Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top Ten Of The Week-End Of Month Thoughts

The last of the original bluesmen has passed away.  David "honeyboy" Edwards passed away at age 96 and was the last living link to Robert Johnson and Howling Wolf.

Basically I have no use for Lady Gaga, she's this generation's answer to Madonna and she made the MTV Video Awards what it was this year, the highest ratings ever so they say but of course they had it on VH1 as well and I'm sure MTV2 and VH1 Classic. Nobody watches videos anymore, unless it's the Cool Channel or whatever soft porn videos MTV does show at 2 AM.  Groove Sandwich, the latest and greatest in music news and views site (I think) has a nice little comment on that.  Thank You Jeff Higgins.

The newest Mexican eatery is on 6th St SW and called Los Compadres  and has to be my favorite place to get Mexican food.  Turns out Hayley, the waitress has waited on me so many times she knows me by name.  Struck up a nice conversation and she was saying she's ready to graduate from Kirkwood and planning to move out to Lakewood Colorado.  Los Compdres is located in the old Godfather's Pizza place, which moved over to 16th Ave SW.

Pending any monsoons, August will be one of the driest months of the year even despite the three inches of monsoon rains that came here two weeks ago and put water in the usual spots in the basements.  One gets sick and tired of hearing our wonderful news anchors crying about how much we need the rain and bla bla blah.  Personally, I don't request for rain anymore, when I do I get way too much (See 2008, 1993, 2007).  If they want rain may they get a basement full for backup, then they won't bitch about rain ever again.

This month we might clear 1,000 views for the third straight month although it be the least of the views.  Next month brings another Arizona trip to go to.  Which remains me it is a milestone of such.  Twenty Five years ago, I made the first move out there and hung at Chandler for almost five months before Aunt Virginia kicked me out of the house and had to move back home.  I'm sure it will be hanging at my old haunts (FYE near Fiesta Mall, Bookman's Mesa a select few of Zia's, hopefully the ones which the sale associates will leave me to my own findings).  I'm thinking this is more of a sight seeing excursion rather than a straight bargain hunt venture but I'm sure the folks at Hastings also can't wait for me to pop up at a couple of their stores though they're getting few and far between.  Just as long as I get back before the 26th which is my GF's birthday and she made it clear she wouldn't be happy if I was down there on that day.  With that, I'll miss out on Blue Oyster Cult/Foghat at the National Cattle Congress on the 16th but Foghat has been playing in Iowa four times already and I'm sure they'll be back before the year is out.  BTW it was 30 years ago that Foghat and BOC played at the Five Seasons Center here with opening act Whitford/St. Holmes.  And have you seen Derek St. Holmes lately?  He's back and playing with Ted Nugent's band off and on this year.  Ol' Gray Beard indeed.

Miranda Lambert's next album will be on RCA Nashville  rather than Columbia to which Sony Nashville decided to restructure. Her fourth album on three different labels via Sony Nashville.  And they wonder why nobody wants to sign with a major.  The Pistol Annies, Miranda's other group will remain on Columbia I guess. But still can't buy the album in any stores...yet.

The Top Ten Of The Week:

1.  I Need A Love-Whitford/St.Holmes 1981  Derek St Holmes might be the greatest vocalist that never really stood out on his own.  You know the voice behind the classic Ted Nugent recordings (Stranglehold, Hey Baby, Live It Up) and made Ted Nugent sound even better but as a solo artist never could find his voice. St. Paradise his 1978 recording with Rob Grange and Denny Carmissi from Montrose was light rock but perhaps the best moment came from the 1981 hookup with Brad Whitford which was half good half so so.  Got to see them play in the 1981 Foghat/BOC concert 30 years ago but since I already said that in the last paragraph maybe I should move on.

2.  Grind-Stick 1993  Clive Davis' attempt to cash in on the Grunge sound but decided to go with a band from Lawrence Kansas rather than Seattle which isn't as bad as one thinks.  I have the album which I bought at the old Relics Records in CR for about 12 bucks which much to my dismay could be found for a dollar a few months later.  They managed to get a song on The Airheads Soundtrack featuring Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler and don't know about you but I did enjoyed the movie.

3.  Little Hands-Alexander Spence 1968  Cult albums tend to get overrated than they actually are.  I mean does anybody really have Metal Machine Music listening parties of late?  Didn't think so. Syd Barrett did a amazing album with Pink Floyd and then got thrown out of the band and made two uneven cult albums.  Skip Spence is another example, made some great albums for Moby Grape and then made an album called Oar that is a cult album, meaning that there was enough people out there that liked it enough to do their own version of an Oar tribute album.  Spence may have been the US answer to Syd Barrett and this song is perhaps the most Moby Grape sounding.  The rest I'll leave up to you, provide if you ever find the album.

4.  One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor-Paul Simon 1973  You may not have not noticed but Sony Music has finally gotten back the rights to release Paul Simon's albums (with the usual bonus tracks of work in progress songs which hinder rather than help) and the first two Paul Simon albums may have been his best till Graceland (not his latest album which is a snoozer).  One of the more interesting piano introductions ever.  I remember hearing this song when I worked at the old Applegate's Landing a few times and never placed who did it. Getting away from Art Garfunkel may have been the best idea he had at the time (but don't jump on me just yet, I do like the Simon & Garfunkel stuff too).

5.  Cabinessence-The Beach Boys 1968  Looks like Capitol/EMI will finally release that long long awaited box set of songs that would have been Smile, that rumored album that Brian Wilson worked on and then aborted but over the next few Beach Boys albums would release some songs from the Smile era and this one was tacked on at the end of Side 2 of 20/20 an album that works good on its own.  Brian Wilson would revisit and release Smile with The Wondermints which remains a classic album from the last decade, even with Wilson's disjointed vocals. Actually I think I like this song better than Good Vibrations, which means radio doesn't play Cabinessence at all.  Unless it's public radio.

6.  Super Charged Heaven-White Zombie 1995  Even if Beavis & Butthead thought they rocked, I didn't and basically not paid much attention to Rob Zombie although his industrial metal rock was just like Ministry to which I was listening to or the straight rock and roll of Monster Magnet. Perhaps I never gave him a fair shake till I picked up the 20th Century Masters that included four of White Zombie's best known songs.  Perhaps at a later time I'll keep my eyes open and check out the Geffen albums of White Zombie.  One of the lesser known rockers from the dude that enjoys B Movies, Alice Cooper theatrics and the gross.  Not bad for somebody that was once was production assistant on Pee Wee's Playhouse eh?

7.  Step Outside-Foghat 1974  This was a single, that didn't do much but it was one of many endless boogie songs that Dave and the boys were known to do.  Poorly produced by Tom Dawes.  Foghat has been in the area three times this summer, last weekend at Tama/Toledo during the Saliva/Bret Micheals/Slaughter concert.  Foghat actually stood out like a sore thumb on that showcase but heard they put on a great show anyway.  They'll be back here in September.

8.  Kentucky Woman-Deep Purple 1969  Sometimes I think Rod Evans and Nick Simpler got a raw deal since Blackmore wanted them out of the band.  But had they stayed in the band I figured Deep Purple would be a lot more prog rock than getting Ian Gillan and Roger Glover from Episode Six, which was a pop folk band in themselves and then turning DP into pioneers of heavy metal with In Rock. But the Mach One lineup did have their share of decent music, most notably this cover of Neil Diamond.  Evans would go on to Captain Beyond for two albums and then returned to a bogus lineup of Deep Purple which forever tarnish his reputation.  Such a shame really, I think Rod Evans had a distinct vocal of his own.  And despite what Martin Popoff tells you, the three albums that Evans sang on still sound good to me.

9. Idiot Summer-Gin Blossoms 1991  Before the Gin Bunnies struck it rich, they made a speed pop album for Rich Hopkins' San Jacinto  Records (Hopkins being the lead guitarist of The Sidewinders/Sand Rubies) which boasted the talents of the late Doug Hopkins (no relation to Rich) on guitar.  The album Dusted, sounded like the GB's were dusted or drunk out of their minds and some songs made it to the expanded edition of New Miserable Experience (now deleted) but Dusted did get reissued via the Gin Blossoms' own label and still remains a fun listen although their power punk and ragged playing wouldn't get much airplay.  The GBs became a Crabb favorite after seeing them live at Chuy's in 92, when they replaced The Sidewinders at the last minute.

10. South Side Of The Sky-Yes 1972  Sure Roundabout is classic but move the needle down further to We Have Heaven to which the door slams shut, feet shuffle on into a windy beginning and another 8 minute epic prog rock classic song as well.  Fragile was one of the earliest albums that I ever got, I think I saved up to pay the 4.27 to get the LP.  I think Atlantic is on it's fourth attempt to reissue the cd (oddly, Rhino/Elektra put out the third installment) and my copy was the second attempt which was better than the original 1st CD version.  Oddly, my LP copy got traded in, but when I was living in Arizona 25 years ago, Tower had the album on sale.  Coming in September I return to the desert one more time, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of moving (and eventually returning home) down to Arizona.  One thing I do know, that they had better record stores and better radio stations back then than they do now.

Next month, I plan to take it easy, and plan to spend the weekend, going through my collection to see what I can donate and don't need anymore.  I'm working on a couple things as well as the top ten but still will be around.  Thanks for everybody's support and 1,000 views for a third straight month.

Late notes.
Rush has moved over to Roadrunner Records for their next new release thus ending a 22 year association with Atlantic Records, which used to be one of the best labels but now has become the worst label.  In Canada their music still is released on Anthem/Universal.

Mark Stegall helped me remember the name of the radio station in Peoria that I used to listen to when I was over at my Grandma's place.  It was WIRL.  Which was where I heard Crow's Something In Your Blood, Maggie by Redbone and a few others but couldn't remember the name of the station but now do.  Thanks Mark.  WIRL is now classic country

Finally.  my good friend and former Paraphernalia/Tyrus/Open Highway guitarist/harmonica player Dennis Lancaster had to go get heart surgery Tuesday to bypass a blockage.  Dennis writes that he's still in ICU... but he left a message on his facebook page.  He should make a full recovery.  The last paragraph comes from Dennis.  Get well soon, we're getting the band back together again.

