Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Last Bargain Hunt Of The Year-Iowa City

This has been a very busy Thanksgiving weekend with the annual CD donation and record expo taken to Goodwill, since the Crowded Closet's donating place was locked and two bums got a kick out of me seeing a whole bunch of CDs spill on the fucking parking spot it became another fun filled afternoon sorting through what may be the final bargain hunting spree in Iowa City.  A waste of time was had by all.

I spent most of yesterday sorting about 100 cds that didn't fit the format for me and every other year I dumped them off in Iowa City, people still like to buy CDs down there.  So it was off to Goodwill to which the rowdy box of CDs were ready to spill for a second time which really would have set me off and throw the fucking things all over the parking spot and leave them there.  At least Goodwill have some CD and record inventory, I think I had more on me than they did in the actual store.

The last record store standing in Iowa City is Record Collector and my final visit only found a Elvis Costello My Aim Is True CD and Housewerks had a couple CDs of varying degree, the last Ramones album that I have yet to hear Mondo Bizarro and Paul Simon Surprise which is much better then the touted So Beautiful or So What.  Up in Record Collector I think was a first, seeing Craig from Real Records make a stop or maybe it was some white blues guy with a goatee buying a few things.  I've been a buyer of things at Record Collector for 26 years and still feel like a stranger when I go in.

This is not the best of times to go bargain hunting at the thrift stores. Christmas music playing over the speakers and rude shoppers and gawkers always in the way. Some beaner bitch got into my way twice at the Salvation Army  which I said a few choice words. Got into words with a meth head fool, as he almost bumped into me on Mormon Trek and then getting the usual red lights in the process.  The Marty Robbins Best Of that I got on vinyl skipped all over the place.  The writing is on the wall, I have had enough of this craziness.  And then coming home trying to create more space with a overabundance amount of CDs that even I didn't know how many I do have. It boggles the mind I tell ya.

Meanwhile my brain continues to torture me with the same three songs in my head over and over.  Don't Cry-Asia and Cocktails For Two by Spike Jones have been in Cumulus overkill since last night and I'm in need of turning the record player on just to silence this shit.  It's great music till you hear over and over for eight hours, no wonder people walk in front of a train.

Just like going to Iowa City.  Sweet Living Antiques has moved up from Housewerks but the neighborhood that I usually find myself in is now plagued by Chicago gang refugees or immigrants from Chicago or Mexico and Pepperwood District is much different than when the old Best Buy used to be out in that area or the old Big Lots to which we miss a lot and have to go to Davenport just to get to one.  So it's off to the Chinese Buffet to which I was greeted at the door by about 10 Chinese kids, thought for a moment I was in a GD pre school.  Only to have Daddy sitting on his keyster, paying more attention to his Iphone rather than watching his kids to which I almost ran over while get seated.  I'm thinking next time Panda Express.

For the bargain hunter that has been me all year, having the success of the lifetime with the AZ hunts, then simply doing a road trip to Madison (most of the stuff I bought up there went to the donation box) and now the road trip to I.C, and the realization that this in terms of trying to find things away from home is simply nonexistant or I continue to pick the wrong time.  Iowa City is no longer the place to go for bargains unless you want to go pay 10 bucks for a used Frank Zappa CD that you can get same price at Best Buy.  But I must admit that Record Collector had quite a few customers in there, including some snooty looking skank that seem to stare at the old crabb one too many times to which I made a offhand comment about smelling skank.  I'm beginning like my mom I guess.

So it's back home and back to the endless, seamless world of too many CDs and not enough shelves and basically back to see what more I can donate since they don't sell on Amazon.  Life goes on.  Larry Hagman died yesterday at age 81, so did Mr. Food same age.  And after 7 years of having that fucking Alzheimer's crap our Aunt Velma finally passed away Saturday Morning.  She was a pretty good woman, a very strong one even though she had that fucking illness she still had a keen sense of memory last time I've seen her although that must have been 2007.

There's a chance we might clear 2,000 views this month.  Not sure if the more you blog the more you get readers theory comes into play but I've seen some movement on the archival side of things.  I'm still committed to get a couple more new CDs in and review them before it's all over but when you have your own music store taking over the place it's time to at least take back the space in the house.

I'm also sure you'll hearing from me a few more times before the month is out as I continue to research and rehash on things already blogged upon.  But for now the clutter is beginning to take over..........

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