Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Ten Of The Week-Eye To Ear Candy Tunes

Coming to the end of the month and the lack going anywhere has enabled me to really dig into my vast collection to find something to listen to and I have plenty of that around here.
Hey remember me?  Gretchen Wilson returns with not one, not two but three albums in the making this year. One will be a complete rock covers albums and I'll be interested to hear that one.  Gretchen always have done Ann Wilson justice when she covered Heart songs.  And now, Miss Ivy Doomkitty!.....Ivy?????  Helloooooo...well the picture disappeared.  If you want to see more Ivy, keep searching cuz she's not here in this blog anymore....

We got rid all of that snow over the weekend, Tuesday we set a record temp at 58 degrees before the rains hit, and now the it's a blizzard outside as I type this up.  Thursday's high will be ten above just in case you like to know.  One good thing though, it will be the end of January.  We already gotten back about half hour's worth of daylight. Now if it would stay warm.  Well, I guess we'll warm things up with what I've been listening to, here and at work.

Btw did I mention that winter sucks?

And just for you Tad, the lovely London Andrews will assist us in the presentation of  this week's top ten.

1.  No Exit-The Angels 1979  January usually is the month that since there's not much for new music out there I return to some of the faves of the past, faves that don't get anymore airplay due to Cumulus' rigid and slight playlists that plagued every radio station in town.  If anybody's been around me I been playing plenty of The Angels From Angel City, that made a few albums for Albert Productions (The label that bought you AC/DC) that Epic picked up but they continue to play in the land down under.  No Exit the album never was issued in the US, CBS cherry picked the best songs (arguably)  for Face To Face (1980), and strange to think that even KFMH never played them all that much.  Looking at the London Andrews picture above I figured this would be the perfect song to lead off this top ten.  I know you won't leave me with no exit indeed.  Here's hoping Doc Neeson can win his battle with cancer, as well as Chris Bailey, the bass player who has cancer of the jaw.

2.  I Rather Not Cry-The Townedgers 2001  Above drawing is the Olivia De Beradinis art of Devil's Food, a drawing that captivate the inner beauty of erotic sketches that Olivia is famous for.  Actually I knew nothing of this artist till Lisa told me all about her. Fact of the matter was The Townedgers considered using this as cover art but decided not to, they didn't think the songs matched up to the artwork so instead of calling the album Olivia, they went with There's Nothing Left and a different photo.  Nevertheless Courtney Love was impressed with Olivia's artwork that she commissioned Olivia to do a cover for America's Sweetheart.  And did a fine job in the process.

3.  Linda Lu-Ray Sharpe 1959  Back in 1987 KXIC went with a oldies format that actually had a wide range of songs that rarely got played.  I don't recall ever hearing this prior to 1987 but it was a hit in 59.  KXIC is nowadays yet another faceless talk radio station with the crapfest RWNJ Sean Hannity Show, which is why I don't listen to KXIC anymore. Garbage in, garbage out.

4.  Foolin Around-Patsy Cline 1961  Perhaps the best female vocalist to ever walk the planet, Patsy had a way to capture the heart and mind and make you feel her pain but she can be just as flirty and playful as well.  But like Buddy Holly, Jim Reeves and a few others,  a plane crash took her away from us.  Patsy, very one of a kind and has never been replaced by anybody in country although a few came close.

5.  Something Better-Velvet Elvis 1988  Why there's a Clarence bin, I'd never would have discover this band that made one sole album for Enigma and then disappeared.  They had a female drummer, Sherrie McGee who still plays around Lexington with her sister Lil Miss Tammy Smith from time to time. Below is lil Miss Tammy Smith.

6.  Lover Come Back To Me-Charlie Parker 1949  At work, it seems that playing a jazz cd from time to time relieves stress which begs the question why don't I play more jazz more often?  Last week I serenaded the masses with some Kind Of Blue, a Coleman Hawkins jam session from 1960 and now this from the fabled JATP at Carnegie Hall show in 1949 featuring Mr. Parker jamming away with the likes of Fats Navarro, Sonny Criss, Flip Phillips, Tommy Turk on wild trombone with Ray Brown, Hank Jones and Shelly Manne adding beats and bottom to the mix.  Starts out nice and slow before Parker brings the house down with a wild solo around the 10 minute mark.

7.  Summer Sunrise-The Pulltops 2004  Another band that nobody knows about unless you're living in Racine Wisconsin where they are based at.  They made a few independent CD releases to which I found one of them in the dollar bins at HP Books.  You can call them power pop although their heart is more into the hard rock of the 70s.  This cd As Seen On TV, they based it on the old cheap budget Pickwick Label down to the purple P on the CD.  A bit more polished than the rowdy goodness of The Randy Cliffs.

8.  The Fastest Girl In Town-Miranda Lambert 2011  Been a while since we showed some top ten lovin to Miranda so here tis.  Got some airplay on KHAcK from time to time.  I still love her when she rocks out and becomes that bad girl that you would love to have, but never get.  Cuz you're not Blake Shelton.

9.  Like You Do-The 88  2008  Another band that had a hard time of it being on a major label, The 88 never broke through and never did see their album at all at Best Buy.  At times they sounded like The Killers other times Maroon 5 without Adam Levine's (may as well call them Kara's Flowers then, the Maroon 5 before Adam joined up), or a Ben Folds five with a guitar player in it.  Most of this album that they had out for Island is throw away, but this is one of the better songs of it.

10.  I Won't Say Anything-Bad Religion 2010  Expect these guys to return to the top ten next week.  They have a new album True North and it's a return to the slash and burn of their punk rock days.  Hard to believe they have been around for over 30 years eh?  I'm surprised I'm still doing the top ten for 10 years myself heh heh.  But I thought I would include their last number from the Dissent Of Man, an album that still showed Greg Graffin and company still trying to cater to the pop crowd and for all intent, I still like this album but never thought much about it till Mark Prindle was talking about how the new one rocked and this album was so so.  It basically all sounds the same, like Motorhead or Ac/Dc you know a Bad Religion song when you hear it.  And hey, they still know how to play that straight ahead rock n roll as they tear into their 50s.  Which is why we still care about our rock and roll, unlike certain old fart critics that bitch about CDs and how long they are.  I'm not naming names.

Five On High

Free To Roam-Sliverjet 1997 
A Walk-Bad Religion 1996
Guitar Voodoo-The Darkside 1990
Shake Off The Demon-Brewer & Shipley 1972
Trouble No More-Jimmy Rogers with Mick & Keith 1997

In memory of Maggie May, up till the final week of her life she always wanted to play, even at age 12 she wanted to play frisbee. All dogs go to heaven.


TAD said...

Nice pix, of course. & a great Top 10, as usual. Keep warm, over there. Spring really IS coming, so I've been told. It's sposta B around 50 here by the end of the week, & that sounds like Summer 2 me....

R S Crabb said...

well it was 58 yesterday till the front went through and about 7 inches of snow so we're back to 10 above and getting colder but glad ya like the pictures Tad. One thing about London, hard to find a picture of her with clothes on half the time!

I guess our fashion blog and this one isn't bringing them in either. At least I can count on ya for support Tad! ;)