Friday, December 21, 2012

Observations: Lee Dorman RIP,Blizzard, Anamosa, End Of World, Best Of 2012

Sad note to pass on. RIP Lee Dorman, Bass player for Iron Butterfly.  Dead at age 70.

Been home snowbound for the past two nights.  High Winds forced me to shut the computer down since the GD thing almost crashed and was feverishly trying to shut it down before a third power hiccup came along two minutes after I did.  It's not a pretty sight living out in the country when we get blizzards.  It also didn't help that we had a heavy snow mix to compound the problem, you can't shovel the wet shit without getting a back ache or heart attack and basically I slept most of the day since I was afraid to turn anything on.

On the Interstate it wasn't much better.  This was a slight 25 car/semi chain reaction that took place on the I-35 corridor up around the Ft.Dodge/Webster City exit.  80 and 380 had their share of fender benders and trucks and cars sliding off the roadway.  Me I stayed home, the snowplow has yet to pay us a visit.  Winds were gusting at around 50 MPH and the snow was drifting on any part of County Home Road to which a couple cars also slid off this road as well.  Last year we didn't have this major problem outside of a couple freezing drizzle nights and a five inch snowstorm that happened earlier in the year.  Guess we got too used and pampered to a above normal winter.  Back in the ice age again.  Lucky us.

The Weather Channel has decided to name this winter storm Draco whatever the fuck that supposed to be.  Us Mid westerners call it a different name, BITCH, Pain in the ass, Winterstorm Fuckoff you get the picture. Only the Weather Channel thought up that wonderful name so they can provide us with another faceless programming on when Weather Changed the World series that nobody ever watches.  Hell, spent most of yesterday when I was out and about trying to see where the storm was at but couldn't due to a repeat of Weather Rescuers and countless commercials.  Blizzards usually happen and they won't wait or take a time out like the WC to bore us with more drug commercials.
Winter Storm Names
But then again who thinks up these stupid fuck names?  Guess the Europeans have done this for years but this is a first for me to understand this.  Can't wait for IAGO to hit Iowa or Ukko but I give them props for naming one future storm after a cool 90s alt rock band.

Drew has come up with his best of 2012 songs. You can read his picks over here at this link:

So has the new and improved Crabb web site with pictures been an improvement over the lack of pictures?  I managed to hit the 2500 views the past few days with even 2600 views in a month.  With some new projects on the table and one last attempt to pay tribute to Anamosa's finest rock band ever The Townedgers (Via Marion IA) for next year,  I may finally take time off to do that and leave the Top Ten as an archival site.  With snow on the ground which will keep me off the walking trails (Matsell's is now reserved for hunting for the next couple months) I may finally sit down and convince the TEs to finally do some new tunes for the first time in 5 years, pending if the lead singer doesn't suck singing.  Not much is going on in Anamosa, it's usually the closest place for me to go if I don't go to work.

 Pictured above is where the El Ranchito is located at.  Their Chile Relleno are excellent.   Grant Wood is buried in Anamosa Cemetery that overlooks the Wapsipinicon River.  Their best known athlete is Marshall Yanda who plays for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL.

Like any other small town, Anamosa back in the old days had a decent downtown area and a movie theater to boot. The Niles which became The Evans Movie House and  I did watch a movie up there a few years ago, Meet The Fockers but the movie theater is no longer operable.

Niles...Anamosa Iowa
 BTW.  we survived Doomsday as of this writing at midnight Friday 12/21/12. 

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