Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas 2012

A bit early but this is where I come in and say MERRY CHRISTMAS for y'all. This has been the best month ever for the Crabb Review Site with an all time viewership. Thanks everybody for reading!

(Photo: Christmas Train by Valerie Loop)

Haven't had much luck this week, I lost a gift certificate for a friend last weekend so had to rebuy it all over again.  The 8 inches of wet, icy and shitty snow we got didn't help my spirits either although we will have a White Christmas that the kids will be happy playing in it while I sit there cussing out the crap while being stuck in the driveway, which seems to be a Christmas time tradition with these December storms.

(Photo: K D Miner-Kingman)

Sitting here looking at the Kingman newspaper and seeing the happenings going up there, the pawnshop got broken into and the owner went up there with a gun looking for the assholes that did that.  I love downtown Kingman when I'm there during the summertime but I do notice that there's a few shady characters up there.

Did I mention we will have a White Christmas?
From Crabby!

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