Monday, January 1, 2007

A new year a new beginning

And so begins another year.

Last year, was very good in terms of new music...too bad you never heard it on the radio.

122 albums were reviewed and tabbed up and the majority of them can probaly stand the test of time. But now we start all over again, the slate has been wiped clean, the 2007 Review Consortium is now taking orders for new stuff.

People will continue to predict the demise and death of the CD. But not this year. Sales will probaly decline once again due to more crap than classic stuff but I still believe if there's good music out there, I'll be on the lookout for it, even though I have annonced the last couple years that I would cut back on buying cds and vinyl pieces.

Downloading is not in my future. And Dell had better hope that this computer don't die on me. We have had a good go for the last three years. But still I remain on dialup and dialup ain't worth shit for downloading (40 minites for a two minite song?)

IPOD would have been a good idea say 10 years ago. But as long as I have a car discman, I don't see the need for one.

For a My Space band, I'll support the band but if it comes down to endless bullentins of blowing 16 bucks for a subpar effort. The Townedgers music site failed even though if anybody wrote in, they would have gotten a free CD of TE music. Only one person bothered to take up the offer.
But if My Space decides to go pay blog, then we'll be moving to somewhere else.

If XM and Sirius merge, then they may as well pull the plug on satellite radio. The object is to promote the obscure single, to turn people on to new or music we're forgotten. Look at Cable today, used to be varied programming, now it's 26 minites of fucking commercials, infocommercials and dumbass reality crap. VH1 is just as irrelevant as MTV. And the M stands for Moron in MTV.

u2 is irrelevant. And personally Actung Baby didn't cut it for me.

American Idol I wish would go away as well. Probaly seeing the auditions are the only thing worth seeing but you know, anybody can have good pipes and sing all five octaves on a chorus line. But I still think anybody with attitude and a limited vocal range can always do wonders. Carrie Underwood is country Mariah Carey and that's the only thing country about her.

The Grammys TM are Irrelevant TM.

and Blues Rock will return big time by the end of the decade. Nickelback doesn't stink as bad as Hinder but they both have that rock and roll attitute that is lacking. But with a little practice, perhaps Wolfmother will be this generations Metallica.

I survived 2006 without taking a sick day at work, first time that's ever happened. But guess what? I have a fucking cold today.

Looks like the record will be broken.