Saturday, January 12, 2013

History Lesson: Da Crabb Visits Washington DC 2004

In my attempt to clean up the archives of My Space, I found this trip summary of my trip to the East Coast in 2004 to which I got to meet Donna aka Brooksie from the MSN chats.  I'm sure it's another way to pad my viewership but reading this brings back some fond memories. Wouldn't mind to go back out there again to visit.

Original post follows:

 Thought you all would like to know that Da Crabb made it safely to Washington - I met him at National Airport (also known as Reagan National Airport) at a little after 5 pm local time.  He's already experienced his first DC rush-hour traffic jam while we were trying to make it out this way  and he's also experienced The Tortilla Factory restaurant, a local fave .  Now he's been safely deposited at his hotel, where I'm sure he's sawing logs this very minute and sleeping off the 1 hour time difference. 

Manassas 2004-waiting for dubya in My Photos by

Sunday, we did go to Washington Downtown to see the sights, then moved on to Manassas to one of the battlefields.  It was a very hot sunny day, got into the 90s, and we both got sunburned.  However, going on the battlefields gives you a different prospective on how things were back in the civil war.  Basically, I was awestruck on how many people died on these battlefields.  The next day, we trucked up to Gettysburg PA, which was more widespread than Manassas, with cannons all around the area.  On these hollowed grounds where both the confederates and the union soldiers lost their lives, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of bullets and shells and cannonballs that they have in the Gettysburg Museum.   

The CD store we visited on Friday is called Record And Tape Exchange, in Fairfax VA.  Here I got to see Da Crabb on a hardcore CD hunt, and yes I did buy more CDs than he did (The Housemartins, The Beautiful South, Bush).  It's quite the cool shop, and it's really close by where I work (dangerously so) and so I anticipate running up there frequently on my breaks from work    Note to the vinyl heads out there - they do have a ton of vinyl!  

Ocean City was great, and we were surprised to see how many people had flocked to the boardwalk on an early spring day.  It was very windy and chilly down there, but it was all good.  What Crabb actually said to me when he heard the bluesman singing was "He does a better Robert Johnson than Eric Clapton!"


Definitely check out WRNR (103.1 FM) if you're ever in the Annapolis area.  Their signal only goes so far, and right around Easton MD we started to lose it, but they play stuff you never hear on commercial radio.  Some examples are Freedy Johnston, Elastica, and Morphine.  We definitely enjoyed tuning in and turning on while we were driving back and forth to the ocean 

Crabb is right about the traffic around here    On the way to the shore we got stuck in traffic at an accident scene, and then coming back from Ocean City on Saturday evening we found ourselves stuck in a work zone on the Capital Beltway (I495) in Silver Spring MD.  Crabb also noticed how many cops were out there that evening.  The Maryland State Police were out in full force; I guess they do selective enforcement on the weekend nights.  In any event, there were more cops out there than either of us had ever seen in quite a while.

But hey - if you need to fill up your car, and you're tired of high gas prices in your area, head to Cambridge MD where the price for 87 octane is $1.61   That's about 25 cents cheaper than the DC area prices.

We did try to check out DC on Sunday, but that was a dumb move on my part - you cannot find a parking space in DC on a Sunday to save your neck    That's why we found ourselves at Arlington Cemetery - at least we could park there and see across the Memorial Bridge.

Manassas Battlefield was definitely cool, and believe it or not that's the first time I had ever been there - and I've lived in this area my whole life    It's very stark when compared to the Gettysburg Battlefield and all the memorials they have there, but no less moving.  Visiting the Civil War battlefields is quite an experience, and it really makes you think about all that happened only 140 years ago. 

Coming back from Gettysburg on Monday, I decided to drive us through West (by God) Virginia so Crabb could say that he had been in 4 states and the District Of Columbia during his stay here    We did try to get down to Harper's Ferry and check that all out, but apparently you can't park right in the town anymore - you have to park way far away and take a shuttle bus into town, so that didn't work out so well.  But we took the scenic route coming back here, on picturesque Route 9 all up and down the mountains back into Virginia.  Believe me, there are some hair-raising switchbacks on that road 

So that's my addendum.  Thanks very much to Crabb for hopping a plane out here and visiting our fair area    A great time was had by all!

The worst traffic jams I have seen in years, on that was on a saturday nite on Interstate 495.  Surprise number one, I only visited one CD store, and surprise number two Brooksie bought more CDs than I did!   (homemade CDs don't count there ).   Brooksie took me to all the finest food establishments in her area, and of course, my fave was Fuddruckers, as well hitting the Red Robin on the last nite I was there, The Red Robin Burger was so big, I couldn't finish it.  Prior before going to DC, I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled since one of them shattered and the doc gave me some Oxycontin which really screwed me up on the trip to Manassass.  Never take Oxycontin on a empty stomach kiddies.

This trip was not about bargainhunts, it was more of a history lesson, and the last two days and the afternoon spent at Ocean City were the highlights of a five day trip, which went over very quickly.Taken just before that wave got me all wet-2004 in My Photos by

Saturday, we then hit to the Ocean, to Ocean City.  Ocean City is a cool place to spend the day, (unless its hurricane season which isn't).  The boardwalk is alive with musicians with their karaoke machines to which they play their instruments.  We had a Herb Alpert wannabe, with karaoke accomplishment, a violist with Karoke Backing, and a bluesman, whose version of Love In Vain is more believable than Eric Clapton's latest.  Hay look, Brooskie, he's better than EC, at least its the blues.  Later on, i went to go feed the seagulls and ended up getting a shoeful of ocean (ewwww), and believe it, the ocean is very salty.

PS: The Blog was written in pieces so I tried to attempt to recreate things as they happened via postings on the old My Space site.  The big spaces between paragraphs were like that in the original blog, pictures were added today from the archives. One missing picture was me feeding the seagulls by the ocean.  Kinda spooky to see them hovering around me for a moldy old piece of bread.  But it was still a good time.