Saturday, November 25, 2006

music playlist for thanksgiving

One of the things that I like to do is make a top ten of songs off albums that have been playing on my stereo. It's a simple way of letting people know that there's more out there than what the radio stations play and most of the time, I get into the unknown more than the known.

This week we have....
1. Rock And Roll (from how the west was won) Led Zeppelin
2. Getting In Tune-The Who
3. Danger-JJ Cale/Eric Clapton
4. Paingiver-Full Fathom Five
5. Sweet Emotion/Lord Of The Thighs (From live bootleg) Aerosmith
6. Talk Tonight/Lyla-Oasis
7. Lady Madonna (from Love) Beatles
8. Everybody Gets One For Free-Cracker
9. Memphis Streets-Albert Lee With Country Fever
10. Country Girl-Primal Scream

Seems to be a classic rock in a live setting format this weekend, but upon checking out Pandora's Box the other week, I decided that Aerosmith still rocks 30 years later. Full Fathom Five was originally from Iowa City and made a couple of Husker Du soundalike albums and then Eric Messner went on to KGAN for a while.

Getting In Tune doesn't get played too often on classic rock radio but KUNI, the public radio station played the vinyl version (including scratches) after I spent Saturday Night in Anamosa.
Kudos to the Pizza Ranch for fixing all them pizzas for me to chow down on at the buffet ;-)
Interesting to note that they're always busy in the afternoons but on a Saturday Night, it was just me and another party and they were leaving when I got in there.

The Albert Lee song comes from the Castle/Sanctuary compliation That's All Right Mama which showcase Albert's recording career for Bell Records. Lee and fellow bandmate Chas Hodges lead the same band, when Albert sang they were known as Country Fever, alas when Chas took over the vocals they were known as Black Claw. Derek Lawrence (Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash) produced their sessions.

With Thanksgiving now over, we can now say it's now time to play Christmas music. So time to blow the dust off them and annoy the neighbors.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Rock and roll and crabb

Hello kiddies

After 11 months of throwing thoughts on My Space and fighting the ongoing unexpected errors, I have decided to move on to Blogger Inc to comment on what I like best: music.

Music and whatever comes to mind. I really wanted to change my name to R. Smith since I used to write under that before 2003, but sadly there are so many R Smiths out there in the world and only one R S Crabb so I decided to become R S Crabb. It seems more like a brand than name but at least none of the 100 plus million personalities out there is called R S Crabb so here tis. R. S. Crabb.

The internet has changed life as we know it, certainly it has changed me. I'm now a internet addict tieing up phonelines while rant and raving about the world and why the RIAA is a four lettered word. I grew up listening to the now classic rock of the 70s and 80s and gone back into the 40s and 50s to check out music and then the 60s and I've been filling in the gaps along the way. I still believe that there is still good music out there in this day and age but with so much out there, even I cannot listen to all of it. Probaly the biggest reason why we don't remember much of new music is that with 3000 new releases per month, with reissues and new stuff and so on is that we simply don't have time to actually sit down and listen to the whole thing. Plus the fact that CD timings are closer to a hour and even more. Kinda hard to listen to a 70 plus minite CD and remember what you just listened to. Even with a car discman I can't keep up but I still try.

I've been blogging off and on since 2003 when a friend of mine gave me my own blog space back in classic rock at the old mining company (later about). After moving on to MSN for three years I then got caught up with the My Space crowd and in January launched the Crabb site there.

You can read the link there and it's still operable. But My Space went from 53 mill to over 130 million and the unexpected errors increased so I decided to test the waters here at blogger dot com.

Every week I'll write the happenings of the week and what music that I'm into. If you happen to stumbled upon this site by accident or if you're into music and left field thoughts then welcome abroad. My past postings from the MSN years are history.

Take a look and let's see how far this goes. ;-)