Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top Ten Of The Week: Sick Of Rain Period 2013

17 inches of rain since March 1st on Sunday, and I'm sure I'll be updating this when everything is said and done.  Just like 2008, we cannot escape a day without a inch or two or three of the wet shit and I'm about ready to go find the fucker that had that c**ks**king Pray For Rain message up outside the four way off highway 13 and cold cock him upside the head.  Last year, we had two days of rain all month, this month the roles have reversed. Memorial Day weekend was a washout, poor Bob and Blue Band had to move indoors at F B and Company in Waubeek and maybe come Labor Day they'll get to play outdoors again.

The guy at KCRG doesn't think we'll have a big flood event like we did in 2013 but needless to say Otis Road is under water.  Another day, another stalled front and another bunch of train rains coming through. Arizona can't come soon enough and maybe I fucking stay down there and avoid the GD wetness that is Iowa.

This weather Armageddon of the past month from last weeks Spring Storm Enema and can't get rid of Spring Storm Fuckoff and i wish it would fuck off and move on elsewhere has tried many a patience of anybody that has lived in this miserable state.  From Correctionville  to Des Moines, to Davenport to Marengo to Parkersburg and every point in between we had storm upon storm upon storm to the point that you would sell your soul to get back to 2012 again.  At least 2008 and 1993 had breaks, this fucking shit has been nonstop since the fucking rodent predicted an early spring.  2013 being a very unlucky year for crappy weather, unless you're a duck and even the ducks are grumbling.

Ragged Records lost some of their inventory due to 6 inches of overnight rains the past three nights.   2/3 of their inventory, probably stored on the floor got lost.  Next motherfucker that wants rains gets punched in the face.  We certainly do not want nor need anymore rain and to the farmers who cried about a dry field last year, be careful what you wished for for you might get bogged down from all that mud from the fucking rains of the past month.  This rainy season like 2008 sucks and really wished for some dry days, two in row dry days would be a good start don't ya think? What the fuck happened to all the GD Fucking pictures I put up?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ed Shaughnessy, one of the best drummers ever passed away from a heart attack at age 84, at least he doesn't have to deal with floods and rain anymore, well he never lived in Iowa so he was one of the smart ones.  Ed was the house drummer when Johnny Carson was alive and doing the Tonight Show.  Best known for those mutton chops and excellent drum solos that rivaled only Buddy Rich and even sometimes beat Buddy at his own game.  Anyway, drum battle beginning in the great beyond.

The Status Quo have a new drummer.  Leon Cave is his name.  Wish him luck.  In other news Stone Temple Pilots have sued Scott Wieland for many things, being alive for that matter.

And now the top ten of the week.

1.  Outside World-Midnight Oil 1983  Our first introduction to Midnight Oil came in 1983 with The Power And The Passion and MTV played their videos more often than the radio itself.  But Midnight Oil was around for at least 4 years before CBS signed them up and even after the runaway success of Diesel And Dust that they eventually released the back catalog prior to 1983.  Peter Garrett's vocals and politics had let him to be an acquired taste but they were an awesome live act to see back then.  Garrett eventually would leave the band to go into politics down under, he's  Australia's minister for school education, early childhood and youth.

2.  Crazy World-Peck's Bad Boys 1966  From the folks at Teenage Shutdown, this little known Scepter single leads off perhaps my favorite comp of that series Move It and it has a bit of soul to it's garage rock and roll.  Look hard enough on the internet and you too can read the rise and fall of Peck's Bad Boys.

3.  Dear Black Dream-Robert Forster 1990  A couple weeks I played Grant McLennan's 1991 Watershed album and decided to revisit his Go Betweens band mate Robert Forrester's Danger In The Past and it remains a quality album if you like your pop rock a bit on the dark side.  But then again you probably never heard of either Robert Forrester or Graham McLennan so I basically wasting my time.

4.  The Unknown Solider-The Doors 1969  Anti war song that Jim and the guys did years ago.  It still rings true today while we continue to have the piece of shit Dumbfukastan War that is unwinnable.  Political message over, moving on.

(Photo: vinyl factory)

5.  Be Bop Tango (of the old jazzman's church) Frank Zappa 1974  Perhaps one of the most hardest to play pieces of music ever committed even the Zappa tribute bands had shied away from attempting this 16 minute masterpiece from the Roxy And Elsewhere album.  About as challenging to listen as it is to play.  Only Frank Zappa could do this.

6.  Think About It-The Yardbirds 1968  The Jimmy Page era Yardbirds were the least of the this era and problem may have been Micky Most's oddball choice of covers, however this failed single did point the way to a new direction for Jimmy Page and what would be The New Yardbirds.

7.  The Ballad Of Ira Hayes-Johnny Cash 1962  I spent part of Sunday night watching Ring Of Fire, The Lifetime movie of June Carter Cash's story from the pen of John Carter Cash and Jewel did a good job of this movie considering being a made for TV movie.  Ten years ago June moved into the great beyond to which Johnny would follow four months later.  I still believe that the Carter Family had a genuine love for Johnny as with vice versa and even though June and Johnny went through some trying times, in the end their love kept them alive.

