Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Music Reviews: Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker

This week's new music features two new ones from Detroit's very own Kid Rock and the dude that put Hale Michigan on the map Mr. Uncle Kracker.  After two recordings with Rick Rubin, Kid Rock self produced his latest Rebel Soul and it's a more sleazy return to his more rocking roots so to speak.  Uncle Kracker on the other hand has changed labels over to Sugar Hill and has tapped Keith Stegall to produce it to an attempt to become a crossover country artist.  But instead of me giving you the review, this week's guest host The Brat (aka Sassy Passey) returns to Crabbland for her viewpoint on the two new albums.

She submitted the reviews via Facebook.  I also ran a few ideas for the next top ten and she came up with her own version of this week's top ten, since I was kinda burned out from last week's big top ten to which all that sprucing up and adding pics and songs from You Tube didn't add much viewership.  The top ten will appear in its usual Wed slot.  And then I return for a Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot blog. 

And now Miss Sassy Brat.

I have 2 new CD reviews for you. Kid Rock Rebel Soul which came out today. And Uncle Kracker Midnight Special which came out last week. As Mr. Crabby Pants would say, my 2 boyfriends. Sorry Crabby, you keep forgetting my others are Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins, and the men from NCIS.

Kid Rock, who seemed to do pretty good with not really having a Parental Advisory CD out in a while, last 2 CD's really wasn't bad. Out of 14 songs on this CD, there's 2 songs I don't like much, Chickens In The Pen and Cucci Galore. Cucci Galore is the first released track off the CD to hit the airwaves, and there is a video as well.

Kid Rock pulled off some tunes that are some good rock, and some going between good rock sorta dippin into the country music feel but not so much country. My favorite song off the CD, "Detroit, Michigan" not only because it's where I'm from, but some good people named in the song. People like Aretha Franklin, Slim Shady (aka Eminem), Bob Seager, Rosa Parks, The Supremes, Henry Ford, Boston Pops, and George P-Funk All Stars. Nothing like a little name dropping. Kid Rock did really on this song. I'm sure eventually I'll get use to the 2 songs I don't care for, but for me to like 12 out of 14 songs off a CD right off the bat is very slim. It's worth a listen, and it is on ITunes. Myself, I got mine at Best Buy, wanted the actual copy. All but 1 song was either written or co-written by Kid Rock, some songs were even co-written with Uncle Kracker. It also shows Kid Rock & The Twisted Brown Trucker Band in the back. Good job Kid Rock on a great CD. I knew if I waited long enough, I'd get a great one out of you.

Now onto Uncle Kracker. Now, remember what I just said about me like most songs off a CD for Kid Rock's CD? Well, Uncle Kracker tops all people I've ever listened to, and I love many singers/groups, he is the only one that got me to like an entire CD. I find that rare that Uncle Kracker, out 11 songs, the 11th song being a duet with Sonia Lee, this is a for sure listen. A couple of the songs made me remember the good country that was out, as in Eddy Arnold, Ricky Van Shelton, Don Williams, and Conway Twitty good. Not so much the twang like they did, but the good stuff. John Mellencamp, Hank Williams Jr., Kid Rock and Don Williams are said in a couple songs. I think the song "Four Letter Word" will make Crabby laugh, because I know many times he would love to of flipped me off a few times like a line in the song. lol All songs were either written or co-written by Uncle Kracker (or his brother Mike which has written songs with Uncle Kracker and Kid Rock on prior CD's). I think Uncle Kracker did well on this CD.

Both CD's, I'd give an A. Can't give an A+ because both are too damn good looking!

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