Rough day yesterday doing better today hoping to leave icu soon. I had a a scheduled valve replacement the aorta replaced, And to my great surprise a 95% blockage bypassed. Thanks to all for coming through for me

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Making It Up As We Go Along

I love this time of year.  To which the days become shorter, the skies are much clearer and the moon shines bright.  What I don't like to dealing with the dealings of the modern world.  Or hitting 12 straight red lights in a row, or getting yelled at for not doing anything when I needed a break from a cutter not cutting the form right.  I haven't been much in a good mood lately, Nicole tries her damnest to make me smile when I don't feel like it but most of the time, I look at her and shake my head.

It's been a year since my last week off from work and guess what folks?  It was the week that I went to Arizona to hang at Hastings and to find bargains and ended up getting overburdened with pushy sales associates from Zia's asking if I'm looking for something every 10 minutes.  Some people do, not me, I like to scour each and every stock they had and then make a second trip around.  Nicole was asking if I was planning to do the Arizona trip and if I wasn't why not.  Basically I haven't thought much about it since the 44 dollar one way sale came and gone but perhaps the majority of those who know me best think I should go out there for everybody's sake.  Right now I'm 60/40 against going out there but perhaps I'll reconsider.  I do need a week away from my place of work since I don't do much up there but play video games and hearing Bill telling me about the people who was complaining about me doing nothing.  As if he spending the majority of his time You Tubing or bidding on EBAY.  But I certainly probably had it coming since I didn't do much for 4 hours waiting for the IBM CE come to fix the cutter.  But rest assured in another month when packaging starts up, I'll be the first out there to be farmed out to do their work.  At least it's a job right?

I suppose I'm over my head when it comes to music finding and basically I have been finding a lot that I wouldn't in the 2 buck bins.  But perhaps I'm a hoarder that continues to buy but never seem to get rid of things when I need to get rid of things.  Can't sell most of them on Amazon, I always seem to get undercut by somebody else out there.  I continue to buy cuz there's nothing else to do I guess, that I'm conditioned to buy and overbuy.  Why go to Arizona when you know I'll only be hanging at the FYE next to Fiesta Mall in Mesa or the Kingman Hastings or the Chandler Zia's or Bookman's. Hell even you readers can figure out my routine.  Perhaps I have gotten so consumed in my quest to find and maintain the ultimate collection but also knowing that all this music, most of it won't get played after the first time.  And trying to blog about some forgotten band nobody gives a shit about makes me wonder if this is all a waste of time and that I wasted 8 years of blogging trying to keep the music that I grew up listening to from being forgotten.  There's a few more websites that are much more insightful, more colorful and more informative than mine at times but even they're not raking in the big volumes of viewership. 

This weeks music, has been Shoes Best, Poco-Pickin Up The Pieces, The Dewey Cox Story-Walk Hard, Blue Ash No More No Less, One Live Badger and Sunny Sweeney Concrete as well as Sugar Copper Blue and some LP's from the likes of Paul Stookey and Toto The 7th One.  Does it make sense to continue to review such a wide variety of music and get viewership?  I don't know.  Perhaps I'm burned out by trying to come up with a 10 best song of the week and thinking I'm making a difference whereas the Ratings system seems to be No I'm not but Brains Blog is doing wonders.

At times, the Crabb persona takes over for R. Smith the worker whose trying to make a difference at work but in the end gets yelled at for not doing his work but getting involved in the history of a forgotten band as The Kaleidoscope.  And for being so dammed mad at the world that R. Smith has forgotten how to relax and how to smile and to let the troubles of the world slide off like water off a duck's back.  And to blur out a barrage of F bombs everytime I get a red light or have a semi pull out in front of me or having to deal with some loudmouth cocksucker drunk yelling obscenities when it's him that isn't driving the fucking speed limit.  I certainly hope when I die I can go to heaven and meet the people that everybody gets along with.  Basically what I have seen here the past summer, this is not heaven, it's Iowa and most of the fucking drivers here suck.  I try to do my best but it just seems it's never good enough and perhaps I should have just stayed home, stayed in bed or at least just play tunes and rock my life away.

And it is the love of Nicole that continues to flourish, even though it was her that got let go from her GD suck job known as Home Choice Health Care, the grimy fuckers that got her to move down here and promised her such and such hours of work and making a schedule of clients, only to fucking change it the next day.  The fucking place can't keep anybody, they were on their forth scheduler and this gay biscuit didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.  I learned that when I had to go up there to clear a problem up with her.  Some mornings the GD phone would ring about 5 times and it would be Home Choice trying to get a hold of Nicole even when it was her day off.  And then they started cutting her hours down from 40 to 30 to 16 to then the day they pulled her only client off to ask her to come to work to discuss things, which meant adios.  I have never seen such a half baked fly by night operation as Home Choice Health Care and if there's a God, then this place would be out of business within 6 months.  They are that bad and that clueless.  And I'm sure my showing up there on the day her dog got sick didn't endure them to me either.  But that's the way it goes today.  With a shitty economy and us still in the Great Depression 2.0 (we never really left it) slave labor places like Home Choice can hire folk for 9 bucks, promise them 40 hours or health care and then take it away from them once they get you to move down here and  get replacements.  The turnover is high since nobody knows what the fuck is going on most of the time, including the so called Schedulers who are supposed to know what's going on and keep a set schedule but rarely do.  I told my GF perhaps she should have said she came from Chicago, I'm sure the kind folk in this town would have provided her a nice place to live and a subsidy to live off as long as they want.  Or Detroit since she's from that area.

The longer I live the more I become cynical, even more since I have turned 50.  I know life is an annoyance but seems like I just fly over the edge on the slightest of things. I'd love to win the lottery and never have to work again, I would be fine with that, going to record stores or pawnshop or hanging around the house.  I'm not asking much, I can live on 20 million the rest of these years.  Till then, I pretty much resigned to the fact of the job that pays for my habits and bills keeps me out of trouble, even I have to deal with Captain Panic whenever the other senior is gone.  But resigned to the fact that it will eventually finish me off in this lifetime like it did Patrick Marzen or Jim Rogers.  And no matter what I do, or how much I do, it's still wouldn't be enough and still be yelled at for doing nothing.

Guess that's the way it goes in life.  We make it up as we go along before we all turn to dust and return to where we came from before we were born.  Lucky us.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top Ten Of The Week-Happy 65th Birthday Keith Moon

Must be time for the Crabb Ten again.  Guess the majority of y'all out there didn't like my title of the last top ten of the week since it didn't clear 10 views but Rock N Roll And The Brains Blog has a 1,000 view lead over the second highest rated Crabb blog.   Kind of like watching a balloon rise above the horizon and going far far away. But like that wayward balloon means nothing since Universal will not reissue The Brains albums but will give you instead the complete Debarge Recordings on Hip O Select.  It's true, major labels never listen to you but will puke up and redesign the Time Life music collection all over again.

Tad make an interesting observation on the Hit Dan Back website and didn't think much of it till I was reading about Nick Ashford's passing on his site and it's true.  He's got plenty of gay site ads to help pay his bills.  Since I pretty much read him via Facebook, I pick and choose myself, read about the vixens and vamps with camel toes rather than the gay folk myself.  I could pull the site's address if I get more people uncomfortable with it but then again my viewership isn't as big as Hit Dan Back or Groove Sandwich.  Nevertheless Nick Ashford passed away from throat cancer at age 70.  He was one half of the famed songwriting team of Valerie Simpson who gave us hits like I Don't Need No Doctor and Let's Go Get Stoned for Ray Charles, Remember Me for Diana Ross and their own hit Solid for Capitol.

Jerry Leiber, the other half of the Leiber/Stroller songwriting team also died this week. He was 78.  Yakety Yak, Hound Dog, On Broadway, need I say more. They wrote the songs.  They made rock and roll what it is back then and nobody this day and age have came close of writing memorable stuff.  Just saying.

Had Keith Moon lived he would be 65 today.  Problem is he's been dead over half his time on the planet.  Best drummer that ever influenced me, I did my damnest to sound like him on stage when I was playing.  None of the guys enjoyed that much.  Especially the country folk ha ha.

The Top Ten Of The Week:
Iowa City Oct 1991
1.  Wedding Song-these days 1993  Dedicated to Starman and his lovely wife getting him to walk down the aisle last month.  I had a choice between this or Paul Stookey's Wedding Song (There Is Love) but chose to go with the former Iowa City rockers on The Iowa Compilation Volume 4 CD of 1993 which was the best idea of how Iowa rock and roll was before Slipknot who I think did appear on a later Iowa Comp CD.  these days (that's how they spelled it) was somewhat a U2/REM alt rock band who made a couple albums before splitting up.  If they lived in Athens or L.A they would have made an impact on the charts.

2.  Dogs Part Two-The Who 1968  You knew I had to include a Keith Moon Who song on the top ten since it is his 65th birthday and what better way of doing that is to include his drum solo song which was the B side to Pinball Wizard.  His self destruction drum playing ensured him he wouldn't last too long and in 10 years he would be dead but the dude had such a great time bashing away on the drums.  Bought the 45 for Pinball Wizard, flipped it over and couldn't believe my ears.  Inspiration lyric: Woof Woof.  Side note: Pete Townsend did write a song called Dogs about dog racing which was a UK only release.  It would take just about 2 decades for MCA to put both songs on Two's Missing.

3.  When Push Comes To Shove-Shoes 1984  They were from Zion Illinois, and may be just about the most influential band you never heard of.  In fact I'm sure Mitch Easter and Chris Stamey named their band Sneakers after the fact they were taken away by the sound that Shoes made.  Very much power pop in the way of 20/20 or Paul Collins Beat although by this time somebody in that band must have been listening to either Asia or The Buggles since this sound owes a bit more to them rather than power pop.

