Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th Of July 2013

I haven't been in a very good mood since getting back from the desert and coming home to once again another basement wetage for the forth time this spring and summer and even the mention of rain gets me into a four letter tirade.  So far I haven't put the AC into the window just yet, it's been very cool for me to run fans. The 4th is considered the halfway point of summer vacation for the kiddies but I really haven't noticed how far into this year we are.

It's been two years since Dennis Pusateri passed away and that void has not been filled.  I'm sure if he was here he would be saying don't worry about me I'm doing fine but the circumstances from our last meeting will forever haunt me that I should have least said Howdy to him while grabbing a crappy Chinese dinner from Hy Vee and end up getting food poisoning soon afterwards.

Work has been hell, the fucking printers and cutters of running duplex had made me burst into a 4 lettered tirade that made me just about jump back on that place back to Mesa and earn a living shaking people for change just like half the population down there does.  I would like to tell you that I would miss printing but the events of the past two days makes me glad I will never have to deal with this after September.

With the Last Bargain Hunt In Arizona now over and done, I don't have any more hunts planned for the rest of the summer.  I have reached the max number of CD storage here at my house and there's no more places to store them, even out in the open if I did, the fucking basement would get flooded again from another GD monsoon.  Summer Storm Jackoff as we call this has taken its act and have been bothering the East Coast for close to a week now.  9 inches of rain in two hours in Florida?  Been there done that last week, only that I missed it but saw the end result and now trying to reorganize for the fourth fucking time this year.  I love music and I love finding the obscure CD but even CD s tend to accumulate and don't I know that.  Even in Arizona, it's not like it used to be.  I didn't even go to any  pawnshops out there, I just didn't think it was worth looking if Super Pawn had any CDs of note and if they did, it wouldn't be very many.  I also didn't see any bands out there, I picked the wrong time and only thing going on was the Vans Warped Tour but I'm too old and the crowd too young for me and most of the bands are not what I would be listening to.  So I was left to fend for myself and spent time where I was felt more at home: the music stores and taking notes while at the same time fending off overzealous Zia's staffers trying for a new career in Health care.  You alright? You okay? Everything good?  Maybe I should have sticked around long enough for them to ask me that for a record breaking 10th time.  Then I could finally tell them that if they're really really bored they could look up to see if Jack Bonus has something out on CD. Or have they heard about a new band called Leave Me And The Fucks Alone.

I don't know if the trip was illfated when the ill tempered TSA old fart bitched at me for my having sun glasses on going to the checkpoint so I can get a free catscan to see if I was packing weapons of mass destruction. To which I pretty much shout out "fuck you George Bush" for the 9/11 fiasco that has forever changed flying into something like what the Jews had to endure in Germany in the 30s. For the first time in about five years the TSA didn't rummage through my suitcase, and I did get to have nobody in my row of seats on the way down there but on the way back somebody had a bad case of gas and every 10 minutes they would stink up the area.  I was about ready to ask who had Mexican before getting on the plane. But the 10 year old girl who sat next to the aisle was well behaved.

The times they are a changing they say and as I walked into the still long crowds at Metro Center and ordering up a big batch of Chinese food that would damn near kill me later in the day I have never seen so many folks all tattooed up and in places unimaginable.   Some woman with tats on her face looking like a mutated leopard and tats around the neck and tats around the boobs and above the butt...tattoos never turned me onto anybody, not in plain view anyway and I'd would never date one with tats on her ta tas and lower back although the Hispanic next to me at Metro Center mentioned when they do that it means they like to take it in the face.  Problem with that is time and gravity usually stretches their tats to become gross looking when they hit fifty.  Not my problem, theirs.  Besides I'm not looking anyway.

So, I got back into my car and drove up to The North country, to old 66 to the places that I'm familiar with and the faces and places.  The eternal Angel Delgadillo and his shop in Seligman, he's getting up in years and last time I saw him I almost ran him over while he was out bike riding three years ago.  Spending an hour at Crookton Pass getting sunburned to a dry wind but not noticing and looking at the freaks that come into Hastings as they expected the help to babysit their damn brats running around.  And I thought Wal Mart had the worst of the bunch.  But while I did find some 45s and CDs, I didn't buy any LPs.  Nothing really stood out and if they did, Bookman's wanted too much for them.  I mean 50 dollars for Cherry Pie by Warrant on LP?!  And so I looked....and looked....and looked....and realized that I might have it all after all.   I still have a dream of retiring out there in Kingman and sitting on the bench watching the BNSF/UP trains pass through town living on a pension and maybe being happy one more time before death.

I know in the archives I always mention of previous bargain hunts and calling them the last one but this one felt different than the others, as if this was the final go around.  It wasn't like last year to which I took home over 50 CDs and 45s that we went out in style, it was more like a good riddance even after the record of being bothered by know nothing clerks  there was a feeling that I'm not doing this again.  Healthwise this trip took much out of me, be it bad food or Montezuma's Revenge or sneezing and getting back spams in the process. Or end up getting a dry nose that couldn't breathe at night at the motel room but I did slept better than usual.

I forgot to add that across the street from the La Quita Inn they're got a new building going up and the guy said that that's the new Mesa Police Building that should be ready to go if and when I return back there.  But anyway, as I type this from the comforts of home the fucking dumbass across the street is shooting off firecrackers past 11 and I'm sure I'll be seeing spent fireworks in our yard and wishing that one of those things jump on top of their roof of their house and catch fire.  But I do have the carpet back on the ground once again and everything is somewhat in place but they're talking another rain storm for next week.  And wonder why I even attempt to do a normalcy in this shithole of  a year.

Yep, I should have stayed in Arizona.
Happy 4th everybody.

Good to know I'm not the only one getting water in the basement, This blog would sound just like me as well.

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