Saturday, October 13, 2012


You probably didn't see this but this came over the wire that Kris Roe had a total meltdown when The Ataris Drummer Rob couldn't keep a beat and Roe threw cymbals and drums at the retreating departed Rob.  I basically wouldn't have known this had I not read Anti Music's story on this.

Rob's response.

Sometimes that's the way it goes when your in a band that had a minor hit with a cover of Boys Of Summer.  I have heard some of The Ataris' music and we'll leave it at that.  The drummer may have been lagging or had other things on his mind but nobody should have to deal with what Kris Roe did.  Other drummers may have fight the dude.  I would have.

More meltdown came from Billie Joe Armstrong during the I Heart festival in Vegas last month and threw a bunch of F bombs over trying to get through Basket Case and had one minute to do it and he only was a quarter of the way through.  So, he blew up, threw a bunch of F bombs and smashed his guitar in the process.  Mike the bass player also joins in the smash fun. Dig this rock star moment

I love Green Day as much as the next person maybe even more but their single Oh Love is a earworm hell that has been chewing up my brain all through the week in the paradise we call packaging in our place of work. And somehow The Great Pretender from The Platter seems to play as well and it's annoying for 6 straight hours five days a week, it seems that way.  All this music and all i get is the same two shitty songs over and over.  And of course our favorite Cumulus owned crap station KRNA plays Oh Love 4 times a eight hour night (2 at the very least).  So basically that's my meltdown of the week.

BB Cunningham, well respected Memphis session player played on The Hombre's 1968 hit Let It Out (let it all hang out).  RIP.


TAD said...

Ah Crabby, don't be so down. I don't know what to think of Blogger's viewership numbers either. On my most recent post, I got 3 comments on a piece supposedly only 1 person actually viewed (you), so I think there might be a problem there....
BTW, I haven't forgotten those singles I told you about. Gimme a couple more weeks to finish cleaning em up & get em sent off. Right now I can't even afford the postage(!)-- but I'll keep you posted....

R S Crabb said...

Don't worry too much if you can't afford to send them, I have many things to occupy my time. I think after ten years of blogging things that perhaps I might need a break to do something else. In the meantime be on the lookout for something in the mail for ya. ;)