4.  If I Can't Change Your Mind-Sugar 1992  He was once was the angry young punk in Husker Du but before he became the angry old gay guy as a solo artist he put together a new trio called Sugar which made a couple albums and a few EPs for Rykodisc to which all can be found in the dollar bins or your local Salvation Army.

5.  I'll Fly Away-Kossoy Sisters 1956  If you are having a hard time believing Nirvana's Nevermind is 20 years old, think of O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack is now 10 years old and of course Universal celebrates it by adding a second disc and jacking the price up on the soundtrack to 22 bucks.  Gotta love the major label's way of thinking, fuck the public into buying the whole album once again and double the price.  No wonder the major labels are dying off, they will not support new artists and the only way they can think of is expensive deluxe editions.  If you find this used for 8 bucks or less then I suggest buying it.  However, this version didn't make it to the original soundtrack despite being it in the movie. The Gillian Welch version wasn't too bad really.  Rykodisc reissued the Traditional album which I'll Fly Away and Bowling Green was featured and the rest was banjo music.  Still, the 2 cd O Brother is a luxury, but the original S/T was instrumental of reviving the bluegrass music once again and BMG/RCA actually issued some nice compilations before Sony Music bought them out. Props to T Bone Burnett who produced the S/T and made it sound authentic.

6.  Love The One Your With-Bob Seger 1972  With Capitol/EMI fucking around the release date of the revamped Live Bullet and Nine Tonight (They did release both with a bonus track) I decided to pull out his Smoking O.P's cd and relive the old days when Segar brought his A game of cover versions and showed the world he was a well kept secret before Live Bullet.  A Detroit legend even by 1972 he takes this Steve Stills covers to new heights and even if he doesn't like the old music (which is why most of his pre Beautiful Loser CDs are out of print) there was a sense of purpose to make it. Hell, he'll never reissue Back in 72 in my lifetime and probably not yours either and it took a major campaign just to get Smoking OPs back in print I gather.  No auto tuner needed on this version although David Teegarden messes up on the drums after the last break into the final chorus.  Rock n roll isn't pretty y'all, and it didn't have to be perfect, hell Teegarden's mess up Is rock and roll.  Side Note: Teegarden was part of the rock duo Teegarden and Van Winkle who had a 1970 regional hit with God, Love Rock And Roll, and a couple albums that Wounded Bird did reissued.

7.  Pussy Pussy Pussy-The Light Crust Dough Boys 1935  Well it had to happen.  My brother has a bunch of old junk cars in the acreage that I live at and a couple of old pick up trucks gathering rust and falling apart.  Well this year I noticed the influx of feral cats running around the neighborhood.  Well today, after dealing with some dumb fuck speeder on my can on the way to work and then got stuck by the Goddamned 2:40 Coal Train running through the damn crossing.  Pissed off, I returned home and told the boss I'd be in a hour late due to all the bullshit I had to endure and noticed some squirrels bopping around the damn truck, or thought it was.  Turned out to be two small kitty kats that managed to call that old POS truck their home for the time being.  And then we have another feral pussy in another abandoned truck bed to which a lotta junk was in there and the smell of cat crap in there.  Nevertheless that's my brother's problem.  I'd love to add some anti freeze to the Pussy diet out there but I'm not that cold hearted.  But still livid that we have to deal with more feral pussies in this neck of the woods.  And I bet you thought this song was about pussy did ya? Meow baby.

8.  Starman-John C. Reilly 2007 From Walk Hard, The Dewey Cox Story  The movie was stupid, kind of reminded me of a half assed This Is Spinal Tap or A Mighty Wind and basically told of a story of a guy that looked like Johnny Cash but sang like Roy Orbinson and went through the big changes and discovered folk and Dylan and bla bla blah.  Anyway, this is disco like version of the David Bowie song.  Found the CD for a buck at Half Priced Books along with the S/T to Good Night And Good Luck.  And yes sometimes I tend to buy strange stuff that I donate right back to charity.  The Walk Hard S/T has its moments and I prefer it over the movie.

9.  If It Was Left Up To Me-Sly & The Family Stone 1973  I have no idea why they left this off Anthology which was supposed to be the definite Sly and the Family Stone and The two cd Essential was too much too late anyway, but I did find Fresh for 4 bucks at Borders Farewell Sale.  In the process I think it's just as overrated as There's a Riot Goin On, but at least Riot was fagged out weird and good.  Fresh is just plain weird and unfunky although it's been considered one of the best funk albums that Sly ever did.  I must be deaf, I don't hear nothing outstanding.  Sly is stoned on this number right down to the cha cha cha ending.

10.  River Deep Mountain High-Ike & Tina Turner 1966  Phil Spector's greatest song ever and it bombed on the charts.  Can't figure that one out either, it's the only stereo cut on the new Wall Of Sound Best Of that Legacy/Sony issued this year.  The failure of River Deep, lured Phil Spector into a self imposed retirement till he got coaxed out to do some Beatles recordings or mix them and later John Lennon.  If Spector was perfect in the 60's he was fucking erratic in the 70s with aborted recordings from Dion, perhaps the worst album Leonard Cohen ever did and of course you know about The Ramones' End Of The Century.  Still Deep Purple must have liked this version enough to do their very own version which was just about note for note, except the over the top beginning and of course, Richie Blackmore's odd turning guitar lead.  Spector, a flawed and somewhat overrated genius.  Makes me wonder if a percentage of sales of his Legacy Recordings goes toward payment for Lana Clarkson's estate for his wreckless murder of her.

Bonus Track: Give Peace A Chance-Mitch Miller And The Gang 1970  From the odd Peace Sing Along, old gray beard grew out what he had left of his hair and got the old gang to sing some old protest music including this little ditty that John Lennon wrote but never dreamed that Mr. Anti Rock and Roll would cover it.  It came out on Atlantic (Catalog SD 8277).  Hard to figure ole Mitch would share the label with Led Zeppelin eh?  Fuck me running on that!  Reference Link


Friday, August 19, 2011

Crabb Bits: Dust Storm, Sonny Lott

On The Subject Of....

Phoenix went through yet another Big Dust Storm (or Kaboob for those who like to use idiot words to describe a dust storm) last night, their third major storm this summer.  This one was only a half mile high, unlike the mile high boomer that hit July 5 and the 4,000 foot high one on the 18th.  Kind of sad that I haven't been out there to enjoy seeing these big dusters in person but summer isn't over yet and Allegiant Airlanes are still having some nifty summer deals to go out to Phoenix or Vegas.

Another stage collapse to tell you about, another big thunderstorm and micro-burst toppled the stage at Pukkelpop in Belgium killing five people and The Smith & Westerns losing their gear in the process.  This is the forth stage collapse this summer and the people behind the Pukkelpop Concert canceled the rest of the show.

Sonny Lott is one of Iowa City's most beloved musicians and all around good guy.  He played drums for hippie dippy throwbacks Divin Duck in the 90s and blues legend Patrick Hazel but I remember him most for him being the janitor at NCS/Pearson in the late 80s and we got to chat up a while and traded off some music tapes for listening.  Known for his dreadlocks and Bob Marley's inspired clothing, I lost track of him when he moved back into playing music full time but there's a benefit for Sonny this Sunday at The Mill.  Sonny is battling cancer and part of proceeds will go to his rising medical costs of battling the big C.  Featured performers are Joe Price, Tony Brown and a few others and maybe even surprise appearances from Bo Ramsey or Patrick Hazel might be at hand?  Fun starts at 6.

The ratings for this month haven't been much for the new blogs but The Brains Blog still gets most of them, and My GF Thinks I should Blog More Often too.  Coming in September will be Superstar September to which I pick ten of my favorite songs from my favorite bands.  I figured it would be easier than just trying to do a anthology of all albums and try to tie it all together.  With me being here half the time and over at the GF the rest of the time, I really don't have much time to really sit back and listen to everything, including if I drive the old Purple Piece and it's shitty speaker system to which must be solar powered.  When it's daylight the back speakers work but when the sun goes down they don't and only the front work.  I'd replace them but since the car just went over 286 thousand miles it doesn't seem to be cost effective.  So I drive it till it will piss me off to the point that I'll leave it on the tracks and watch the 11:15 Union Pacific run it down the track.

With Greg The Vinyl King and Starman all getting married this year and been paying more attention to their better half and life in particular, it has been noted that perhaps now that Nicole is here that I will probably start not reporting much in terms of music news and top ten songs of the week but I still love music that much to continue to blog about it and with her blessing too.  After all this is who she fell in love with.  Fact of the matter is that the past 10 plus years of bargain hunting and finding the two dollar CD has opened many more avenues of music that I would have never considered buying full price.  Some of the bands figured enough for me to listen to their output, while others went back into the donation bins.   As long as Half Priced Books continues to stock the dollar bins, I'm sure there'll be a few more things that will be picked up and listened to. But as there's a beginning so shall be an ending but the good news is that I don't know when the end will be.  So till then, I wouldn't worry about Crabby hanging up that keyboard just yet.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten Of The Week-Elvis Is Still Dead

Thirty four years ago, Elvis was found dead in his little home we called Graceland and the influx of Elvis impersonators jumped up from a handful to 80,000 today according to the BSN (Bullshit News Service).  I remember it somewhat clear in 77, his Moody Blue album was released. When Elvis died, no place had any of his albums to sell for about two weeks.  Somehow I managed to find a cutout copy of The Sun Sessions later on but for the most part I did buy Moody Blue and reviewed it and gave it a B minus at best.  I enjoyed the title track and Way Down but for the most part his version of Unchanged Melody and Little Darlin' was awful.  I think I gave the album to my folks.   While Elvis legend of being The King Of Rock And Roll, I find that term to be a bit biased, he was rock before he went into the Army but when he came out, he was more  becoming more pop than rock before those Elvis movies almost sunk his credo once and for all.  The big comeback was partly a lotta Memphis based R and B but once he hit Vegas it became pompous and too over the top.   Had Elvis lived, I just didn't see him strip his band back down to Scotty Moore, Bill Black and DJ Fontana, I'm thinking he would have builded upon his big band sound with backing singers galore.  In some ways kind of like that CD they put out last year Elvis Lives, the Brendan O'Brien mixed project of what would have happened had The King lived.  Good in spots but fucking tacky in others, including that American Idol reject chick singer going all over the scales on a song that escapes my mind.  Nevertheless, I still continued to follow The King with buying some of his spotty 70s singles, the best being the rocking Promised Land and TROUBLE the only two songs that actually did rock out.   Problem was Elvis didn't do a whole lot of that and Moody Blue wasn't the best album to bow out but then again nobody knows when the time will come for you to bow out.  It boggles the mind that EP would have been 76 this year had he lived.  But then again, had Buddy Holly lived, chances are that there would be a different king of rock and roll.  But that's another guessing game for another time.

