Saturday, May 11, 2013

Madison Oh Madison (May 2013)

After being delayed 3 weeks, I finally made it up to Madison upon cloudy skies and chilly temps.  Saturday's weather was strange, with off and on spotty showers although there was a downpour and then ice pellets coming through after I made my way up town.  For the most part no big happenings although I went past the Majestic Theater and hearing the drummer for Camper Von Beethoven/Cracker warming up during a soundcheck.  Hollywood Undead was down the road at the Opheran  on State Street.

There was a better find of bargains although Pawn America continues to shrink their CD inventory with 10 CDs for 5 dollars sale.  Surprised that I found that many, including a couple Johnny Cash CDs, The Pixies-Surfer Rosa, The Staple Singers Uncloudy Day and The Beatles-Sargent Pepper album, really don't need it but hey it was 50 cents. I did find Grant McLennan's Watershed CD but the big find was Rodriquez' 2nd album Coming From Reality, an album that just knocked me out to the point that I played it twice in a row.  Rodriquez better known as Sixto Rodriguez, who made two albums for Sussex, that didn't sell at all in the US but in Australia and South America he was as big as Elvis was.  A movie called Looking For Sugarman was based on two big fans seeking out Sixto which set the wheels in motion and now Sixto is now once again touring with sold out shows whereever he goes.  A 40 year over night success in the US?

The Exclusive Company, now gone is replaced by a Poster shop and a Yougart  shop.  Downtown Madison on State Street is going through some big changes, a bunch of buildings got knocked down in new ones are replacing them. More construction going on by Lake Mendota, they have the bike trail closed down in that area. The northwest winds blowing off Lake Mendota moved the lake to the point of seeing some big white caps splashing onto shore.  Lake Monona wasn't that bad, the skyscrapers and Monona Terrace kept the whitecaps further down that lake but overall, I noticed a lot of dressed up girls, either it was the prom going on, or many a wedding to which I seen a few blushing brides standing in front of the Capital to which I actually up to the observation tower and looked down upon State Street but couldn't stay too long, the parking meter's time was running out.  But hell, I go to the Madison Capital than I do Des Moines, Madison is more closer and the restrooms are open too.

I went to most of the record stores, and perhaps I scared the guy off at Strictly Discs when I ignored him when he was asking if I needed help or anything.  But most of the money went to Mad City Music Exchange to which what Strictly Disc had, Mad City X had them cheaper.  Nevertheless, it seemed like Barnes & Noble had a bigger selection of budget cds than Best Buy, had to believe that what I paid for Nico for 7 dollars I could have gotten new for 5 there.  Plus they had the Patti Smith Horses CD as well.  Over at Savers, I dropped a CD and had to buy that, Sergio Mendes' Look Around.  It played.

Didn't find much for 45s, St Vincent De Paul had a few odds and ends, Mad City Music X, I got a couple albums, a Dave Clark Five album that wasn't scratched up (a rarity upon itself)  Satisfied With You it's called. And a Keith Stegall LP, Stegall is better known as a Nashville producer to the stars (Alan Jackson, George Jones) but he has made a few albums to his name, and besides it was only a dollar.  Figured it was worth a listen.

Outside of that, besides the usual red lights and morons that pull out in front regardless of stop signs or traffic lights it was uneventful.  Got to spend a good three hours doing the State Street walk and taking a break at Otis Redding Tribute site on Monona Terrace.  First time I've ever seen it. Amazing how Otis Redding never missed a show and even though the advisers told him to cancel due to bad weather in December of 1967, he didn't want to let the Madison fans down and the rest is history.  I'm sure I'll be back before the leaves turn color.  I guess that's why I go up there, to see what's going on, to pay tribute to Otis and take a break and reflect on things in life before packing up and return back home.

Sometimes it's nice to get away from home once in a while.

The only other worthwhile Madison radio station:

Queensryche-Frequency Unknown (Deadline)
Give Geoff Tate this he got to be a good sport when it comes to the backlash that is his new album Frequency Unknown or FU as it's called.  To dare fans to submit their videos to tell him how shitty this record is and the best review gets 250 dollars in FU stuff to donate or burn  or wipe your ass with.  Nevertheless while the rest of his former band props up their next album, Tate rushed released this out to the world and the sound shows it.  With a crappy mix that buries Tate's vocals to the point of oblivion, FU is the Cut The Crap although fans probably would have treated this better had Tate put it out in his own name.  F.U. sounds no different than Dedicated To Chaos, the last Queensryche album with the original band but with more emphasis on the uptempo stuff, with a lot of ode to hair metal judging by the whammy bar excesses of the guitar players at hand.  But F.U. is not the piece of shit sundae in rock/metal as one hostile reviewer said, does it disappoint yes and the slapped on production doesn't help either.  A few of the songs sound like demos as Tate tries to sing against guitar riffs that get in the way.  In the end, F.U. is forgettable as a   Queensryche project and for that matter Geoff Tate himself.  Next time write better songs.

Grade C-
If you care, pick hits: Dare, Fallen

Mark Vos, KRNA radio programmer of the late 80s and early 90s passed away.  He was part of those guys in the morning for many years with Glen Gardner and was part of the infamous KRNA's  Jif And The Choosy Mothers classic rock band. Vos passed away from a heart attack at age 58.  Robbie Norton gives tribute to Jiff And The Choosy Mothers Band: 

Site of the day: They haven't posted much of late but this is a very good site about 90s music.


TAD said...

Crabby: Thanx 4 posting this so I'd have something 2 read at 3 am when I couldn't sleep. Lately I've been trading-out all the CD's in my work/overnite bag every couple of days cos I get so quickly bored with all the music I carry around with me. You think we do all this just 2 fight the boredom...?

R S Crabb said...

That's why I have so many at home Tad when it comes to CDs. I get bored mighty easy if things get overplayed. Cheers!