Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chris Stapleton And The Country Idea

Leave it to me to stir things up in Twitter land.  You might recall in our last get together that Chris Stapleton, songwriter that had his songs covered by Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw offered to work with Tom Petty on a country record after Petty called country :"bad rock with a fiddle".  Tom Petty has done some things that could be considered country sounding but nevertheless I was thinking out loud that he should go to the real sources like Tom T Hall or Guy Clark and imagine my surprise that Stapleton tweeted back that was a great idea and he agreed with me.

Of course I had to usual hack troll, (welcome Todd Tackett 21), nothing better to do than cause arguments. Tell them don't like it ignore it and blocked the fool.  If you following more than those following you, you basically have nothing to say while picking belly lint while annoying Twitter world but anyway.  What Chris Singleton said about country, made me go research some of the old writers that used to write decent material. Tom T Hall, Chris Knight, Alan Jackson all could do it on their own.  Anybody can write a song about beer, trucks and Hick Hop like a Dallas Davidson.  Or sing an ode to a red solo cup like The Warren Brothers who bored us with their BNA albums of the late 90s.

I really haven't talked to great length with Chris Stapleton but he does have a new single out called What Are You Listening To and the acoustic version is excellent, somewhere in the sound of Jamey Johnson and Steve Earle and he's on Mercury Nashville.  But if this song is any indication of what's to be, then I'll be the first in line to buy his CD, whenever it comes out.   I wouldn't hold out much hope of a Tom Petty hookup but you never know.  Petty is finishing up a new album and has mentioned about getting back together with Mudcrutch for another album.   As for Stapleton, he just might be the next up and comer in the real country, (meaning no rap).  If he's up and around this area, he's invited to stop at the Hoarder House Springville Division and is free to pick up any country albums of varying degree.

For You TAD, Radio Crabbland at 4 AM

In the middle of the night before the dawn, the DJ commands your attention as he plays the music that Clear Channel and Cumulus have forbid on their cookie cutter radio station.  Radio Crabbland continues the defiance and embraces free form radio the way it used to be.  Album cuts till 5.

4:00 Side 1 of Sonny Rollins Plays for Bird (The Medley)
4:28  Green Rocky Road-Fred Neil


4:33  Still...You Turn Me On-ELP
4:36  Girl Like You-The Smithereens
4:40  Autobaun 66-Primal Scream


4:50  Blue Monk-T. Monk
4:48  Energy Fools The Magician-Brian Eno

Ah, the five oclock hour, where the daylight begins and the music changes over to get the weary traveler to work or the farmer out in the fields.

5:00 The country hour begins
Drinkin My Baby Off My Mind-Eddie Rabbitt

5:03  Something new from Chris Stapleton (what are you listening to) (well since this is a blog about him have to include a song)

5:06  Tornado Warning-Pure Prairie League

Farm market report at 5:10-5:15
 5:16  Deal-Tom T Hall
5:18  In The Jailhouse Now-Jimmie Rodgers

ID at 5:20

A Face In The Crowd-Tom Petty
5:25  Me And You And A Dog Named Boo-Lobo
5:28  Rings-Cymirron
5:30  Without Love-Johnny Cash
5:33  Stop The World And Let Me Off-Waylon Jennings
5:35  Promises Promises-Lynn Anderson
5:37  I Wouldn't Put It Past Me-Dwight Yoakam

5:40 Farm Market Report repeat
5:45  You Don't Miss Your Water-The Byrds
5:48  Anybody Going To San Antonio-Doug Sham


5:50  Spell Of The Fright Train-Charley Pride
5:53  Little Darlin-Dave Edmunds
5:56   Anabell-Volebeats

With that, the morning crew takes over to play the familiar tunes of the oldies rock and roll era, from the 50s to the 80s.  By now the 6 o'clock hour starts, after the station ID, the sounds of Louie Louie start as our people hurry their way to clogged freeways and highways getting to work on that 7 to 3 or 8 to 4 or 9 to 5. At times there might be a album cut or two but for the most part, the DJs are playing what would have been 45s in my era.   But the next three hours are the example of what AM radio used to be in my teen years.  Draw your own conclusion and your own play list.  I'm sure it will fit the format of Radio Crabbland

Good morning and have a nice day.

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TAD said...

Still lovin' the radio formats. The songs I recognize are great stuff. Keep stirrin' 'em up....