This summer we have had three stage collapses at three different state fairs, Cheap Trick lost their stuff doing one, There was one in Oklahoma with The Flaming Lips but the big one came from a big windstorm that toppled a stage at Indiana, killing five people and forcing Sugarland to cancel their appearance at the Des Moines Iowa State Fair the next night.  Sara Brallanes, the opening act just finished her set and Kristan and Jennifer were about ten minutes ready to hit the stage till the whole thing toppled over like a bad erector set.  In fact you can see the big dust cloud in the distance.  Seeing the You Tube video and unedited footage, there was no time to react to this.  It just hasn't been a good time for going to concerts at the state fair.  And in the end, Sugarland's big backdrop and set was destroyed in the process. 

And now this week's bunch of tunes.  When I did the Madison 45's, I ended up with a cool 10 songs from 10 different forty fives but didn't consider that to be a top ten of the week.  Could have but we all know you love to read about my top tens.  Gotta keep my 10 readers up to date.  After all I have two lists, one being Rock And Roll And The Brains Blog which has a readership of its own, and then there's the others.  Gotta love the links to that blog although it does keep the viewership around 1,000 views.

1.  Promised Land-Elvis Presley 1974  And now our customary Elvis tribute.  Perhaps The King was listening to Rock And Roll by Led Zeppelin and thought that he needed a song to sound that rocking so he picks the old Chuck Berry tune, tell Ron Tutt to beat those drums and James Burton to play some mad guitar and this is the end result.  On a different subject, I'm not much into Hank 3 but I know Diggy Kat is.  Next.

2.  Scratching The Surface-Saga 1983  They had a big hit with On The Loose but their best album was the followup Heads Or Tails, which includes failed single The Flyer and this song which wasn't sung by Mike Sadler but rather Jim Gilmour and at times they did sound like a more radio friendler Rush but lesser on the theatrics.  Portrait CBS released their albums in the US whereas Polydor issued Saga albums across the big pond. Heads Or Tails did fairly well but the next album bombed and Saga moved to Atlantic for a one off before staying overseas.  One of the best sounding albums thanks to Rupert Hine.  Side Note:  there has never been a US version of Saga best songs, but Polydor did issue Time's Up, a strange collection of Saga's greatest hits, to which I found at a old closeouts place about 20 years ago during the beginning of the CD era.  Only time I ever seen that CD, glad I picked it up eh?

3.  Country Woman-The Magic Lanterns 1971  Their claim to fame was Shame Shame to which John Paul Jones did the arrangements and the myth that was Mike Oz Osbourne to which Mark Marymont thinks was the Ozzy that played in Black Sabbath to which it wasn't so but I heard rumours that Black Sabbath is back together this week.  Ozzy sure gets around don't he and I thought he was still doing his solo tour.  Nevertheless, The Magic Lanterns original lineup splintered up and somehow Albert Hammond joined up and with him and Mike Hazlewood, turned the Magic Lanterns into The Family Dogg part 2.  Family Dogg being the band that Hammond was in prior before joining.  And Steve Rowland who produced also played a big role in The Family Dogg.  The Family Dogg sounded a cross of Moody Blues, Foundations and The Fortunes but with an eye on the pop rather than rock and there was a import that confirmed that whatever they were doing in that band they were doing now in The Magic Lanterns.  This song got some airplay on WLS in Chicago in 1971 and was probably the best song from the Hammond/Hazlewood era.

4.  I'm Too Old For This-Christopher Cross 2011  Guess who is still around and putting out new albums?  Thirty years ago, he took just about every known Grammy known to man and got blistered all over the rock press for that.  Unjust too, Christopher Cross had four top ten singles off it and the b sides weren't too bad either except for a plodding Minstrel Gigolo.  And beautifully produced too.  Cross continued to make albums for the WB and later Reprise but each album sold less and less than the other one and by the 90s he was recording for the old folks label CMC international.  He swears this is his most guitar sounding album and at times it does have more guitar and even old Mike McDonald puts in a vocal appearance. But for a new release, nobody cares anymore, hell this cd was in the used bins for three months before yours truly decided to take a listen to it and some songs will put you to sleep. But you have admire that he's still in the game although the folks in the UK seem to like his music more than the autotuned tonedeaf American counterparts.

5.  Drugs-Ammonia 1995  Sony Music attempt to find the next Nirvana and this band apes their sound from Kurt and company.  One of those Cd's you find in the dollar bin to hear what you missed.  Not bad but not memorable either. (no auto-tuner in this song kiddies).

6.  Can't Get Enough-54-40 2005  I'm sure my talk and mention of the lesser known bands are probably cause why the ratings are not triple digits or even double digits.  But 5440 has been around for years, they just across the border and been one of Canada's more productive bands although they haven't had anything released in the US since Casual Viewing USA, a collection of their hits across the border.  Lead the distinctive vocals of Neil (Oz) Osborne, I'm surprised they haven't included him in being Ozzy of Black Sabbath either.  Haven't heard much of 5440 since 2008's Northern Soul and although I have most of their albums, I didn't have Yes To Everything, the 2005 effort till somebody donated it at the Davenport Goodwill along with a few other 5440 albums that I already did have.  And probably have more than any of y'all out there too.

7.  Prison Bound-Social Distortion 1989  From their underproduced album of the same name, kind of disappointed that they didn't add It's The Law to the Social D Greatest Hits comp from 2007.  I had a passing interest in what Mike Ness has done some good (Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell), some forgettible (blame Micheal Beithorn for the bad production on White Light, White Heat, White Trash album) but never a bad album.  The tracks that he did use from the Epic albums seem to be a bit more less polish mix than on the original albums but that that shouldn't deter you from checking them out.

8.  Up And Down-The Cars 1980  As much as I like the first two Cars album, both have been overplayed to the point that I really don't care having them in my collection again.  But the third album, much maligned in the press remains my favorite album from Ric and the boys but it also shows that Benjamin Orr is sadly missed.  After Shake It Up, I ignored their albums up till Move Like This but managed to buy Ben's solo album plus most of Ric Osacek's albums.  Never heard anything from The New Cars, the half Cars, half Utopia collaboration but read that it did get some good reviews.

9.  It's Nothing To Me-Jim Reeves 1962 (new lead guitar dubbed in 1977)  My dad had a whole bunch of Jim Reeves LPs in his procession.  And a few other RCA artists in the time of I was around 4 or 5 (Bobby Bare, Don Gibson) and getting my grubby little paws on them.  But the ones he had were the lush arrangements of Moonlight & Roses and A Touch Of Velvet but this comes off Tall Tales And Short Tempers to which this song was taken from.  Fifteen years after the fact, RCA remixed it, added some 70's style country guitar for a decent chart showing.  For years, Gentleman Jim was remained one of the biggest selling artists even after his death in a plane crash, to which I see a lot of his albums in the bins at Goodwill or Salvation Army for about fifty cents.  Strange, that out of all the best ofs and greatest hits I've seen I have yet to see this song on any of them.

10.  Don't Let The Sun Go Down-Mike Farris & The Cumberland Saints 2010  Once upon a time Farris was part of the Screaming Cheetah Wheelies who made four albums for Atlantic and Capricorn but basically it was hippy dippy noodling around.  Farris left, got born again and reinvented himself as a gospel blues singer.  Made two albums of note for INO/Columbia but on this EP, find himself on a new label E1 and this came out during the time of the Cumberland River Flood that ran through downtown Nashville.  Funny how one year passes and Nashville seems to be back on the road recovery whereas out here three years after the big floods Cedar Rapids is still a ghost town in areas.  Didn't know anything about this EP till I came across it during the Borders Store Closing sale in Davenport and got this for four bucks.    Farris is the real deal and here's hoping that T Bone Burnett will produce one of Mike's albums in the future.  I think it's a perfect fit myself.  Side Note: Sam Bush, all everything bluegrass star plays some mandolin on the EP.

Finally, much thanks to Mike Eldred for sending out a T Shirt and an autographed copy of his 61 and 49 CD on his own label before Zoho Roots picked it up for release.  Got it over the weekend when I was spending quality time with my GF but I'll be sure to wear the T shirt proud.  Plus it updates my wardrobe too.

Again, if you want to read about something worth reading, we take you to Groove Sandwich for this.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A collection of Mad City 45's

The Madison bargain hunt was a hit and miss.  Sometimes you find things that you can play more than twice, others it's back to the donation file.  Basically, it's pointless to drive two and half hours back just to exchange a dollar album.  But like the last trip, there was no shortage of interesting artifacts we call 45's.  And to prove it, yours truly will point out what they are and their worth.

1.  The Girl From Ipanema-Zakariah P.I.P PD-6511 1975  Disco. At that time, disco was the big happening and each and every song got the disco treatment.  (Baby Face, Frankie Avalon's Venus done disco style, etc). The kind folks at Pickwick International Productions led the way with disco singles that didn't make much of an impact.  Look at it this way,  disco have been scorned back then but thank your lucky stars they didn't have auto tuner to fuck it up even more.  This has a bit of jazz thrown in, and the sax player has a bit of Coltraine in him but all this song does is to get your booty on the dance floor.  Nothing less, nothing more.

