Dylan in the process.  I suppose in 1965 this record would be a bigger deal but 50 years onward it echoes of a distant past.  I tend to fall asleep  if I pay too much attention but I do dig The Two Magicians and The Queen Of Hearts.
Grade B

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Archives: The Viola School Ghost Haunt That Didn't Take Place

VIOLA — With Halloween just around the corner, two Linn County women are teaming up to host a haunt-filled fundraiser as part of an effort to fix up the abandoned school building in Viola, an unincorporated community in eastern Linn County.
Heidi Liegl, who purchased the 94-year-old school building in 2015, is partnering with Sarah Hyatt, a paranormal investigator with the International Paranormal Society, to offer nighttime tours of the building from 9 to 10 p.m. Saturday and again on Oct. 29.
Participants must be age 18 or older and sign a waiver. They are invited to bring any paranormal investigation equipment they want, but Hyatt plans to conduct her own investigation with her equipment during the event.
Tickets cost $30 each.
Regardless of whether you choose to believe the old school — built in 1922 and closed in 1998 — is haunted or not, the building itself is certainly creepy.
Nearly all of the windows are shattered.
The names of former students remain visible on strips of masking tape above hooks on the third floor.
Mounds of dirt that blew in over the years combines with broken wood, trash and crumbling plaster and drywall to cover many areas of the building.
A few old shoes are scattered about.
The word “boo” has been spray painted on a window near the cornerstone.
The old stage in the gymnasium has been covered by a wall, but the large red curtains remain in place.
An empty school chair sits alone in the middle of one room.
The concrete floor in the boiler room is cracked into many pieces and a lone desk sits in the corner.
The old vinyl blinds whistle and rattle when the wind blows through.
Yet, in the midst of the destruction, a colorful mural in the foyer remains unharmed by the elements.
“There are a lot of different emotions that are left here,” said Hyatt, who conducted an initial paranormal investigation in late August, at which time she believes two “entities” named Steve and Eddie made contact through a contraption called a ghost box, which Hyatt explains is a modified radio that scans multiple stations each second.
“ ... Almost everyone in the community has been here at one point,” Hyatt said. Also, who didn’t want to run around your school and joke around when the teacher isn’t looking? That’s why they come back.”
Aside from the ghost hunting, Hyatt said she and Liegl have been contacted by community members who would like to see the building restored.
“A lot of people are really eager to share their memories about what the building used to look like, where the classrooms were. And they’re really excited that there’s someone like Heidi to fix it up,” Hyatt said.
Liegl said she paid $10,000 for the school and the four acres it sits on and envisions the building becoming some type of community center. She met Hyatt at the Marion Psychic and Paranormal Expo in August and the idea for offering tours as a fundraiser soon followed.
Liegl said she plans to use money raised from the upcoming tours to remove the rest of the debris in the building. She hopes to continue to raise funds for a new roof, which is estimated to cost $10,000. The existing roof has gaping holes, which is adding to the problems inside the building.
Located about 30 minutes northeast of Cedar Rapids and near the small community of Springville — population 1,000 — the Viola school building has had various owners since it was closed.
The Anamosa School District first sold the building to a private owner, but plans to turn the old school into apartments fell through. The Stone City Art Foundation was the previous owner and officials had expressed interest in creating an artists’ colony.
Hyatt, whose equipment also includes electronic voice phenomena recorders and K-II readers that measure electromagnetic fields, said the goal of the tours isn’t to make believers out of paranormal skeptics. Still, she encourages those who attend to come with an open mind.
“There’s proof of it if you’re open enough to taking it in,” she said.
(original source) 

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It makes you just want to shut off all comments.