Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bad Year, Nothing Goes Right What's New?

I don't think I have ever had a shittier year like I have in 2013.  I don't think I have had one thing that went right up here although the Last Bargain Hunt In Arizona things actually went better than expected. But since returning home I have been in a crummy mood and of course trying to put the basement back for the forth time this spring summer pretty much have made me wish I stayed there in Arizona.  I could have earned a living hitting people up for spare change like some of them methheads and dopers do there.

Work is an endless struggle trying to dodge red lights, coked out truckers high on little white pills ready to run you off the run once you pass them, or getting behind some dumbfuck beginner to which I wish that Kirkwood would quit running them semis out at 2:50 PM.  We have about six weeks left in printing and I can't wait for that to be over although I'll miss the best co workers and Steve the Senior trying to sort out my problems and hearing me cuss up a storm on the slightest of thing and every slight thing gone wrong has gone wrong.  Nothing like the paper holding the toner in, doesn't work and then dumps out all over the fucking room when you try to open the damn thing to put into the POS printer.  Things break down as well, it happens to everybody, it just that I take it more personally than they do.  Seems like I got too many demons in this life fucking me up and over.

I don't have a social life anymore much less a love life. I'd rather not subject the next woman who decides to take a chance to all the torture of dealing with me screaming at every little thing gone wrong or every red light in town.  Yes it's true, I have gotten worse than the breakup of last year.  Reading the happenings of London Andrews on Tumblr, she's having fareups with her boyfriend over his drinking and things not going well for her.  It's suckville when you have a boozer who rather drink his money away but it's not for me to give advice knowing my track record.  Maybe old Crank Bob Lefsetz is right, have children of your own so you can leave something behind but that's too late for me and again, my history says I'm better off without bringing a life into this world and not teach them the facts of life.  I never did leave the record store to really experience life with others.

This year has been awful with the gnats that were in my face all throughout this spring and summer and the little fucks are still thick as molasses but now the fucking earwigs are in the house and in every GD place you can think of.  One between a drinking straw but had one of them mutherfucks swimming in my milk for breakfast one day.  But the fucking poison weeds have been beyond belief, especially them wild parsnip plants to which I was stupid enough to think it was a flower and took a sniff and then broke out in hives a day later.  Every other week it seems other weeds and pollens have continued to make me break out in itch rashes in the usual spots to the point that I would like to give myself a vasectomy just to end the fucking irritation.   It also sucks continuing to wake up at 6 AM if I don't take any sleeping pills but it also worse waking up and scratching all over my body trying to scratch that itch and it only gets worse. Beware of wild parsnip, this weed is worse than poison oak and ivy combined.

Even coming back from Arizona, I have managed to find some CDs of note and out of all the 50 CDs that I donated to Goodwill in Marion before leaving for AZ, most of them have been picked up, with the exception of the Boo Radleys,  Evan And Jaron and that Inner Light CD that Atlantic put out years ago.  In the process I did find 5 albums, 4 from Don Gibson and Jerry Lee Lewis Would You Take Another Chance On Me.  Even The Salvation Army had some dollar Cds of note, The Railway Children, doom metal band Cathedral and Barry Manilow Greatest Hits Volume 2.  And Half Priced Books had Kevin Raleigh Delusions Of Grander for two bucks, played it once and then sold it off for 10.  Only took me a day to sell it whereas, HP Books had it up there for half a year.  Outside of that, there's no forthcoming bargain hunts to anywhere right now.  The number 1 thing to do is get a new car and retire the old purple Corsica that continues to rust away and leak all over the driveway. and the gray car has a crack in the body that when it rains the driver's side floor is always wet.   And the damn radiator has over heated twice this year.

The ratings have been good, we're getting more comments in the comment section and I love to hear from y'all but my typing fingers and my brain don't work well as a team.  And I had to re edit the last top ten blog and then had to reedit another blog since I had the wrong year put down on the passing of Bob Hite from a 2011 blog, had him passing away 40 years instead of 30 since he passed away in 1981.  Now 42 years if you're keeping score.    

Almost two weeks back and I'm already needing another vacation.  Basically I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and being pissed off and angry all the time over the slightest of things.  This week, I get to go with some of my co workers out to see Hairball, a 80s tribute band.

Maybe something good will come out of this.

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