2.   You Can Do Magic-America Capitol PB-5142 1982  Their biggest hit since the big comeback, they went from folk rock to Adult Contemporary by the time Warner Brothers dropped them to when Captiol picked them up for a couple uneven albums. I have a love hate of their music at times and this song is a prime example of that.  Produced and written by Russ Ballard (of Argent fame) this song gets played many times on your local radio station.  Hell it was even playing when I was at Big Lots in Davenport when I was there.

3.  Breaking Away-Balance   Portrait 24-02177 1981   A one hit wonder that got some airplay in the early 80's.  Alas, I didn't check this 45 very well, for I discovered a GD crack on the beginning of the song.  Since I won't be able to find another 45 of this may have to search for the vinyl album.  Lead singer sounded a lot like Roger Daltrey.

4.  Ain't No Sunshine-Bill Withers   Sussex SUX 219 1971  Probably the most influential 2 minute song from 1971, so compact that the DJ would play this before the top of the hour.  One of those songs that I thought I would buy right off the bat but not till almost 40 years later.  Favorite part still remains when ole' Bill goes into I know, I know I know for half the song's timing.  Produced by Booker T Jones which is why the song is part timeless, part classic.

5.  Boys Do Fall In Love-Robin Gibb   Mirage 7-99743 1984  A strange one but I do remember hearing this on the radio.  At that time The Bee Gees were taking a break and Robin signed up with Atlantic to release a solo album and this forgotten top 80 single.  Has a catchy chorus line but most of the time Robin sings in a pre auto tuned voice that wouldn't sound out of place on Trans, Neil Young's album.  And not as memorable.

6.  Layin'  It On The Line-Jefferson Starship   Grunt FB-13872  1984  The last decent rocking single from The Starship before We Built This City forever labeled them as sell outs, this got a bunch of airplay when MTV was showing videos.  Back when MTV was good, I know that was before most of kids of today were even born.  I did like The Starship when they rocked out, cared less when they slowed it down and best thing about the album was the title Nuclear Furniture. Ron Nevison produced this as well as the Freedom At Point Zero and Modern Times and did a good job on those but Nuclear Furniture he was becoming Mr. Schlock.  For further proof see Heart or Chicago 19.

7.  Somebody Loves, Somebody Wins-Rosie Flores   Reprise 7-28134 1987  Produced by Pete Anderson of Dwight Yoakam fame Flores was a up and coming country singer and her album got great reviews but never played on country.  Neither was this song which she sounds a bit like Patsy Cline.

8.  Two Tribes-Frankie Goes To Hollywood   Island/ZTT  7-99695  1984  The followup to Relax and remembered most for a video of a Reagan lookalike going against a Breshev lookalike in a wrestling match. Had the 12 remix which went on for about 6 minutes.  The 45 is half that long.  Sounds dated too.  Produced by Trevor Horn (of the Buggles and Yes fame).

9.  Forever One Day At A Time-Don Gibson   MCA-41031  1979  Don Gibson was my favorite of all country singers growing up and his tenure at RCA was his best but after that he moved over to Hickory which later became ABC Records and later MCA Records.  A great songwriter of sorts but by the late 70's Gibson was getting songs from the likes of Gary S. Paxton and Eddy Raven who wrote this forgotten gem.

10.  Valerie-Steve Winwood   Island 7-28231  1987  By the late 80s I quit buying 45's. Perhaps it was the fact that I didn't like having the barcode on the label which diminished the value of watching spinning around the turntable.   In my second renascence of vinyl hunting, I tend to be bit more forgiving if the record is in good shape.  Originally on his Talking Back To The Night, it got remixed with a brighter sound and took off on the charts to promote Chronicles, Winwood's best of.  Kind of a strange set up, since all of the other Island acts were moved over to Atlantic/Atco division (later Polygram and of course Universal)  and Winwood remained under the WB umbrella for about 15 years.  Winwood would enjoy strong record sales under his comeback Back In The High Life album and then Roll With It which begain a new era for him at Virgin Records.  Chronicles was Island/WB contractual obligation album.  Ironically, this single as well as the vinyl album of Chronicles were found in Madison on a earlier bargain hunt.   

Friday, August 12, 2011

Crabb Bits: Jani Lane, Davenport, The Oz Man Mystery

Today's big news was Jani Lane, best known for his work in Warrant, one of the many hair metal bands of the late 80s was found dead in his hotel room the other night.  He was 47.  If anything Warrant is best known for Cherry Pie, which includes Bobbie Brown, the floozie blond in the video and it's good camp fun although the song reminds me of third rate Def Leppard and their shout along song such as Pour Some Sugar On Me.   Greg Warren, the Vinyl King felt a sense of loss in his passing, myself not so much since I wasn't a Warrant fan, in fact the only song I liked was Down Boys.  Most of the time Lane was featured in the Sleeze Rox site, mostly tabloid talk but  usually the you don't want to make the news the hard way, being reported that you died in a motel room.  Guess the demon alcohol got to him and Lane's liver gave it up.  In the end Lane was still recording and playing live.  I think I more identify with Don Chandler, the old GB Packer kicker who passed away at age 76 from cancer more than Jani Lane, or Amy Winehouse for that matter.

Davenport, like Madison and any other place I have gone to, has proven one thing to me and judging by the lack of decent used cds at Co-Op Records, that the CD era is now over and fading into the past.  We can't go wrong with Captain Beefheart's Spotlight Kid with Clear Spot as a 2 on 1 cd but the only used CD that I did find was the Magic Lanterns Retrospective CD (you can't call it a greatest hits since they only had one with Shame Shame) but the great mystery remains if The Mike 'Oz' Osbourne is the same Ozzy that is known and loved in Black Sabbath and his solo career.  If you take a good long look at the photo one of them does look like Ozzy.  However for more fun and giggles, the Black Sabbath album notes that the songs written by John Osbourne   Even if Mark Marymont, the dude who wrote the liner notes for Collectibles Record would try to convince you Ozzy played in the Lanterns history has shown that I've never seen John Michael Osbourne ever pick up a bass guitar in Sabbath or the Ozzy Band.  If anything, the best known fact of the first period Magic Lanterns band was a couple of their Atlantic sides arranged by John Paul Jones.  Or that Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood would join the second edition of The Magic Lanterns and recorded a bunch of failed singles for Big Tree and did managed to get one of their songs played on WLS in 1971 with Country Woman a single that Aunt Cindy considered buying but never did.  The Magic Lanterns broke up soon after and Hammond would go on to a solo career and MOR songwriter.   We all knew what happened to John Michael but whatever happened to Mike the Oz?

The more I go to the FYE in Moline the more I miss the old one that was in Coral Ridge.  I wonder how FYE stays in business with their cd prices so damn high, what you see there for 13 bucks, you can get for 5 at Best Buy or less at a used Amazon CD sale.  Ended up getting a a DVD of Storefront Hitchcock, the 1996 movie of Robyn Hitchcock but passed on a Chris Montez Best Of that came out on Sandstone and would have paid for my gas money getting back home rather than the Sneakers CD that what I thought I could sell is only getting two bucks on Amazon.  I guess the Monogram sides show him searching for a Latino rock sound via Richie Valens although Chris didn't have the vocal range and when he got to A and M for the second half went toward a more pop jazz feel.  The More I See You best example.  FYE turned out to be a bust and for dinner took my chances to Habaneros for Mexican, which the food was okay but the head waiter was a great guy.  In fact if the food was as good as he was, it would be like El Ranchero (Iowa City location).  In fact the guy didn't want the change for a 11.17 meal.  Can't beat that although I did leave him a better trip than the change it seems. 

Since I was in the neighborhood, their Borders was still open so decided to stop in and pick up a few things for 30 percent off (and even more since Sly & The Family Stone Fresh and the Mike Ferris EP was both under four bucks).  Thiry pecent off meant that I could get the new Ricky Skaggs and Phil Spector Best of for 8.50 and the new Robert Fripp at around 11 bucks.  Even a month into closing, the Davenport store seemed to have a lot more in its state then the Dubuque store that I went to on day 1.  Things are not planned out, you only hope there's something to get there and then go.  Gas prices were varied there with the cheapest at 3.39 a gallon.   And most of the stuff at Goodwill and Salvation Army there was no different than up here although I did find a 54-40 CD that I didn't have (2005's Yes To Everything)

Other Observations.
The World's Largest Truck Stop in Walcott is a must see if your in that neck of the woods and they are open all night.  Nothing more wonderful than going there around 11 PM or Midnight, kinda like Wally World but without the freaks that you see on the People Of Wal Mart Site.

I tend to do bargain hunts on the eve of the full moon or from the first quarter simply of the fact that you  can see the moon's reflection off the Mississippi or off Lake Monona, but of course we always tend to get that young frisky couple making out by the edge of the river, judging from the two that I saw going back to the car. 

With 12 weeks at number one, I still yet to hear anything from Adele.

The new Fefe Dobson Joy album is the best example of major label fucking up.  She made a decent album out in 2003 and her followup took over seven years and an aborted second album and still Island/Def Jam or Chris Smith Management still has no clue on what her sound is supposed to be like.  Is it the Katy Perry Autotuner pop fluff? or the R and B beats? hard to tell but only on the Benetar sounding I'm A Lady or Didn't See You Coming that Dobson gets some kind of her own sound.  Make no mistake Dobson knows how to write them and knows how to sing them.   And since the release of Joy, Miss Dobson still sits on the sidelines as the autotuned queens such as Lady Gaga or Katy Perry continues to chart top while lack of record promotion hurts Fefe.  I still think there's a place in the world for a female black Pat Benetar or Joan Jett.  But so far Island/Def Jam has proven if there's such a thing, they're not promoting it and taking a tax write off in the process.  Next album, get Howard Benson to produce it all the way through, let Fefe write with Benetar or Jett or Jennifer Finch of L7 and then let it see where it goes.  Hell even get Miss Opportunity Sheryl Crow to contribute.  I'm sure it will be a hoot to hear.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Top Ten Of The Week-Gordon Anderson Returns, No Jerry No MDA

I'm sure this top ten won't get many hits so here we go.

