Monday, January 15, 2018

Passings: Eddie Clarke, Keith Jackson....

On Wednesday Fast Eddie Clarke, went to join Lemmy and Phil Taylor in reforming the classic Motorhead lineup in the great beyond.   He was 67 and passed from phenomena.  Although the last Motorhead lineup of Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee were in the band longer then Eddie, it is considered that the early Motorhead albums are their defining moment. Overkill I like a bit more than Ace Of Spades but that's a great album in its own right.  No Sleep Till Hammersmith broke the band into the hard rock scene (they were not metal, Lemmy loved three chord garage rock and roll)  But with Iron Fist, Clarke departed after Lemmy wanted to do a version of Stand By Your Man with Wendy O Williams.

His next band was Fastway, which he started with Pete Way but Chrysalis wouldn't let Way out of his contract, so Way departed and Charlie McCracken replaced him.  Bonus points were given when Jerry Shirley played drums and the first Fastway album is one of the best albums of the 1980s, Eddie Kramer produced that one and the followup All Fired Up, which seemed to be more outtakes from the first album.  But they did have a bona fide hit with Say What You Will.  Waiting For The Roar was a career killer, Terry Manning, the producer opting to update Fastway's sound with keyboards and processed beats.  The followup, Trick Or Treat was a slight return to form but David King left (he went on to Flogging Molly) and  On Target, Clarke went for a Def Leppard sound to which fans got off the bus.  In 2011, Clarke revived Fastway for Eat Dog Eat, which was his hardest rocking album since the first album.  Clarke would jam with Lemmy a couple times in Motorhead and was rumored to be working on something with Lemmy till the iconic bass player died.  With Clarke's passing, the book on Fastway is closed.  A very underrated guitar player but at times when he tried to change with the times, it didn't quite work as well as his years with Motorhead and the first year of Fastway.

On Friday Keith Jackson, classic football announcer died at age 89.  He was the voice of College Football but also announced the first season of Monday Night Football.  With his passing, college football will never be the same again. One of my favorite announcers.

Dolores O'riordan, Cranberry's lead singer and solo artist died Monday. She was 46

Edwin Hawkins, with his gospel band gave the world Oh Happy Day, a top ten hit in 1969 passed away on Monday from pancreatic cancer.  He was 74

Monday, January 8, 2018

Iowa Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 2018 Inductees

The Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association is honored to be able to recognize Iowa artists with induction into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame and help retain Iowa’s musical legacy. 2018 Inductees into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame include: David Ellefson (Individual Artist), The Nadas (Band), Marilyn Maye (Lifetime Achievement), The Bushmen (Band), Rob Lumbard (Individual Artist), Buckeye (Band), Pam Dixon (DJ), IV Pauli (Band), Cabala (Band), Gary Richards (Individual Artist), George Rondinelli (Support People), Crusin’ (Band), Rick Hillyard (Individual Artist), A Stitch ‘n Tyme (Band), Torkays (Band), Lavendar Hill (Band), Dennis McMurrin (Lifetime Achievement), Johnny Green (Individual Artist), Festival (Band), The Trippers (Band), The El Riadas (Band), Dean Davis (Matousek Lifetime Achievement), Rich Mock (Individual Artist), Julie Christensen (Women Who Rock), Duane “Nudie” Binder (Individual Artist), Ralph Goldheim (Individual Artist), Dickinson County News (Media Representative), Jim Musser (Media Representative), and Lorados (Venue). Festivities for the 2018 Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Inductions will take place September 1st and 2nd in and around Arnolds Park, IA. Tickets will be available for the general public March 1st.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Ray Thomas-Moody Blues

Chris Tsangarides-Producer for Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore and others

Rick Hall

Since I have a dedicated following (all 2 of you) I have decided to continue to publish music news of interest for the year.  There won't be much comments if any. But I do think I do need to document the happenings of the world of 2018.

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Denise LaSalle 1/9/18  age 78

in May of 2017 Craig Gill killed himself he was 44.