8.  Every Dog Has Its Day-Let's Active 1988  Mitch Easter, wonder kind producer and made some of the best albums from REM and Velvet Crush had his own band and thank IRS for that but I found his albums to be spotty.  He sounded like Robyn Hitchcock when he could hit the notes.  This is probably Let's Active best known and highest charting single.  Forgot all about this when I found it in the dollar section at Half Priced Books and I think this sounds better now than it did back then.

9.  Hush Hush-Pistol Annies 2013  Monday I wasted an afternoon watching our so called 1st place baseball team play like a last place team and got swept in both games of a double header.  Even for trying to find solace in a GD rain soaked month our baseball team couldn't get their head out of their asses to at least give it a game, finally I got fed up and left after the third inning of the second game.  It's bad enough to watch bad baseball but most of the time the PA is playing overplayed classic rock (We Will Rock You, Hey Ho Let's Go) moronic rap music,  or that Everybody clap your hands from Jive Time and Masterbeaters but the worst part of it all was suffering through the good old boy pseudo country corn porn of Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line and whatever has a banjo to go with that Eddie Van Halen whammy bar guitar.  Swear to God that everytime I listen to new country song I lose more brain cells and Scott Borcetta isn't helping either.  Only decent country stuff is from the ladies, while Blake Shelton heats the charts with Boys  Like Us and dumbs us down even more, his wife continues to make at least music you can think by as well.  I don't think their new album Annie Up has done as well as the first album Hell on Heels but it's still beats anything  Mr BS and pseudo fake cowboys like Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan throws out or whatever the Peach Pickers puke up for lyrics.  Maybe George Jones had it right when he left us.  Truck yeah Dude, stick that in your wagon wheel.

10.  Who'll Stop The Rain-Credence Clearwater Revival 1970  Perhaps the song of the month which really describes the feeling of every person living in the great Midwest of Rainy Season 2013.  If we could stick a big 50 foot fan and aim it at Spring Storm Fuckoff's residence in Missouri and maybe move it elsewhere it would really bring our attitudes up and about.  As anybody who has read this blog knows that I am not a fan of rain, and even on days when needing it I say no, cuz if you wish for something, you might get too much of it.  Just ask the asshole who put up that Pray For Rain sign last year.  And so we're now watching rivers rise up and out of their banks, seeing roads leading to towns under water and the prediction is for more fucking rain day and day till the weekend.  I was thinking of doing a 2008 flood 5 years later blog but since history is rewriting itself once again, I'm sure I'll be bitching about the fucking floods of 2013 and end up getting a stroke in the process.  But still praying for a dry basement and praying even harder for a something out of Canada to finally rid us of this GD motherfucking stalled fronts that make life here unbearable.  You want rain, move here and let's trade places.  Pretty soon you'll be asking to move back to where it doesn't rain.  I guarantee that.

Listen And Be Heard:

Lightning Bolt-Jake Bugg 2013
Jezebel-The Woggles 2013
The Power And The Passion-Midnight Oil 1983
Under The Big Black Sun-X 1982
A Good Man-June Carter Cash 1971


TAD said...

Hey Crabby: Rainy & cold & cloudy here 2, tho not as rainy as there -- or as much as San Antonio, where they got 10 inches of rain in 24 hours. I lived in SA 4 3 years, where they have marked "yardsticks" set up in the bottoms of the "Low Water Crossings," so you can see how deep the water is B4 U plunge in -- & believe me, you don't go ahead if it's over a foot or 2 deep. But they lose people in the Spring runoff & sudden downpours every year....
Was shocked at Ragged Records' flood damage. They maybe didn't need 2 throw out ALL of it. My basement flooded my 1st Winter in Washington, & tho a lotta stuff got soaked, I only hadta throw out a couple things, came thru it pretty well. Never knew mold would grow on vinyl....
Anyway, Ragged coulda maybe let stuff dry off & then discounted it -- the CD's still woulda been playable after a cleanup ... but picky music fans might not have bought them anyway, right...?
Thanx 4 suggesting Procol Harum last week -- I played mosta their GREATEST HITS at work this past week & they sounded pretty good.
Am also having a solid month on viewership, but then I been writing my ass off. Probly not as big a month as April tho -- that was my 2nd-best month ever.
Keep rockin. Summer will come....

R S Crabb said...

Anyplace in the midwest has gotten too much rain and to the point when it does rain, you get train rain over the same spot and that causes problems. Too much like 2008 and not a good sign either.

The Ragged Records saga, the guy talked about sewage getting into his inventory and it took out a good chuck of vinyl, most notibly the Hello Quad Cities Volume 2 on clear vinyl. Either that or too much runoff, since his place is close by the Mississippi River. Davenport had their main highways closed due to Mississippi flooding in that area, they don't have a flood wall. Probably be a while before i go back down there, perhaps later in the summer or early fall. Sucks when you lose vinyl inventory, I'm sure somebody would have wanted that INXS Kick LP that got thrown in the dumpster, and maybe somebody did pick it up. Collectors tend to shy away from wet material be it LP or CD or tape.

I think I might go over 3,000 views this month. Not bad for most of the blogs was spent bitching bout the weather. I'm praying for dryer days. Like most of the people here.