Eight months after leaving Collector's Choice Music, Gordon Anderson has announced a new music company to reissue music, something called Real Gone Music to which hopefully he can succeed.  CC Music is basically a thing of the past although the mail order company continues to thrive in terms of reissues or imports. Certainly he'll have good luck from the likes of the Sony, Warner Music Group, but as always the fuckers at Universal Music will play hardball.  Which means we'll be fucked out of The Brains reissues.  If that ever happens.

By now you know that Jerry Lewis will not be hosting the MDA Labor Day Telethon, first time since 1966 we will not see Mr. Lewis.  Maybe time and age has render him useless but the memories are still there. When Frank reunited Dean Martin with Jerry in 1976, remembering WMT having all niters at Broadcast Park and the big fish bowl.   I can't picture Jerry without MDA Telethon so I guess I'll pass watching it this year.  Up to my GF if she wants to watch it.

Marshall Grant passed away.  The last of Johnny Cash's Tennessee Two, he was the bass player. RIP.

I've been spending more time over at my GFs and it shows.  GD spiders are taking over the Crabb Cave.

Papa's Pita.   New ownership has taken over this place.  The original owner was never opened, so everytime I was in that neck of the woods it was closed but the last couple weeks it has been the go to place for supper when I'm in that side of town.  I enjoy the roast beef with Terrikyi sauce (so i can't spell) and the grilled veggies.  The guy up there says they do deliver on the SW side of Cedar Rapids which includes my work place. Excellent pitas which is a good substitute for the burger or gas city we call Fazoli's. But now a thing of the past, they closed their doors in 2013.

The Top Ten Of The Week brought to you by Papa's Pita.

1.  He's Gonna Step On You Again-John Kongos 1971  The World Cafe on NPR radio played this tonight which shocked me into telling you that they played it on the radio.  I had his album  on cd (on Collector's Choice Music now deleted) and the only track that I liked was this failed hit single although I'm sure the AM station in Peoria played it around 1971.  Produced by Gus Dudgeron (Elton John) Rhino issued this single on Have  A Nice Day Volume 6, their answer to K-Tel.  Donno if K-tel ever did put this out on record but I have a bootleg 8 track of this song on it. Super Hits Volume 13 Dude.  Later covered by Happy Mondays.

2.  Rocky Mountain Music-Eddie Rabbitt 1976  If you can, pick up this album on American Beat Records while you can before that goes out of print (it's part of the Collector's Choice Music Ensemble Of Reissue Labels).  While some people tell you that 1973 was the apex of music, I still say 1976 was better.  Hell the country singles and rock singles sounded pretty damn good side by side although they don't do that nowadays. Hell even Q103 played this song a couple times and it was top forty back when top forty was different types of music and not Autotuned Rap Crap, or Autotuned Dance Crap, or Garbage Rock. Rabbitt was one of the country artists that I did by singles on a regular basis alongside ole Mel Tillis who turned 79 over the weekend.  Eddie was still up and coming and who later give us the roller skating hits I Love A Rainy Night or Driving My Life Away.  And Super Skate, the place where I did roller skate at, played them all the time.  All Skate indeed.

3.  The Calling-Yes 1994  In trying to sort out what Yes song to put up this week, I played the latest and didn't see anything worth noting so I call your attention to this minor hit single that got some airplay on the radio in the mid 90s.  Came from the half assed Talk, to which this song and Walls were the best and the rest just didn't do much for me.  Found it as a cut out when Best Buy had a cut out sale going on.  Came out on London in the UK, here in the US it was on Victory, which started out as a progressive rock label and then did a 360 and became one of the most successful punk labels out there.  By then YES moved on the ill fated Beyond label for the much maligned Open Your Eyes album and later The Ladder, their best since 90125.

4.  Blowin My Mind-The Bo Deans 2011 Yes they're still around, why you ask?  They been making up for lost time it seems, making three albums since reuniting and it was only a year ago that Savoy/429 put out their last album Mr. Sad Head, a album I haven't heard but they're back on their own label now.  The reviews are mixed at best and it goes on way too long with about three songs too many.

5.  Why Try-The Kaleidoscope 1967  Probably the most eccentric band that came out of the California music scene of the mid to late 60s, they were lead by multi instrumentalist David Lindley and made four uneven albums for Epic, the best probably being their first called Side Trips.  Problem was they were too eccentric for the public's own good and it's hard to rock out when your playing an oud.  The album version of this song wouldn't sound out of place on a Jefferson Airplane album or maybe Moby Grape so they recorded a single version which was somewhat closer to Love or The Byrds.  It didn't chart. Maybe the problem with neither Lindley or David Solomon Feldthouse could sing that well....let me put it in another way, their vocals are lot like Neil Young or Rod Stewart, you have to be in the mood to hear it I guess.  Epic/Sony has had their album reissued and in print at certain times (or licensed out to Collectables). Hell, Epic even had their second album A Beacon From Mars in print and I never knew anything about it till Record Collector had a reissue in their vinyl bin for 8 bucks.  But it's not for everybody.  Including you.

6.  The Bitch Is Back-Elton John 1974  In today's world, this would have never been released as an single but back in 1974 MCA did which means the world was better off back then.  The thing back then was that EJ was a super singles artist and when you hear the overplayed stuff on classic rock radio you'll know why. Only problem is we are all sick of Bennie And The Jets or Crock Rock.  The youth of today wonder how the hell we got through that decade without cellphones or the net.  Well, we had FM radio and DJ's that would play an album track or two and we had 45s and LPs and 8 Tracks!  It wasn't the dark ages for me.  Dusty Springfield is singing backing vocals. So sez the liner notes.

7.  Milky Way-Weather Report 1973  The only time they had me listening to them was the live 8:30 album to which contained the definitive version of Birdland and despite what people tell you, when they had Jaco Pactorius in that band and Peter Erkstine on drums Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul had the right combo.  This comes from their first album to which it's mostly avant garde jazz and not the best place to start if you want to hear Weather Report.  But I'll take this song to which Joe and Wayne do a tribute to the introduction to King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man.

8.  Inside Out-Eve 6-1998  Looking back on things I bought, for at the time that I thought sounded good back then, doesn't now.  These guys always struck me as a more pop Green Day than punk, but they rock since the drummer was Don Was' son.  I remember buying this for 8 bucks at the old Blockbuster Music Store, which sold overpriced CDs but they were close by and I could spend many an afternoon listening to new stuff in the listening booth.  They were two doors down from Barnes & Noble but back before the internet became the slave to my master, we had about 10 music stores in town to choose from so there was no need to drive out of town an hour to get our musical fix.  Years later I still have Eve 6's three albums in the house (don't ask why), the first one while uneven still gets more play than the more rock driven Horrorscope which probably featured their biggest hit Here's To The Night.  Their third album was a turd.  They broke up but then have reformed and in the process of recording a new album from what I heard. Which reminds me

9.  Commit A Crime-Howlin Wolf 1966  Later done for the London Session in 1971 featuring Eric Clapton and Charlie Watts and a few other notables.  But the 66 version is very gritty with Hubert Sumlin being his old bad self and adding mad guitar to Wolf's growling.  Later covered by Stevie Ray Vaughn who knew a good song when he heard one.  Reference:

10.  Heartbreak Hotel-John Cale 1973  Probably the most radical reworking of a song that Elvis Presley did, John's version reeks of doom and gloom right down to the shriek at the end of the song.  Rumors are abound that when Presley heard Cale's version he wasn't too pleased but that's just speculation and the fly on the wall who witness that has been dead longer than Elvis and Cale's career for that matter.  John Cale remains a legend but overrated at best although his Island period IS his best.  I tried listening to the Rhino 2 CD Seducing Down The Door Anthology, and found it to be bloated once the Island years are over.  His 80s stuff could clear the area in a moment's notice but Music For A New Society has it's moments (abet few and far between although Chinese Envoy is a dark beautiful tune).  Only album I could listen through was the Eno/Cale Wrong Way Up album which remains brilliant to my ears but swear I have not heard any of his Hannibal/Rykodisc stuff nor the EMI comeback from the last decade.  Being the old fart he is and trying to be up to date he has grown one of the most hideous soul patches I've seen.  But I guess if you have to be the avant garde rocker of today you have to at least grow one out, or shave your head.  Don't understand it myself.  Anyway, John Cale should have a new EP of sorts coming out on Domino before the year is out.

The Madison bargain hunt came and went and may have been the least amount of CDs that I have found up there in a few years. Fact I think I bought more vinyl this time out than CDs.  Not a lot to report, Williamson Street is all tore up so didn't go to the St Vincent De Paul Thrift Store.  State Street after dark is very shady, with the panhandlers and change changers out in full force.  Hell, even had a bunch of 15 year old trying to get somebody to buy cigarettes for them. WTF, where the fuck are their parents at?  For all the news you hear about the Recall Walker and the Republican Gestapo Gang of Scott Fitzgerald and the Koch Brothers buying votes to keep their GOP asskissers in there, you don't see much in terms of protest.  Only thing that stood out was people trying to buy tickets to see John Hiatt.

Perfect time to see the moonrise reflect off Lake Monona tonight.  Did ya know they had a tornado on the lake Monday?  It was a very small F0 but did enough to raise a bit of water from the lake.  Biggest goof I seen was on the way home and having two dudes playing You Lost That Loving Feeling and singing it full blast while one of them was trying to talk to somebody on the cellphone.  Yep, it happened at the Plattville Wal Mart.  You had to be there to truly witness such fine buffoonery but at least it wasn't rap.

