Monday, January 28, 2013

End Of The Month Thoughts-January

This winter is going to go down as the least amount of snow that we have had all year although Ice Storm Luna came and iced all the roads up.  Hell, even the loader couldn't get up the hill on my street but for the most part the roads were good enough for me to make a trip into Anamosa for lunch.

Ya know I love to check the ratings and we should be over 2500 this month, steep decline from 3349 but still my second best overall month ever.  I also didn't intend to focus my attention of the Voluptuous women of the internet last time but really thought that they would be worth mentioning although Maxey Greene remains a lot more reserved than the anything goes style of London Andrews.  Alas, I'll never meet them, I'm way too old for them, but they both reminded me that the best of times that I had were with the plus sized girls in this life.  Yes I still remember.

Back to the weather, it's 43 degrees and clouds are racing by obscuring the moon and then it appears out of nowhere like a one of those old B movie horror flicks long ago.  I don't really watch TV that much, I turn on TCM on Sunday Nights at 11 and put a couple CDs on and let them dictate the silent movie that plays.  And trying to get back into playing music on a live basis rather than making countless bargain hunting trips that seem to take precedence over music making but this year I'm on the clock to get a new album done and fire it off to the 3 fans that still like original music.  I'm trying to find a social outlet for the Townedgers' band site, I've been experimenting with pointless blabber and quoting lyrics off songs on the Tumblr site but I'm not exactly sold on that site.  Diggy Kat talks about Skyrock dot com or Wordpress or maybe I'll add another new blog here at Blogspot.  Is there a market for another faceless band that I love on the internet and want to preserve the legacy in some way?  Be interesting to come back 100 or 200 years from now and still see old Townedgers music along the likes of The Randy Cliffs or Train Meets Truck or The Brains tribute page.

It's strange, we have survived another month of Crabb rants and raves and top tens when I thought about ending it, we ended up getting the best views ever to continue this madness. I think blogging the things that matter has been my island of peacefulness in a sea and world of madness. And of course the usual bullshit continues in life, gas prices have gone another GD ten cents from the last time I blog.  Hell, we might be four bucks before April.  I donno, I have not had the bargain hunting bug all year and only time I did a bargain hunt was the infamous Davenport breakdown  three weeks ago.  And I still have all of my 75 dollar HP Books gift certificates at hand too, now if only they had something for me to check out.

February doesn't promise to be a month of road trips either.  Maybe Iowa City since it's close by.  But I'm sure I'll be very busy somewhere in blog land or maybe find a few more scratchy records to scan for your entertainment.  Maybe do something for Black History Month since that's coming up. Or perhaps another Music Of My Years since I haven't done that in a while.  Any suggestions that you might have, I'm all ears.


TAD said...

Well Crabbster, I don't know how you do it. Must be your 10 years of crankin 'em out that gets you so many viewers each month. I mean, I know I'm checkin your blog out every day, but other than that....
Right now I'm averaging 9 views for everything I post. 9. & that's not bad. But the hottest thing on my blog right now is that "OGRENET" comedy thing I posted 3 YEARS AGO. It's cool that people finally caught up, but it's mostly the old stuff they're looking at. The new stuff is just keeping my 9 worldwide fans happy.
I have noticed that the MORE STUFF I post, no matter what kinda nonsense it is, the more looks I get. Worked for Dec & will likely work for Jan. I'm not gonna break any records this month, may not even pass 1,000, but something about just adding to the pile, staying productive, seems to attract people.
It ain't great art, but how bout this Internet, huh? I'll never figure it out....

R S Crabb said...

The secret to surviving for so long is continuing to be interested enough to keep on doing this, I don't really expect much readership out of the 2,000 but as long as you're still showing interest and continue to reply from time to time we keep it going. Really wished the Groove Sandwich dude would have kept on, he was much fun to read but people attention span was very short nowadays. Mark Prindle remains the best of this kind of music blogging but he gave it up for a good woman and a son he adores. Gotta love him for that.

I didn't intend to do 18 post this month but things were happening all around. I suppose the models blog was a little out of my league but it shows that I'm not gay and tend to enjoy a full figured woman looking classy and cool from time to time. The Brains blog continues to bring them in, if I deleted that I would be back under 500 views.

I just wish I could write up a blog that would bring half that readership in other blogs. ;)