Thursday, June 6, 2013

Crabb bits: POS Micheal Klunder, CMT, etc.

What summer?

Doesn't feel like summer at all this year, we only had one 90 degree day and most of the time we're submerged in clouds and a endless rain cycle that finally ended last weekend.  I'm still tying to get over a fucking allergy cold attack the past week which has made me more bitchy and more annoyed then ever.  While we're trying to keep the basement dry, June has quietly come into play which means we'll be getting the county fair and who's going to be in our area this year to go see.  Iowa City this weekend has Richard Thompson returning back to The Arts Festival along with The Old 97's the next night.  Los Lobos returns back to Iowa but at the Des Moines Arts Festival but I will be in Arizona and won't be able to catch them there.

Suppose you made a top ten blog and nobody reads it,  seems that way with the latest top ten which may have scored the worst viewer ratings ever, it still hasn't cleared 10 viewers although I do know that Tad reads them.  An average of top ten viewership (how many times must i type viewership till i get it right?)  turns out about 35 to 40 per week but guess I didn't either gave it a snappy title or peppered it up with scantly clad women for pics enough for the general interest of people.  Blogspot does have decency laws around here since somebody took exception to the dyke chick telling the crusty old GOP that she gets more kitty then they do.  After the second best viewership overall, looks like we're back in the 2500 club again, the usual suspects getting the most views.  The head scratcher was No Deposit Sites Suck screaming up the charts by conniving black market sites that touts that shit and yeh, I killed that off by rewording the blog as is. Besides I don't promote that type of shit anyway.  You're better off dropping a dollar down the loo rather than using a trick code going to these online No Deposit Online Casino Sites and getting popped in the ass, or having more junk emails coming your way.


Another pet peeve of mine is the continuing of hundreds of junk email touting illegal drug stores online and this is the reason why a lotta people don't have hotmail anymore.  Outlook which brought out Hotmail sucks even more than Hotmail and it boggles the mind to have 30 to 50 junk mails from bullshit spam addys that when you reply to them to fuck off, it comes back to you undeliverable. And you know it's junk since the headline is NOT SPAM OR JUNK LIMP DICK DRUGS 5 CENTS A POP crap.  Too bad the federal Government doesn't want to stop these assholes as much as they want to continue their Patriot Act act of spying on people that don't agree with them.  Or having Morgan Reese personally invite you to her online webcam, knowing in real life she wouldn't give you the time of day if you met her face to face.  Let's face she's not that in to you, unless you have a Benjamin in your wallet, or Grant.

Joey Covington was the drummer for Jefferson Airplane and the original Hot Tuna but his live came to an end when his car crashed into a wall. He was 67 and played on the Jefferson Airplane Bark album.  He co wrote With Your Life, a 70s hit for the MOR based Jefferson Starship.

Last night, you may not noticed but the CMTs were on and top honor went to Carrie Underwood to which I would have spent a paragraph or two bashing her but not this time for Carrie did something out of the ordinary prior to the show and that was donating a million dollars to the Oklahoma Tornadoes victims of the Moore and later the EL Reno Monster.  I think when it comes to helping people, Carrie Underwood is to be trusted more than the look at me fuckers like Donald Trump who triumphs about making a 60 million profit on some piece of property in real estate.  Put your money where your mouth is Trump.  At least Carrie's heart is in the right place.  Trump sold his to the devil years ago.

Miranda Lambert did win 2 awards and country pop rock hacks Florida Georgia Line picked up a couple for their crapfest Cruise.   "That came from the songwriting gods themselves," says Hack Hubbard.  I'm sure it did, from a second rate Budweiser commercial and porn.  As for country music itself, there really wasn't any judging from Jason Aldean doing American Woman (the song) with Lenny Kravitz and Little Big Town covering Fleetwood Mac's The Chain with Keith Urban subbing for Lindsay Buckingham on guitar.  uh huh, nothing says country than Fleetwood Mac's Rumours!  (CMT parody credited to Farce The Music)

With Blag Flag doing their reunion tour, both bands are missing one key player: Henry Rollins who declined both bands.  Nothing wrong with that he says but it's not what he wants to do, revisit 30 year old songs like Slip It In, which really didn't agree with my ears either.  Henry is more inclined of doing a talk tour and his contributions to the LA Weekly are worth reading.  His music is another thing although I did enjoy parts of Weight and Get Some Go Again.  But a little of him goes a long way.

Gotta love Bruce at the pawnshop, he had to do a couple of laser eye surgeries and now can see better than ever and was nice enough to thrown a free CD for the 4 that I got up there (what's another CD Smith he says).  I added a couple Led Zeppelin remasters (2 and Houses Of The Holy) along with a Russell Smith best of on Raven, and perhaps the find of the month, Miles Davis' Tribute To Jack Johnson, probably his best fusion rock album ever.  Much to Bruce's surprise I took up In The Word Was Genesis, their first album produced by Jonathan King and to my surprise it's a very good album, as it combines a bit of Bee Gees to the sound somewhat like The Moody Blues although Genesis's work is original.  It's probably their most pop radio ready album and even though I'm not much of a Genesis fan, this is something I could play from time to time.  But I don't think it's prog rock.