Count our blessings.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crabb Bits: This n That

It's tough to add new music when you pass 40 - it takes a lot of work and an open mind-Brad Laidman

Maybe so for the majority of folks not close by to a used music store or Goodwill, but for the open minded Crabb, he needs to find something out there to counter the overplayed.  Too bad you couldn't write Margaritaville or Don't Stop Believein'.  You may not have to work ever again due to all them royalty checks coming to you in the mail.

I'm thinking of taking some time away from Top Ten Of The Week but don't be discouraged.  I will have a guest come in here and give his version in the coming few weeks.   Al Kooper anyone? 

It makes no sense to own product.-Bob Lefsetz

Coming from Mr. Streaming himself you can pretty much tell he's not into albums.  I want to own product so I can read the liner notes and see who did what Bob.  If I lived in a studio apartment I could see your point but you'll never sell me on streaming only.  Unless I'm over at the GF's place.

BTW, I can't afford to keep up on the new technology which makes today look like last the decade the next week.  May not agree with you Bob but I rather have physical product. Reference:

I am more inclined to read music blogs more than check out new bands.  Since turning 50, I have a hard time trying to see what the fascination of new bands out that Spin or Rolling Stone tout as the next big thing.  Lollapooza 20 I could care less who's playing anymore.  Most I don't know about or think are overrated.  When you can get over 100 years of recording via the net, it makes breaking new bands in that much harder.  Then there's the Sheryl Crow Syndrome, to which if there's a project or album from somebody in my era out, somehow Ms. Crow has to make a appearance on it.  I still don't understand why the love affair with Sheryl Crow, who manages to suck the life out of First Cut Is The Deepest, and I may have to pass on the Hank Williams unrecorded lyrics album but should they make one that is Crow free, I'll buy it.

On the subject of Warren Haynes' Man In Motion:  Too bad Stax Records didn't add the bonus cuts of that cd to the 2 record set they put out.

Beer wars: Old Style and Cubs Baseball will be a thing of the past after this season.  It's being replaced by Coors Light.  Yuck.  Budweiser in a attempt to sell more beer has redesigned their beer can.  You can paint it gold and make it glow in the dark but you can't polish a turd or can of piss.  One thing about Budweiser though is that they helped me quit drinking beer.  I think it was around 1992 or so, me and my best friend went out drinking and had seven pitchers of Bud to which we went driving to God knows where and by the time I got home, that buzz became a bizz and ended up hugging the pot and talking to Ralph all night.  Since then I never drank Budweiser again.  Old Style was different but it made me fart more than Bud which gave me a headache.  And so it goes.  But it used to be that beer commercials used to be fun and made it look like drinking beer was fun.  Hell, Miller's When You Got The Time, We Got The Beer was groovy enough itself, or When You Say Bud or This Bud's For You with Lou Rawls telling you that.  What you got nowadays?  Some 7 year old strumming to a old Grunge tune for Budweiser or the Bud Light which make people look stupid and do dumb things.  Here we go indeed.  Too much is given to scantly clad chicks serving you up a Miller Light, unfortunately when you do buy the beer, you don't get the scantly clad bartender chick.  Just the bland tasting beer.  Not the same thing at all.

Which still makes me wish for forty years back to see Bubba Smith (RIP) raving about that easy opening can of Lite Beer which he rips open.  That's how they got me to drink the stuff in the first place.

Finally, after 1,000 views the Rock n Roll Brains Blog is finally slowing down having three times as many views than the rest of the top ten blogs put together.  I like to think it accounted for something but I'm certain Universal still will not reissue their albums anytime soon.  Which is why the major labels suck. They reissue U2 and put some albums out in expanded form but yet sits on other albums crying out for reissue.

Still if you want to throw a big FU at both the major labels and Bob Lefsetz' constant banter about eliminating cds and albums, you can do one thing.  Buy used.  It won't shut him up but at least you'll get to read the liner notes and hold it in your hands.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A 1,000 Views For The Rock n Roll Brains Blog & Groove Sandwich & Engine 145

Thanks everybody for pushing the Brains Blog over a 1,000 views.  I don't think there'll be another blog that will be that successful.  We did it Andy McKie, now get out and reissue The Brains's albums.  Make it a limited edition of 1,000 I think you can sell them all.

A new fun site for more record reviews and other assorted observation for your entertainment.  You're Welcome.  I love the way this guy thinks.  Especially on Limp Bizkit and 80s hair metal.  I came across his site via Rolling Stone I think under the review of the new 311 CD.  He just started out, so check his site out often.

Another new site to tell you about, this is more in tune with the Americana Country side of things. Somewhat like No Depression but more of a country slant.

Major labels suck.  They're too busy throwing out overpriced Expanded Editions and The Brains album can't get reissued.

Strange how the top ten goes week by week.  Last week, Alternatives made it all the way to all time top ten, but the followup only gotten five views even despite a name change.  The way it goes I guess.  Maybe I'll fire the Crabb PR department...

Next week brings the Madison Bargain hunts Date to be determined.

Breaking Benjamin broke up after the lead singer fired the guitarist and bass player over a remixed and recorded song.  I know you don't care, I never much gotten into their music either.

U2 Achtung Baby expanded into a massive box set.  Anything for the almighty buck. Includes a very big 10 disc of outtakes and even Zooropa. figures into this.  Lotta people consider this better than Joshua Tree or the overblown Unforgettible Fire but I look at U2 with suspicion.  They tend to think themselves as the only band that should matters for you which means they're open for potshots.  For the 447 dollar price tag, showcases what U2 does best: bombast.  And basically for that price they should have thrown in the turntable to play the vinyl albums.  And who would guessed that the Star glasses that Bono wears are made in china?

And on a different note: Nazareth is getting a 4 CD box set treatment of their best known and BBC sessions. I have about 8 albums from them but never play them all that much outside of Loud N Proud which is my go to album rather than Hair Of The Dog, one of the must own albums of the 70s.  Even 2XS, their 1982 album gets played here more than Hair but like everybody else, I never really gave them much thought except for the 1998 Boogaloo which came out through CMC International.

Finally, I must have been a mutant of the 70s since I never bought Frampton Comes Alive on LP or CD (but did on the overplayed Show Me The Way and Do You Feel Like We Do 45s). But for somebody who was scorned and ridiculed with I'm In You and the Sgt. Pepper movie, Peter Frampton has been doing a comeback of sorts with his Frampton Comes Alive 35 tour.  May be worth going if he's in your area.

As the month of August goes onward. I maybe taking a few off in here. Usually it's that time of year to which I take stock of things and go do something constructive.   Be it bargain hunting in Mad City or spending time with Nicole on weekends, I'll be around to continue to cast opinions whenever necessary and do the top ten of the week like clockwork.  And react accordingly when I view the ratings.  Great to see something I wrote top a 1,000 views.  But I do get a bit concerned when the top ten goes up and down like a roller coaster from over 50 views to less than 5.

And Leo Greco is an icon in this area!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top Ten Of The Week: Leo Greco We Hardly Knew Ye

After having my best month ever in terms of viewership even I can't make heads or tails on how Blogspot maintains who reviews what.  Sometimes I go back to review some of my previous blogs to try to make sense of it all but really can't.  Only thing seems certain that the Rock n Roll n The Brains will go over 1,000 views and the followup Rock n Roll N The Offspring be under 25.  However, last week's Top Ten has made it to the top ten and climbing up over 50 views.  However, the Crabb prediction will be that this month the ratings will be a bit lower than the last two.  I don't forsee a lot of traffic here outside of the usual top tens and forthcoming Madison trip for a day.  In fact, Nicole been asking me when I was going up there.  But I'm guessing when the heat index goes under 100 degrees then I'll plan on going.

I think part of the Brains blog getting hits comes from who did a nice review of Electronic Eden, the Brains 1981 followup. He hooked up a link to the Brains Blog but he hasn't posted anything in over a year.  Hopefully he'll get back to reviewing the obscure bands that we all like to come across.

July was the hottest month we have had around here go figure.  Which means the electric bill will be 200 dollars.

Miley Cyrus continues to follow the footsteps of Lindsay Lohan in taking up smoking.  Don't know what it is with these Disney's floozies, have a successful show, make a few Disney albums and then they grow up to be trailer trash.  Never been much of a fan of hers, nor Hillary Duff or Ms. Lohan but to each their own and don't surprised if someday Miley dies from lung cancer.

And for this Debt Ceiling crap that congress passed through...same shit different day. Mitch McConnell is a pussy and John Boehner isn't much better.  Too bad nobody ever thought about ending the two damn wars Bush got us into.  Great Depression 3.0 here we come.

But we can rock away our troubles can't we?

1.  Born To Lose-Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers 1977  If the NY Dolls were glam rockers, The Heartbreakers were the opposite, dirty assed rock and roll, performing as if the wheels were going to fall off. You basically know about their LAMF album which came out on The Who's Track Records label but the album got killed by bad remixes and lack of organization from Track Records to promote so it was a well kept secret from me till I found a cheap copy of it from a now defunct Wherehouse Music store in Phoenix.  And cared enough to buy a vinyl copy of LAMF: The Remixes, Outtakes and B Sides, that Music Lovers issued.  That record is a luxury, since the best mixed songs were the instrumental backing tracks. The better mixes came from the Jungle 77 Lost Mixes, to which some of stuff still sounds half assed in the mixing department.  Still play LAMF more than Thunders' 1978 So Alone album which was produced by Steve Lillywhite (later of The Brains fame) and had Eddie And The Hot Rods rhythm section backing up Johnny on a couple numbers.  I wouldn't call LAMF a punk album, it's more broad based pub rock and roll like Eddie N The Hot Rods.  And a more rocking good time although for shits and giggles, try to find the DTK Live At The Speakeasy to which a stoned out of his mind Thunders bash away at the patrons for not dancing.

