Friday, May 31, 2013

Celebrating the Five year flood...with another flood Updated.

Updated Observation: The pictures have disappeared. Fucking imagine that. I would love to know where the Goddamned pictures go to.  It's a fucking bitch trying to replace everything only to have them disappeared once again.

It's rather pointless just to see this blog, since the pictures disappeared.  This is the end result and what remains.  Fucking shame that all the pictures are gone.

UPDATE: 2016  Look Familiar Union Missouri? 12/28/15


TAD said...

Good Ghod, that is WAY too much water.... Especially shocking is that overhead downtown-Cedar Rapids shot with all the buildings surrounded....
Yeah, the weather's getting way 2 Xtreme -- hard 2 believe it's only June 1 & the folks in the Midwest & South have 3 more months of this shit 2 put up with....
On a lighter topic, I ended-up with just over 1,100 pageviews 4 May, down about 100 or so from April, but still among my Top 5 ever. & how'd you do...?

R S Crabb said...

Yep Tad 2008 was a overall suck year with all this water downtown. Looks like this 2013 version will be around 19 feet or maybe lower, it should crest tonight but thankfully we haven't had much rain past few days. Sad to say that Oklhahoma had 5 tornadoes and 10 inches of the wet crap it's a good bet i won't be down there anytime soon.

Ratings were second best ever, most of the views the usual ones and The No Deposit Casino Site Suck blog has been doing well from them idiotic reference sites. Way things are going we should clear 4,000 next month eh?