Bargain hunting outside of that has been minimal at best and Half Priced Books' inventory has really gone way down and haven't bought anything of late there. Till Arizona, no other bargain hunts are in the works.

Over to you.

And finally, do you want to see what a real piece of shit looks like?  Today I will be able to show you a real piece of shit masquerading as life.  Take a look at this low life fuck.

 Michael J. Klunder

The late misguided Mike Klunder  low life pedophile murderer who killed Kate Shepard a few months ago and then took the pussy way out by hanging himself to which one hopes he's spending his afterlife getting bamboo shoots up his eyeballs.  This low life to which the Iowa Parole Board failed the state of Iowa and Kate Shepard and any other teen aged girls got paroled and the pussyfuck went back to prowl on the kids again.  Nothing makes me more madder, even more so than Eric Cantor, or Mitch the Clit McConnell than this worthless piece of shit praying on young kids.  He may have thought he took the easy way out but if there's a God that protects the young has his way, he would have having watermelons shoved up his peehole forever more.  Let the punishment fit the crime for a worthless life lived and taking the innocent for his own prevertness. Michael James Klunder, a true piece of shit. Fuck off forever puke bile.

Statement from Mike Shepard (and he's right on the subject, the blood is on the hands and blind slight of the Parole Board too)

"Today our family has lost part of its soul. Not just the Shepard family, but the families of Dayton and all of Iowa.

An innocent, caring, fun-loving child was taken from this world long before her time. Kathlynn has been found and is now at peace beside her Grandmother and Grandfather. She is in a place where there is no pain or violence. She is safe from the predators of this world, where no one can prey on her innocence. Our daughter was torn from our family and murdered.

Due to the current laws of this state, a repeat offender was given the opportunity to attack again. Kathlynn will not be the last if something is not done. Our daughter is gone, but we have SO many more children we feel the need to protect. The children of Iowa are OUR CHILDREN. They are Kathlynn's brothers and sisters.

We know in our hearts that Kathlynn would want us to be sure no child will have to endure what she went through. We will FIGHT to change the current sexual assault policies so there are mandatory sentences for the FIRST offense, to ensure that no offender can plea bargain to get a lessor sentence, NO earned time for "GOOD" behavior, and parolees will adhere to strict monitoring guidelines. This law is intended to protect EVERYONE in Iowa.

The people of Iowa deserve no less."

And yes, the Iowa Parole Board should be charged with murder too.  This POS Klunder should have stayed in prison or at least get his dick cut off.  There should be a death sentence to ANY repeat offender who prays on the innocent children. This will never be a perfect world where we all live in harmony as long as you got Pedophile Murderers like Klunder bullshitting the Parole Board and them believing it.  In this case, the ignorance and indifference of the Parole Board let the whole state down

And the Shepards lost their daughter as well. 


TAD said...

Ah Crabby, keep your audience satisfied, keep doin what you do so well, & it'll all work out. At least that's what Uncle Bob Lefsetz proclaims. & he's always right, right?
Did you notice Fogerty's latest duet opus has been out -- what, 2 weeks? -- & already Bob's blabbin about what JC did wrong? Does Bob maybe want a job working 4 JC? The CMT's shoulda had Fogerty on (maybe they did, I didn't watch, hadta work, wouldn't've watched anyway) -- all that old Creedence stuff sounds like Country now anyway, right...?
I'm averaging about a dozen views per post these days (up from the 7 or 8 average from awhile back), & I think that's OK, long as it's in double figures. But if I was avging 2 views a post I might actually THINK about what I'm doing.... Intresting that the Prog stuff gets more views than anything else, & even summa my personal Nostalgia trips R doing better. But whatever, it's all 4 my fun anyway. I'm happy just writing it.
Still plan 2 C Richard Thompson? We (all 1/2-dozen of us) still Xpect a full report....
...I'm still shocked by the amount of spam you get. I've never gotten anywhere NEAR that much, 4 the blog, or 4 my Outlook account. Seems like something's wrong there. Rn't they sposta flush that stuff out 4 U...?

R S Crabb said...

Usually Tad, my Hotmail/Outlook inbox has a lot of that GD Canadian Pharmacy crap with bogus emails, you block one and ten more come around. No wonder everybody is getting the hell out of outlook (just got three more of those fucking things GRRR)

Lefsetz seems to repeat himself to the point of hilarity and the John Fogerty record is something that is not high on my list of hearing it, as long as CCR's recordings are still in print why even try. He did the same thing the last album and it didn't sell either. But then again I wouldn't trust Bob Lefsetz to do A and R for a record either, he's basically all talk and no action. But he does come up with a good post or a good album from time to time (namely the Traffic album of a couple weeks ago).

Having a springtime allergy cold has really made me uninterested in going to see Richard Thompson on Friday, if I feel better I might go but I'm passing on the Old 97s Saturday show. have to work and of course they're predicting another heavy rain storm that night. We can't seem to catch a break from Bitch spring at all. But then again they have that GD Art Festival during our busy season (again) but with printing going north, I may have time to go to next year's festival. We'll see. ;)