Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Night At The Co Op

Davenport 11-10-12

This wasn't November weather in Iowa as we knew it.  It was 70 degrees with a warm southerly breeze coming off the big muddy Mississippi when I did a nightly walk on the riverfront.  It was too nice of a day to spend it watching shitty Iowa Hawkeye football and even after a week after the disappointing Madison bargain hunts I figured since the weather isn't going to be this nice much longer may as well enjoy myself.

They were playing Christmas music off the Mix 95 station out of the Quad Cities at the Salvation Army which meant I wasn't going to stay there very long.  GD the Cumulus/Clear Channel outlets that play Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  It's also not good practice to go to the Salvation Army during a Saturday afternoon, hearing some spoiled rotten brat scream and cry and controlling Mommy and Daddy bout what she wants.  Basically it's a pain in the ass trying to sort all the crappy LPs that nobody cares about, Eddy Howard, Mitch Miller (he actually recorded for Decca Records in the mid 60s and that Peace Sing Along album that Atlantic put out), Montavini, Lawrence Welk, nobody wants that anymore. Unless your Grandparents are still alive.  A Mandrill album was missing one album of a two record set.  There was a decent John Mellencamp The Lonesome Jubilee on vinyl which I passed.

I'm sure Bob Herrington at Ragged Records was wondering I didn't take my position in the 45's room this time out since I didn't go there this time out but found a Mason Profit and Sparks Angst In My Pants on CD and Luna Pup Tent as well.  He was fighting a cold so didn't spend too much time there.  Of course going out to the car, they were having an outdoor Christmas Jazz Showcase in the park after I did my Riverfront walk but I wasn't about to stick around hearing Xmas music. Too warm and not in the mood for it.  So I went across the river to Co Op in Moline.

It used to be a record store was busy on a Saturday Night.  For a moment I thought Co Op was closed since there was no cars in the parking lot and only a kid watching a football game on a smart phone was at the doorstep.  I don't know what CD the dude up there was playing but it sure sucked the first time I heard it.  Then he played it again.  Had some mohawk haired dude getting in my way while I was going through the used bins but he disappeared after awhile.  Didn't break my heart when he left.  But during that venture, I was there by myself with the record clerk up there, probably wishing he was somewhere else but he had a big big bunch of LPs stacked against the wall and the new Green Day Dos! all ready to go but he wouldn't sell me a copy.  Come back Tuesday he said.  Don't think so Charlie, I won't be back till sometime next year. 

Back to the riverfront, back to walking by the river, running across a couple having a big makeout session. Looked like she was giving a BJ out in the open, I scurried on, really didn't want to know anymore, maybe they got a room and finished the job eh?  Since I ate at Cracker Barrel last weekend, I thought I try out Golden Corral for buffet.  Too expensive  and it sounded like a good idea at the time but the either the gravy or the rice was too damn salty.  The saute' mushrooms were tasty though.

The trip to Davenport  I took the long way to stop and pay respects to Mark Lasack who passed away last year and Ben Scheer who's been gone from here for over 5 years. It boggles the mind how time flies in the case of Ben who is the stepson of my best friend Russ.  He was killed in a freak accident at some mine in Arizona years ago.  His mom spared no expense, his graveyard marker is nice looking, so is Mark's who has a picture of him fishing somewhere.  I think working on the piece of shit printers we had at work had a lot to do with his heart attack last year.  And some days those GD printers will make me have a heart attack of my own.  I do miss Mark and Ben, they were great guys.

Books A Million I bought Ace Frehley's Autobiography for 7 bucks and a Neil Diamond book from David wild for 4.  BAM replaced the Borders in Davenport and Dubuque.  Kinda wished that a Half Priced Bookstore would be in the Quad Cities but thank God there isn't.  I spend way too much time in the one back home. 

I been hearing rumors that Mark Knopfler has been kicking Bob Dylan's ass in the concerts that they have been playing. People are really complaining that Dylan cannot sing and that he has made his best known songs sound unrecognizable and God awful.  Which is why I didn't do the Madison show, way things were going I would have stayed for the opening act Mark and then when Bob came on stage leave for home.  Maybe it's time for Dylan to hang it up.

Or at least make a honest effort to sing.

Which Bob can't do anymore.

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