Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crabb Bits: 3,000 Views!, Ray Collins Fontella Bass RIP

For the first time ever, we have clear 3000 views for the month!  Quite a feat upon itself!

Just two months ago, with rating drying up and really not getting much viewership here,  I made a comment about perhaps it's time to do a rethink and put this in the closet and make it become a archives for the bored.  But somehow and someway we have managed to really break out big time.  Of course we can blame it on the weather since it's too cold to do anything for bargain hunts.  It was a big deal when we hit the 1,000 mark the first time and then the 2,000 mark.  We had a nice summer but once the fall came around things drop off.  I did manage to make some slight adjustments to the blog.  With the help of Google and Bing I managed to find pictures and 45 covers (Courtesy of 45 Cat mind you) of the weekly top ten and it seemed like a good idea.   I actually kinda noticed that having pictures and illustrations have made the blogs a much more fun read.   Perhaps I should have done it sooner.  The pictures really come in handy. 

Rock and Roll And The Brains remains the biggest read with over 9,000 views and basically carry this website from being completely obscure.  I only wish it could translate it into getting The Brains 1980 album back in print, that would be wonderful. 

I have no idea what 2013 is going to bring, if I finally give up the ghost and just simply quit worrying about new music and just stick with what I have and what I know.  There's still plenty of obscure things and bands to cover and discover, I hope I can continue to do that.   While viewership is up, I haven't seen much in comments, perhaps the Captcha that Blogspot does is too complicated for even the anonymous readers to put up a comment but from past experiences the majority of them simply either troll or bitch too much even for me to make a logical reply back, or we simply have the porn spam that forced us to make adjustments.  Once in a while we'll get somebody to make a valid argument about a observation that they saw, such as the Pure Prairie League supporter.  Or the cousin of Sonny Lott that wrote a while back too.  If she's still around, I'm still here and still have Sonny in my prayers and thoughts.  I love the man, he made lunch breaks at NCS  fun when he was working there as a janitor.   You can post things incognito but you have to figure out what the hell the word is and the numbers that proceed it or ahead of it.  Otherwise I'd be fighting with the porn spam trolls all over again and still not in the mood for that.

2012 is going to go down in years as one of the more morbid years ever with the influx of people that I have known who have died.  Case in point: Ray Collins, original Mothers Of Invention lead vocalist who died at age 76 from a heart attack.  Ray to me, was the best vocalist that came out of Frank Zappa's bands who made Freak Out and Crusin With Ruben And The Jets classic albums in their own wake, but Ray didn't care much for Frank's Over The Top and goofy cynical-isms that became Absolutely Free and left soon afterwards although Collins would return for cameos on Uncle Meat and perhaps his most definite moment: Oh No from Weasels Ripped My Flesh.  Collins never did attempt to join other bands, simply dropping out to become a taxi driver and a dishwasher and ended up living a very frugal life,  a very private man but he did manage to take some time out and pose for a picture or two with fans of the MOI, to which if you ask Ray Collins what band he used to be in, he'd simply say MOI.

More Ray Collins stuff off the internet:

Fontella Bass, had a big hit with Rescue Me one of most recognizable soul tunes of the 1960s also has checked out at age 72 from a heart attack.

Thanks for the memories The Exclusive Company.  Will miss this place when I'm in Madison.


TAD said...

Crabby: Congrats on hitting 3,000! I'm lucky if I can hit 1,000.
I think the graphics & photos DO make a big diffrence -- if I could figure out how 2 do it, I'd join you -- but I think it's probly 2 high-tech 4 me.
I might be cutting back in the New Year -- my budget 4 music & books is gonna shrink 2 near-zero, & unless I continue Xploring all the stuff I've got that's never quite received enuf attn (there's quite a bit of it, tho not as much as you), I'm afraid I might get kinda stale. If I'm not already....
I haven't forgotten about your 45s & will send them when able -- but I'm watching my $$$: I was basically forced 2 buy a reliable car, no more junkers, & now I'm REALLY broke. I'm sure there's a blog post in this somewhere....
Thanx again 4 turning me on 2 The Most Disturbing Album I've Ever Heard -- you know which 1.
Congrats & Happy New Ear!

R S Crabb said...

Thanks Tad!

Couldn't made 3,000 without your support. It's fairly easy to copy and post pictures, the drawback is sometimes the pictures that i find get deleted from their original website. But if a Crabb can figure out how to do it so can ya.

I plan to cut back on new music next year but still find them in the used and cheap bins for next year. We really got lucky this year for finding the obscure and the 45s best ever in a era to which 45s are not made in bulk. Don't worry too much if you're in a financial bind to send your 45s out, I have plenty around here to keep me busy for the next couple summers.

The Cromagon Cave Rock is a interesting listen eh? ;) It's certainly a bizarre listen and if I can locate a copy of Contact high With the Godz i'll be sure to send it out your way. I think that one is a bit more out there than Cromagnon.

Happy new year!

TAD said...

Crabby: Actually I'd like 2 hear CONTACT HIGH, after reading Lester Bangs' review of it years ago. It doesn't sound as disturbing as Cromagnon -- more like a comedy record, & that's OK with me, I can always use some more laffs....

R S Crabb said...

It's not as disjointed or scary as Cromagnon but it starts out with Black Cat Heat to which they meow and scream like cats in heat and if you look hard enough you can find their stuff on You Tube. From what I remember of Contact High it sounded like a band that didn't know how to play their instruments were learning on the go (ESP Disk gave their bands a lot of freedom to do things even though they didn't pay for shit). Outstanding track was Lay In The Sun with the lyric All I Want To Do is Lay in The Sun over and over and a passable version of a Hank Williams Sr number. Used to see a few copies in the bargain bins but not recently ;)