Monday, August 26, 2013

Garage Rock Classic Of The Sixties-Look Away By The Tempests

I swore I put this link up in a previous post but dammed if I can find it so here it is again if I haven't put it up.  A little song called Look Away By The Tempests.

Not to be confused with the North Carolina band of the same name who recorded for Smash Records (Would You Believe their hit).  This Indiana band releases a couple of very rare singles for Fujimo which I'm guessing was a local Indiana label.  This came out in 1963, with a reference to Hi Ho Silver or Honey Hush.   Reference

B side: Bad Bad Way done by Rodger  & The Tempests which is probably not the same band ( Nu Records V14268 1960?) but has the same uptempo rock sound although this is more rockabilly.

Ain't You Tube wonderful?

Original posting: 12/15/11

Further research reveals that this is Blaze Starr doing the strip tease.  At age 81, she still does strip tease in Vegas.

If you want a straight up video without the strip dance try this one, it mixed a little louder

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