Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crabb Bits: HMV, Audio Preservation Fund

The biggest news coming out of the corridor has been that the British giant music store HMV is now what they call In Administration or over here bankruptcy.   Virgin France went belly up as well.  In essence perhaps the death knell in sales of physical product.    Martin Elbourne mentioning that anybody making a 70 minute CD in this day and age is a moron.  Those days of overlong CDs are thankfully long gone, sez he.

I suppose that means that if The Townedgers make an cd that nobody is going care but only for themselves.  So be it then.

In essence, music is going be distributed by the great big jukebox in the internet then.  For me, I'm still going to be listening through outdated storage media and a discman that for 12 years has taken me on and has survived.  Despite what the Martin Elbournes and the naysayers, I'm not about to give up things that have been useful for me, when I'm dead and gone, either give my stuff away to the museums and record collectors out there or turn my CD collection into a giant casket and throw me in there when it's done.

I don't foresee 2013 to be a very productive year for me in terms of new music, as for bargain hunting, I'm sure whatever turns up at the local Half Priced Bookstore will keep me amused for the time being but honestly I don't have much use for new music and radio sucks in any format.  I'm sure if and when maybe I'll buy up a Smart phone and listen to a podcast from the comforts of ear buds and a few hours before the battery needs a recharge.  If there's something I really need, I have about 100 dollars worth of HP Books gift cards at my disposal and a 50 dollar Best Buy gift card as well.  I have no bargain hunts planned for Madison nor any other place for now, the Davenport only took place since Samantha Fish came to play there and I was killing time although I'm sure the folks at FYE didn't mind my presence.  But I'm sure as the year goes by and record sales continue to tank, there'll be more stores closing down.  Sign of the times I guess.

But in my case, there is still bargains to be found, and music to be made.  We'll survive, just like you.

Link Of The Day: The Audio Preservation Fund, a place where you can donate your collection after you're gone.  Or a suggestion.

Pawn shop classic CDs reviewed.

With being at work letting me listen to what tunes I bring to work, it keeps me sane most of the time.   Paul McCartney's Give My Regards To Broad Street (Columbia/MPL 1984)  was a bizarre movie to say the very least and can be a chore getting through, but the soundtrack is a better alternative.  Paul always seemed to get the best musicians and he puts a heavyweight with Chris Spedding, Dave Edmunds, John Paul Jones and Ringo Starr on a couple tracks and parts of Toto on the odious Silly Love Songs although this version will be the only one that I approve of.  Mac also revisits some of the Beatles songs as well and I would have gone with Eleanor Rigby as this definite version till the 8 minite Eleanor's  Dream drags this forevermore.  But I still believe that No More Lonely Nights featuring David Gilmour's blistering guitar solo is a deserved hit.  The S/T has been out of print for years but I finally found a copy the other day but don't recall the vinyl album going as long as the CD does.....Country music is a joke upon itself with redneck, boom boom speakers and half assed crapola that The Peach Pickers tends to give to the jeans and walletchain wearing goofs of this era, no wonder nobody listens to the radio anymore.  The Bottle Rockets (ESD 1993)  actually did this a helluva lot better than Brantley or Luke does today with a vivid more imagination and thought.  Always enjoyed the Mellencamp rip of Gas Girl or Wave That Flag which would piss off many a Southerner about that "flag". Perhaps the best song is about a trailer fire in Kerosene.  Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy adds some backing vocals as well, even though Brian Hennaman continues to keep the Bottle Rockets going, I always loved their first album right from the start.....Coleman Hawkins was getting up in his years when Swingville paired him with some up and comers with the Coleman Hawkins All Stars (Swingville/Concord 1960 reissued 1996) an jazz session which was part boogie with More Bounce To The Vonce and all out jam on Some Stretching.  Hawkins showed the boys that the old man can still bring it and even though his shorter numbers is what he do best, this album really is damn good jazz.  Of course it helps when you borrow some of Duke Ellington's numbers too....Brewer & Shipley's Tarkio (Buddah Reissue 1995) is considered their best album and does have that hippie dippy vibe that we all loved and remembered so fondly back then.  One toke over the line and the followup Tarkio Road which I got on single, the Best Of Brewer & Shipley borrows 6 tracks off that album but they left off the beautiful Song From Platte River and Seems Like A Long Time to which Rod Stewart covered on Every Picture Tells A Story.  Bonus track features a very good Mighty Quinn. 

Paul McCartney-Give My Regards To Broad Street B+
The Bottle Rockets A
Coleman Hawkins All Stars Featuring Joe Thomas/Vic Dickerson A-
Brewer & Shipley-Tarkio A-

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