Thursday, October 25, 2012

And So It Goes: Taylor Swift

So Taylor Swift has ditched country music in favor of pop now huh?  Not a surprise but the taboids are having a field day about her bust up with Conor Kennedy.  To which we cue up We Are Never Ever Gonna Get Back Together Again.

I really don't give two shits about her love life or for that matter her new album which gets praised in Rolling Stone and raspberried in the smarter mags or real country bloggers.  And got burned way too much of her ear worm classic You Belong To Me which is more of  a staple on the odious Cumulus owned KDAT than it is on KHAK another Cumulus owned monopoly in Craptown Iowa.  Chances are that she moved a million copies of Red, and good for her.  Selling a million copies of anything nowadays is a major achievement  But KHAK hasn't exactly played the We Are Never Ever Gonna Play This Song Again, er Getting Back Together again on regular rotation.  But then again Taylor has taken the road that Carrie Underwood has had, marketed them as country and then head straight for the Top Forty Pop Autotuner Wasteland.   She's kinda turning out to be a heartbreaker too, which probably was why John Mayer dropped her before she did him.  Or wrote a hate song to a critic that thought she couldn't sing real time. 

I'm sure Scott Borchetta has world domination plans with the new pop diva but it's not my kind of music to listen to no matter now much Martin Daniels tried to get me to buy Red and telling him to purchase the GD album himself and review it.  To which he pussied out.  

And so it goes.


TAD said...

Crabby: Um, yes, but. I heard T. Swift do "Red" on Letterman & ... it wasn't bad. Fairly enjoyable. I was pleasantly suprised. Don't know if I could take it a dozen times a day on the radio, but definitely not terrible. & she sang OK. (Sure took a LOT of band-members on that stage to get the song done, tho.)
& she was a pretty good interview. A real person, not a stuck-up diva. But I could B wrong. Ghod knows I haven't followed her career.... (Didn't she do that Juliet/princess song, too? That was OK, but I'll bet it wore out after the 1st couple hundred plays....)
...& thanx 4 posting that Facebook site address, which I'm gonna go check out Right Now....

R S Crabb said...

Seems like a country artist always have to have about 10 members on stage with them and Taylor Swift puts on a good show. But I don't think I'd want to be her boyfriend or love interest, she seems to write negative of them after they break up.