2.  Little Suzi-Tesla 1986  Sure hope y'all got a chance to catch up on MTV 30 fame but if you didn't have VH1 Classic you were fucked out of that chance since Manure TV that is MTV isn't the Music TV of long ago and far away but thank God for You Tube so we got to see what it was like when MTV was this big new frontier of discovering new music although it would take two more years to reach here an by then the momentum was beginning to deteriorate even by 1983.  In the first hour, there was a little known version of Little Susie Is On The Ups by Ph.D, a band that featured James Diamond along with Tony Hymans from Jeff Beck's Band and Simon Phillips on drums.  They made one album for Atlantic to which I'm still looking for a copy of that record.  Their big hit was I Won't Let You Down which actually became a Tide Commercial but I have never heard their version of Little Susie till that first hour on MTV which they played the video. PhD never broke big but the guys in Tesla made a cover of Little Suzi which did hit the top thirty and basically they did a better Bad Company sound than the actual band with this hit.

3.  Too Late-Shoes 1979  This was made MTV special back in the early 80s.  The ability to promote the lesser known artists out there and somewhere in the first two hours of MTV existence they played this little song from the Zion Illinois based band.  The Shoes remain one of the best power pop bands out there but unlike The Romantics who broke the classic rock barrier with What I Like About You, best The Shoes could do was this little ditty.  They also had a minor hit with Tomorrow Night which should have broke them big, but didn't.

4.  A Road Song-Fountains Of Wayne 2011  Power pop music nowadays. Hard to believe that these guys have been around for over 16 years but although they haven't had the big followup hit like they did with Stacy's Mom, you have to go back to Radiation Vibe from the first album to get the sense of what they could do best.  Their power pop has slowly become more Adult contemporary over the years but FOW always has had great backing vocals to their songs.  After three years on S Curve/Virgin they move over to digipak label Yep Roc and have made a fine album in Sky Full Of Holes.  It might be in my Best of 2011 (tune in December to find out the lucky ten).

5.  Just What The Doctor Ordered-Ted Nugent 1975  Mr Rush Limbaugh Junior hasn't put out a listenable album since he left Epic and basically his right wing rhetoric has really put me off to the point that I damn near gave away all of his albums with the exception of his S/T Epic debut to which remains his best ever.  That band of of Derek St. Holmes, Rob Grange (later Charlie Huhn), and Cliff Davies was his classic band.  Cat Scratch Fever may have been his best selling but Ted Nugent the album is the one when I want to hear how great Ted can crank it up on guitar.  And leave the RWBS out of it.

6.  20th Century Man-The Kinks 1980  The live version although the definitive version is on Muswell Hillbillies. Fucking Arista Records left this version off the CD due to time restrictions (CDs at that time couldn't go over 75 minutes) when Velvel/Koch reissued the live Kinks record 20th Century Man returned to its rightful place.  At that time I liked One For  The Road   but noticed that Dave Davies added more of a metallic guitar to the songs which kinda dates it (if not Ian Gibbon's keyboard does date it).  Hard to say what Ray was going for at the time, I'm guessing more new wave judging by Low Budget and the half assed Give The People What They Want (includes the creepy Art Lover).  The Beat Farmers does a fun version of 20th Century Man on their Live album ten years later on.

7.  Whatever I Am You Made Me-Koko Taylor  1965  The original Queen Of The Blues, Koko Taylor had a earth shaking voice to which Chess Records never quite knew how to market her, she was way too gritty for R and B and she made a few singles that eventually wound up in a Chess overview S/T album produced by the late great Willie Dixon to which the blues died when he died.  Nevertheless, Koko moved over to Alligator Records and enjoyed her most successful career there.  Koko played a few blues festivals around here when she was alive.  She passed into the Great Beyond in 2009.  The greatest female blues singer ever.
This version was also done by the late great Nina Simone although I have yet to hear her version.

8.  Wilma Mae-Hog Heaven 1971  The Shondells without Tommy James.  Hog Heaven was one of those albums ya saw in the dollar bins and wondered WTF was on that album?  Turns out that Mike Vale and company were more into the country side of things, even had Buddy Cage playing slide steel guitar before he moved on to New Riders Of The Purple Sage.  One of those albums that Collector's Choice Music had in the 5.98 bargain bins and worth a listen to.  Album is pretty much country rock consistent with the times.  The bonus track suggest more of a gospel rock feel to which Morris Levy didn't want nothing of.

9.  LTD-The Charms 2006  Just about five years ago, Little Steven made a deal with Best Buy to put out garage rock music from his new label Wicked Cool.  If it wasn't for him, I would have never discovered The Len Price 3, The Woggles, The Stablizers, and The Coolest Songs In The World series.  But like all good things in theory,  Best Buy thought it wasn't cost effective and FYE took over the deal which meant driving an hour away to FYE to see what if there was any new Wicked Cool product out there.  There's some leftovers still Best Buy and after five years of not moving them, they knocked the priced down to a unbelievable 49 cents to Strange Magic, the only album from The Charms.  Not much is known about them, but their album was produced by Jim Diamond the guy behind Volbeats, Mooney Suzuki, White Stripes or anything garage rock from Detroit.  The guitar intro kinda reminds me of Spinal Tap's Tonight I'm Going To Rock You Tonight.  Probably the best track off this record.  Maybe I'll go back up to Best Buy and see what else they have for 49 cents, (KO and the Knockouts, Lauderettes, Novaks?) Followup: Best Buy didn't have them at 49 cents but rather 9.99.  Nevertheless I passed.

10.  Cherchez La Femme-The Fabulous Poodles 1977 However featured on their 1979 Epic album Mirror Stars. Produced by John Entwistle.  Better known for their one hit wonder Mirror Star (which borrowed the talk box guitar Peter Frampton made so famous), this off the wall ditty kinda is a cross of the Kinks meeting The Who despite the goofy French chorus. Like the Angels from Angel City, when Epic issued Mirror Stars, they combined the best of the three albums before it.  Which didn't help them all that much.  Had the album years ago but found His Master's Choice, a collection of the best of Fab Poodles from Sequel for two bucks at Stuff Etc in Coralville one day.

other things:

We have had four power outages in the past three weeks here including yet another 2 hour blackout tonight.  And so far fucking Alliant isn't helping my computer.  In fact, the CSers seem to be hell bent into frying it since I was typing out the top ten tonight. So took a trip to Anamosa and pay a visit to our dear departed co worker Glarice Kula who finally got a headstone to her grave.  And then hung out the Wally World to see what kind of stuff they have for tunes.  Natta.  Warner Music Group actually has cut prices on some of the back catalog, you can now get Van Halen 2 and Fair Warning for five bucks, as well as Journey's Escape and a few others.  Even Mott The Hoople's Mott is now five bucks at finer Wally World or Best Buy.

More sad news to report:  Leo Greco, the long time Sunday Morning announcer for Variety Time for WMT AM and one time recording artist for Dot Records passed away at age 89. He hosted his radio show from 7:30 to 1:30 Sundays.  Mostly his show focused on pop standards of the golden age of radio and polka numbers to which he used to play in his old band years ago. He will be missed.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Crabb Bits: Weekend wrap up, CDs Plus Gone Again, Ratings, MTV

Observations from the forefront:

Sorry I haven't been around much this weekend. Bubba Festus, the halfwit lawn mowing idiot ran over My GF's exposed Cable wire so her phone, internet and cable was out.   Amazing how the dumbfuck should have seen it but still decided to see how many places he could rip it up.  Idiot.  Took Nicole to Amana to see that tourist trap only to play race to the bathroom.  I think the heat had something to do with that.

Ratings were the highest last  month.  Final tally was 1,231 which beat last month by 3 views.  Most had to do with award winning Brains Blog to which if that does go over 1,000 views, Universal better reissue the damn album.  Gawd, if you get forgotten acts like Painter or hack RnB acts like Janice (made a obscure 1975 disco album for Fantasy) get their stuff on CD before The Brains something is not right here. What does one have to do to get something reissued?  2nd most viewed was last week's top ten, which also cracked the all time top ten.  7 of the 10 best of the month came from the last month and I only posted 10 times so perhaps they were better written or people were more interested in reading them.  Meanwhile Rock n Brains continue to scream toward 1,000 views and the mindless My GF thinks I should Blog Blog still holds third place.  It'll fit at home on

Saturday, paid my final respects to Rozanna Pusateri at her grave site to which he is buried next to her husband and Matthew.  I guess Dennis is now committed to the ages since he was cremated and didn't have a spot in the Pusateri plots although he may have been interned. Dennis was one of a kind but you had to meet Matthew, he was just as witty and funny too.  Just a fucking shame that his killer was never caught......

Nick Oliveri can't seem to stay out of trouble.  Since he got arrested he was replaced by Scott Reeder....who replaced Oliveri in Kyuss in 1993.

Funny how CD stores never stay in business.  Not too long ago, the folks at CDs Plus became the Media Exchange and moved into the old CD Warehouse building and now is history again.  Guess I won't get my free CD after all eh?  Nevertheless, on the second return, I did find the 2nd Wax UK, London Wainwright The Third Album 3 and the vinyl album of Jackie Lomax Is This What You Want when I did go up there.  Guess it's not 1992 anymore?  The year Disc Go Round opened up to become CD's Plus and later the desperate sounding Media Exchange.

Finally, thanks to my Big 3 supporters for their comments on MTV 30 and how they stink today.  We'll leave the last say from Mark Prindle who tells you.  "MTV hit the airwaves 30 years ago TODAY!  And last played a Good Video 26 years ago TODAY!

If you really care the first ten videos from MTV
1. Video Killed The Radio Star-The Buggles
2.  You Better Run-Pat Benetar
3.  She Won't Dance With Me-Rod Stewart
4.  You Better You Bet-The Who
5.  Little Suzi's On The Up-PhD
6.  We Don't Talk Anymore-Cliff Richard
7.  Brass In Pocket-Pretenders
8.  Time Heals-Todd Rundgren
9.  Take It On The Run-REO Speedwagon
10. Rockin The Paradise-Styx.