Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crabb Bits: A&W RIP, Summer, Giving Up

So here I am during the last minute before The Last Bargain Hunt In Arizona TM and looking at the stats and throwing my hands up in the air, you know the one that everybody in Coupon land and Russian Women Looking For A Green Card dot com continues to look at.  Giving up the irony, I just said the hell with it and returned the title back to Reviews Of Neil Young instead of Casino Sites Suck or Beware of Russian Ladys Looking for a sugar daddy to leave their country.  It's the second most viewed blog, maybe somebody of musical importance will pick it up for a link and maybe that will give me more views than No Deposit Coins Casinos or Norcalvex dot whatever the fuck they are.

Time has ran out for the Ellis Blvd A&W, since the city council has voted 3-0 to bulldoze it down.  The river claimed it in 2008 and for the last 5 years we had shady investors making promises to get it going again but the latest collapse from another shady investor has doomed it.  Before the 2008 flood, the A&W Ellis had the best burgers and you can either use it as a drive in like they used to or go in to eat like I used to.  Another sad ending to a part of my history that is becoming more of a memory now.  And the A&W out in the Casey's on the way to the airport isn't worth going to, their burgers suck.  (Update: The Ellis Blvd A&W was bulldozed down on September 18,2013)

After a very wet April and May, June has turned out to be much more dryer here although certain areas got hit with some heavy rains that gotten the Cedar River out of its banks again to cover up Otis Rd again but now back in its banks.  With the full moon cycle coming up, it's going to make nights in Arizona look beautiful.  And hot too. Forecast in Cowpie Iowa is going to be a hot and steamy summer with our favorite nighttime storms driving people crazy once again. Not me I won't be here to enjoy that.  But in other words another typical summertime in Iowa. I'm sure I'll be putting the AC back in the window once I get home and then the next big thing to finally retire the POS purple car and the Silver car with no AC in it.  I was kinda looking at some cars at Junge Ford's Lindale Car sale and right off the bat some salesman was in my face talking about making a deal already.  Already I'm catching flack about not having a cellphone on The Last Bargain Hunt In Arizona TM but that's the way I've been doing that, no cellphone no worries.  If and when I get around a computer then I'll check in.  The AZ trip, I'll be lone wolf again, nobody out there really made much of an effort to want to get together but I'm sure the Zia's Folk, The FYE folk and The Hastings folk will be happy of more time spent in their business.

But a real treat was getting to see the Space Station tonight at work while on break.  We have actually been seeing it a couple times this month, yesterday even at 9:15 it was too bright and too many clouds obscured it. But tonight it came from the NW going SSE and basically on top of me.  I'm sure we had other nights to see it up close and personal but never to a point that I could see it overhead, and on a almost full moon to boot. A perfect way to get us into summer.  And now the days get shorter again but for now you won't notice it.

Till late July ;-)

Last minute add: Vattica played to a sold out crowd.  They followed The Townedgers Queen Of Anamosa with their song on the latest Songs That Made An Impact 2013.

Say goodbye to Paula Deen as she made one too many racist comments. The Food Network gave her THE AX after she made a show about how to make a sambo burger on white rice.  Yep, it's a bad joke.

And finally at the Linn County Fair for next week, you get Alien Ant Farm playing. For country Tracy Lawrence and Blackjack Billy

And if you see an odd sort looking fellow with a Mouse Tracks t shirt looking at the cheap stuff at your local FYE or Hastings or Zia's Records, you have come face to face with Da Crabb!  Lucky you!

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