Thursday, July 25, 2013

The All Night World's Largest Truck Stop


At the end of my bargain hunting in Davenport I usually hit Interstate 80 to the Walcott/New Plain exit to which you can see the glow of the World's Largest Truckstop.from miles away.  Even if you venture past Big Rock heading to highway 30 you can see the big glow of the truck stop 20 miles away.  Across the street, is the 24 hour Arby's.  It was my plan B to go to when I didn't make it to the one in Davenport after the Darius Rucker show.

It's a surreal world at 11 30 grabbing a Roast Beef Classic at Arby's and quietly watching the truckers and passersby come into and leave.  Across the street the Big Truck Stop is always humming as well.  I get a kick out seeing the bright lights that light up the semi's like Christmas Trees. One night, going for pancakes in the restaurant, the waitress actually up and left me alone.  Don't think she ever got the tip I left.

Looks like this month will go down as the most viewed here in blogland although I'm not sure if the majority of the actual is real or it's only 30 people instead of 3,000 that actually come in here and read these blog.  The Refer spammers seem to take over for one month and then another Refer spammer relives them the next. I don't know who The Tao Of Badass is, but this refer spammer has really been up the count.  Only ones i really trust are the ones from blogspot, (Tad, Drew, myself).  And never click on a referring site.  Found that out the hard way.  The search keyword, Ivy Doomkitty seems to be making her way up to sixth place all time.  Still got a long way to go before she's in the top three with Pat Travers, Sam Fish and yours truly holding their respective slots.  Certainly this month has been the busiest here and I still got a couple more blogs and a top ten to go so if we're not in first place all time after this month, blame the masses for not reading.

But ya know in the 2 to 4 hour at the All Night Radio station there's more bizarreness and off the wall things that happen, more album cuts and more local music.  I have to shake my head at the blandness of radio in town.  To which KMRY continues to play Feels Like The First Time every afternoon at 1 or 2.  No wonder we all get sick and tired of Foreigner, they never go away.  Even the piped in radio station played Time Passages from Al Stewart twice in a half hour period.  I think if you want to clear the room play John Coltrane Meditations, Pharoh Sanders' sax work sounds like geese overdosing on Red Bull. It's not for everybody and I'm not so sure it's for me either.  Funny, jazz does sound quite nice in around this hour.

All Night Radio Programming 2-4

2:00  Shot In The Head-Savoy Brown
2:05  This Is The Modern World-The Jam
2:08  The Dreamer-Montrose
2:13  Hear Me Calling-Ten Years After

Station ID

2:19  A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond-Captain Beefheart
2:22  The Daily Planet-Love
2:26  Age-Jim Croce
2:30  So What-Miles Davis


2:40 Brainstorm-Hawkwind
2:52 High Flying Bird-Elton John
2:56 Fly Me To Havana-The Grassroots

Top Of The Hour
3:00  Station To Station-David Bowie
3:10  Leave Them All Behind-Ride

Commerical Break

3:20  Mayfly-Brinsley Schwartz
3:25  You Lost Me-The Townedgers
3:30  Shine A Light-The Rolling Stones
3:35  Spirits In The Night-Manfred Mann Earth Band

3:40  Losering-Whiskeytown
3:45  Angry Eyes-Loggins & Messina
3:52  It Ain't Easy-Long John Baldry
3:56  No One Not Even The Sun-The Charlatans UK

to be continued...........

Thursdays at 8 to 10 PM it's Mouse Tracks with Brittney, only on Radio Buzz'd.

We shall overcome:  the liberals take over the Capital and get arrested.  Not sure if and when I'll be in Madison but rest assured I won't be a part of the sing a long.

Friday, I took about 20 albums and CDs for some trade value at Half Priced books and got 33 dollars for the trouble.  Hell, the Exile On Main Street LP cost just about that much of what I got for trade value.  Goodwill had cheaper and plenty of good classic country albums of the 70s and 80s for a dollar fifty.  Really didn't need the Dwight Yoakam LPs although they would have looked nice in my collection and I already have them on CD as well as Foster And Lloyd first album.  The Clint Black Killin Time on LP is a curio.  As well as the Ernie Kovacs Album.  I picked up Billy Joel The Bride and a Phil Collins on LP and The Wheel from Asleep At The Wheel.  They had plenty more but I held myself to those albums.

Ah a 76 degree temp day and sunny skies to replace the heavy monsoon of last night and Quaker Oats had the smell of Cinnamon rolls in the air.  Downtown CR had Jif And The Choosy Mothers, the band of ex old DJs from KRNA and Z102 playing a bunch of oldies which sounded okay to me till they burped out Love Shack and it was time to go.  Down the road at The Chrome Horse, The Dennis Wayne Gang was wailing away to which I can hear three blocks away on the 16th Avenue Bridge. They played Bang Your Head, Tesla, Poison, ruined Panama and the end came with a pointless version of White Wedding.  This band isn't Hairball and it sounded like it too.

There was a picture of a place with records scattered about that got bulldozed down and I did post a link to the website but I guess the guy who posted this blog didn't want you to see it.  Got a couple emails about the link not working and when I looked it up, we got the usual forbidden message. So I replaced it with another photo. If you're going to take exception,  then you don't need me to promote it anymore. Best way to describe that:

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