Monday, December 10, 2012

Crabb Bits: Updates, Otis Redding 35

Here at the Crabb site it's been known that this has been my place of giving the news and views for the past 2 years and will complete 10 years on online blogging the news and things that interest me. But while I have been debating about the fate of this site, I have gone back into the archives and been adding some pictures of note to certain blogs and top tens.  Since The Brains Blog continue to rake in viewers I had added pictures on that site and will continue to pretty up some of the archives from years past.  The Ratings seems to indicate that I should have done this sooner.  And in the meantime will continue to pick and choose certain entries and provide some kind of eye candy to where its needed.  And maybe hope that we get better ratings in the process.

Also for a limited time only, I have decided to open up the comments to everybody but of course they are being moderated and subject to approval.  Any spammers or trolls will be shown the door as they say.

35 years ago, Otis Redding took a fatal plunge into Lake Monona this fateful day in 1967 enroute to a Madison show, and like Buddy Holly before him encountered a bad winter storm.  The best link to this is from here

To me, Otis was the best of the soul singers of that era, with Booker T and The MGs backing up, he had plenty of hits from the original Respect to a all out assault on Sam Cooke's Shake and then the moody Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay, nobody could top Otis in terms of intensity. Otis would leave a bunch of songs left behind as demos that Steve Cropper would put to music and a couple more Otis albums came out, Love Man which the title track got some airplay and Tell The Truth. 

Side note: The Grim Reapers had members of that band, eventually became Cheap Trick later on. 

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