Friday, August 2, 2013

The Crap Factor

If the music industry hasn't had enough things to worry about, a report has suggested that CD sales has hit histrionic lows for the past five months, that sales haven't gone past 5 million at all in that five months.

Imagine that.  One of the reasons is simple.  The music today sucks.  Not all music mind you, just the garbage you hear on top forty radio and country since Cruise from Country Party Hardy Boys Florida Georgia Line is number 1 for 22 straight weeks and still counting.

Reason number two: Dallas Davidson.  The trailer trash version of Diane Warren. The continuing search for beer, name checking hip hop stars and country stars and talking about trucks and drinking more beer.  His 'songs' are all over Luke Bryan's new mess of a country album. And the last Blake Shelton.  The guy needs to be bitch slapped by Harlan Howard or Hank Cochran if they were still alive.  That's not a earthquake you hear rumbling, it's the song writers of yesterday rolling over in their graves.

I'm not sure if the Lady Gaga adds of reverse Psychology is going to add up to big record sales. But I'll continue to abide by her wishes and not buy any of her dance type music.  It's better than a lot of top forty autotuned crap or Country Hick Hop but not something I'd buy or listen to.  ARTPOP or not. 

Another reason, you can't find half the music you're looking for at record stores.  Most of the time Best Buy doesn't even have half of what is out there and there's not a decent record store here within bike riding distance.  A music collector gets mighty tired of driving an hour and half to a decent record store and coming up short.  After all, it only took me half a year to finally get the Richard Thompson Electric album

And the five dollar cd sales have been poor of late.  Problem with that is that everybody pretty much has the classic albums and only can you reissue an album so many times that people simply don't care for another rehashing of the same old same old with a bonus track or two.  With the big news that Rush Vapor Trails is getting another remix and another Rush box set the question is why to continue to buy if you have the improved edition that came out a decade ago?   That ploy didn't help Elvis Costello or The Rolling Stones back catalog on Universal, which was much more distorted than the definitive version that Virgin/EMI put out years ago and still a better buy.

But the five dollar CD, well the majors are not really adding much to that catalog and I noticed that some of the CDs that were five dollars, Best Buy has upped the price to a dollar on some of them.  But then again, people are just not buying CDs anymore.  And it shows in the dwindling CD section at your local Best Buy or Target or Barnes & Noble.

The writing is on the wall.  Only future for a record/CD collector is online or Collector's Choice Music.  That saves wear and tear on the car.

Rebuttal but I really don't believe this, Real Gone does a better job preserving The Grateful Dead than Rhino does:

I'm sure these priceless art work covers also had something to do with the decline of music sales as well:

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