Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Low Key 52

Another circling around the sun for 51 years and it was low key.  Not much to talk about, I went to work, Sonya made her famous onion cheese dip that everybody pretty much scarfed down. Linda bought donuts, I bought tunes to listen to while fighting the junky printers.

Normally I would take the day off but it was cloudy, cold and since I did my shopping yesterday, figured may as well save my day off for something more constructive.  Went out and got the new Bad Religion CD True North as well as the boring Bob Dylan Times They Are A Changin and a Mothers Of Invention that basically was a free CD.  Went to the freaky China Man for Chinese for supper since I didn't care of the menu at work, can't eat the pulled pork Bar B Q, makes me belch all night.  Sad to say couldn't find a place that sold pepsi, Fucking Canteen at work don't stock enough Pepsi's and the Kum n Go Pepsi from the fountain was flat.

Thought about doing a buffet this afternoon but got involved with the Blake Shelton foot in mouth blog earlier in the day so I tended to that.  Since then Shelton kinda apologized to Ray Price about the Grandpa's Music quote but still the classic country folks are still up and arms over that. Good thing Patsy Cline isn't alive today, she would personally pay him a visit and clean his clock.

We managed to clear 114 views the other day, first time since the 12th but think we're in line to have about 2400 views, a sharp decline from last month.  Interesting race for most searched people here, Samantha Fish continues to lead but Pat Travers has jumped over the competition and is about 20 points away from catching her.  And has done it without the promotion that I have been giving to Samantha.

Gas prices has jumped 20 cents over the past week, imagine that and probably continue to make the climb upwards again.  Even with that, I didn't forsee any major bargain hunts in the future.  But I'll spend the rest of this month and most of next trying to get the next Townedgers album going.  Got plenty of reissues that will be forthcoming but may put that in its own blog somewhere in net land.

As always thanks for your support of independent music by frequenting my humble little home.


 KOKZ/105.7 (Waterloo) has lost its "Cool." The Classic Hits station has dropped the "Cool" slogan it had used for more than a decade, originally as an Oldies outlet, and is now simply "KOKZ." KOKZ was sold to Woodward Communications earlier this year.

KMCS/93.1 (Muscatine) dropped its "MaC FM" Variety Hits format for a broad Classic-based Rock format as "Vintage Sound 93.1" on Monday (1/14). The Quad City Times reports personalities include two alums of Contemporary Hits-formatted "B100" (KBEA/99.7 Muscatine-Quad Cities): Anthony "Tony Tone" Loconsole in the mornings and "Pippa" in the afternoons. The "MaC FM" format will continue on sister station KMCN/94.7 (Clinton), which launched it simultaneously with KMCS in 2005 ("MaC" standing for "Muscatine and Clinton). Both stations have fringe signals to the Quad Cities and sometimes Iowa City although in Cedar Rapids KMRY has the 93.1 dial.


TAD said...

Well, you had a better day than me ... & gas prices are holding at $3.39 per gallon for Regular out here....

R S Crabb said...

Probably would been better had I stayed home Tad but things went okay at work. Gas prices here 3.14 right now but they're shutting the refineries down for maintenance so you know what's going to happen.

Hope the next world is better when we get done with this life. Cheers!

Starman62 said...

Happy Birthday, Crabb! I remembered that you have about a year and a half on me. Ah, hell, we're all getting up there. Not much happening here on the music front, just working and paying bills. I did get on a Savoy Brown kick not long ago, and picked up a few of the early ones. Hastings has had some pretty good stuff in the discount bins. Also read Neil Young's Waging Heavy Peace over the holidays. I had a great conversation with Yrdbird not long ago, and I'm planning to check in with him soon. I have to hand it to you to still be keeping an open mind about some of the new stuff coming out. I gave up on new music a long time ago. I sure miss our chat days when we stayed up till the early dawn discussing all things classic rock and more. Man, what an education! Take care and keep on rockin' in the free world.

R S Crabb said...

Thanks Starbro!

I do miss the chats we used to have but we continue to keep up the music world over here.

Even though Hastings gets a bad rap, I do miss having one close by, they always seem to have some cool stuff, at least at the ones that I stopped in when i was in AZ last year and that's also where I picked up the Neil Young book too.

Yrdbird still is around on Facebook, in fact he's kicking my butt in Song Pop this week. But for the most part a lotta the classic rock folks are part of my FB family as well. Even Brooksie too.

Keep in touch and as always for up to dates stop on by! ;)