Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crabb Bits: Pat Smear, Nazareth, bRyan Adams

I'm watching the end of the world happening from the seat of my chair staring at the computer.  The computer that has erased away 14 years of internet play.  Between games of Farm Town to Candy Crush to Bejeweled and at the same time buying and selling stuff (although I'm buying more than I'm selling in music) and once in a while finding new friends to chat with and otherwise but if I want to know where all the time went, I'll just look at the well worn carpet on the floor to this computer.  But for news, plenty happening.

I'm not going to buy the deluxe edition of In Utero like I'm not going to buy another Tommy super deluxe issue but Rolling Stone does have a nice article on Pat Smear, one time Germs member later joining Nirvana's final ride and now Foo Fighter to Dave Grohl gives a insight to what it was like playing in Nirvana.

I guess Canada wanted their own version of W, so they voted this idiot Harper in and he's doing his best to throw that country in the toilet but now if you're a struggling musician and want to make some kind of money, better not go up there eh?  They're now charging a musician 425 dollars to perform every time they go playing up north.  This is one of the more backward thinking that I've heard.  Blow a fart in Jason Kenney's direction and sign the petition here:

Speaking of Canooks, Bryan (not to be confused with Ryan although I type the latter's name in first, GD me) Adams has told All Music Guide that they can't use his discography anymore and if you type his name in the search guide, you'll come up with nothing.  Maybe Bryan doesn't like the new format of AMG and I don't either.  Too much flash and shockware and pop up commercials and then the GD thing freezes up my computer.  I wish these fucking music reference sites would quit going for the glitz and leave things as is but that's asking too much.  Basically this is as non news as it gets and wouldn't have known anything about it till somebody brought it up on Mark Prindle's facebook site.  As for myself, Adams's early stuff is still good, his best of gives the best and worst and anything after that you're on your own.

By now you also know that Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson's and cannot sing anymore which is a sad thing. If you lived in the 60s and 70s Linda was a constant on radio.  But Dan McCaffery, the lead voice of Nazareth had to retire due to having a stroke on stage last week.  Which ends Nazareth as we know it, since Manny Charlton left years ago and Darrel Sweet died a few years back leaving Pete Agnew as the last man standing.  Never a critics favorite band, they'll forever known with the album Hair Of The Dog which was the B side to their lone top ten hit Love Hurts.  McCaffery's voice you either liked it or hated it but there was more to them than just HOTD, I love the first side of Loud N Proud (although side 2 features a great version of This Flight Tonight and not so great OTT metal version of Ballad Of Hollis Brown). Malice In Wonderland with Holiday was produced by Jeff Baxter (Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan) and showed a more AOR rock rather than the metallic sound of Hair Of The Dog but I don't think Nazareth was a metal band but rather more straight ahead rock. As for myself 2XS is my favorite Naz album, Billy Rankin replaced Zal Cleminson on guitar and that may have been their last good rock and roll album although I did pony up to buy Bugaloo toward the end of the 90s.  Road Dogs was issued via Eagle Rock but I never did buy that one. Nevertheless, Dan's ill health has closed the chapter on Nazareth but I'm sure the surviving band will continue as a tribute band of sorts.

And meanwhile the demise of man continues with this piece of shit:

Ratings wise, we'll limp to around 2200 or 2300 views, quite a jump from the record last week, but i'm sure the spamsites had something to do with that, I guess this is more "realtime" views than referring sites.  This month's top tens are been lacking of viewership it seems, the  Miley Top Tens may have been the lowest ever. They still get the most views regardless (around 25-30 views, average) but anything else nobody really cares and the Ellis Get Together is for archival or historical use since I'll won't see half of my co workers ever again. Ivy Doomkitty has moved up to fifth place in all time keyword searches. Eventually like Natalie Monet or London Andrews, I'm sure she'll join them in the archives.  As for future Crabb Fashion Shows here, don't look for any new ones, the second installment flopped on the catwalk. Meanwhile, Ivy Doomkitty ponders how she managed to make it to number 4 on the most searched keyword list here in Crabbland.

 I thought that tomorrow would be the final day of Printing but turns out that I'm still there for at least another four weeks, so we're not going to Iowa City till October or last week in September.  Which means I still got daylight left so why not do a couple bargain hunts?  That's coming next month.  This weekend is the end of August and the beginning of the New Bo Festival.  That should be a lot of fun.

Before I forget, remember in March through June we had a highway of storms rolling through and flooding the basement about four times and when I got to Arizona I was taken that big high pressure back home with me.  Must have followed me for since July, we only had three major rain storms and the hottest weather came this last week in August.  So we have gone from 6 inches of surplus rain in the moisture to now level 2 drought conditions.    With dry conditions I don't have to worry about water in the basement.

And finally, I've known Margaret Parsons for close 20 years now.  She's been a permanent fixture in printing, always a reading book or the new Nook as they call it, the famed label lady as we call her. We almost lost her in a freaky incident to which she almost lost her life but came back a few months later in the new year. With most of printing going north and the rest of the gang going to packaging, it looks like Margaret will be back on the road, going to Iowa City since she was reassigned like the rest of us that weren't lucky to go to packaging (how I managed  not go to third shift packaging was a miracle upon itself).  Miss Margaret, has always been a great co worker, and has a witty sense of humor to go but like myself she's a bargain hunter in terms of books and she claims to have a big 45 record collection too.  Anyway I'll miss her as she departs for a new department and hopefully it will work out for her. BTW Miss Margaret OOXX back at cha too!

See U at Goodwill or Half Priced Books!

For a final passing before I left, Margaret was the last person to leave the building and of course she was still in the parking lot with her car running, reading a book.  That's how we'll remember her.  And the way she wanted it to.

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