Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ten Years Ago This Day: My First Blog Unleashed To The World

In celebrating my 10 years of being a blogger on the music world and my so called ass kicking life, I finally found my first blog that originally was posted on MSN Groups Yardbirds Roost in 2003.  Even I can't believe the time that has passed.  The original posting appears after this intro- R.S.

Greetings All!

Hard to believe that we have survived another year.  2002 was another blur in the whirlwind life of da crabb. All in all, I survived gallbladder surgery, bein sick during Thanksgiving, and for the good moments, goin out to Phoenix for the annual AZ getaway and countless trips to Mad city, Ames, and Davenport in order to find the ultimate bargain cd.  2002 proved to be another banner year in finding bargains, and if i felt up to it, finding some decent food joints and sampling what they had to offer.

At the end of the year, i was thinking of changing my profile to be more "user-friendly"  only to have all of you to request the return of the crabb.  So once again, we have return to the personality that ya all love...da crabb ;)

So, whats in store for 2003?  Hopefully to continue to find bargains (although i may have to get rid of some unwanted cd's to free up shelf space), try to stay healthy, and focus more on the music of the Townedgers, my side projects.  And quit watching so much television.  And, of course, to show up in da roost to let ya know that im still alive.  I can be sometimes a flirt in da chat (SMOOCH),  I should be a little less flirty on that, SOOO, if ya would like to see less or no more smooches,  ya can request that,  I forgot how the heck i started to SMOOCH all the time, but perhaps its time to retire that once in for all.  In real life the crabb is too shy to smooch at all, go figure.

For my summer plans, it looks like another trip out to the desert to see the sights i didn't see last year, and maybe just maybe another trip out to Seattle town, this time by myself, unless they raise gas prices to two bucks a gallon, then we will have to resort to plan B.  For now this is all in the planning stage and nothing definite.

Good music is what makes my world go around.  And I always enjoy listening to watch anybody sends my way, as well as talking bout it on those Fridays nite in da roost, sometimes i will join ya on another day. Who knows, perhaps i may meet some of you in the near future.

On that note, wishing ya the best of the forthcoming new year.

da crabb ;););):)

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