Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crabb Bits: Arizona 30 wrap up, FU-TSA, KCDX

Finally made it home in one piece although I was not too happy with the TSA re-arraigning my suitcase.  I packed about 30 45's carefully along with the two LPs that was found and a few more CDs that I couldn't fit into my carry on.  I packed the 45's in the middle of the suitcase and they almost all came falling out when I opened up the suitcase. If they were cracked, I would have gotten back on that airplane and went back to that airport and kick somebody's ass on the shoddy way they put things back.  Security is one thing but GD It if I can win the lottery as much as these cocksuckers going through my stuff in my suitcase I could retire.

Overall, the trip was fun, but I do know that when I return to the desert I will not be going to Sedona anymore in this lifetime.  In the 20 years of going out to Arizona and the 10 times going through that hole in the red rock mountains, they have had road construction every time and one road going out had to encounter a tour bus in front of me while going up the mountains again going ten miles an hour.  For a place that supposed to relax you, Sedona brings out the stress again when you leave that town.  Never again, I think I'm inclined to return to Vegas and deal with the idiot pimps trying to scam change out of me.

Going down the strip last Monday night I had no fewer than five people trying to ask for money, all were black.  The fat pimp at Walgreen's freaked me out to the point that I went down one block just to escape this fat fuck who didn't seem to miss many meals.  I guess there's money to be made in scamming tourists.  And it really didn't matter, I went out with bed head, a torn T shirt and unshaven and still got hit up for money from some black dude on a bike.  Las Vegas remains a dirty town and although Fremont Street was twice much more fun than The Strip, it will be another six years times three before I return to Sin City.

I did have some Indian old dude doing some kind of painting and all these many folks that walked by, this old drunk singled me out for precious change for his booze habit, to which I looked at him and told him why do you fucks think that i have money?  Do I have to look that I have money?  That's what I hate about the wild west, people out there look at me and see dollar signs or excess change.  Fuck them, whatever change I had went to the Circle K funds of the local groups.  After that exchange either the police told the Indian to move on or they threw him in the slammer.

They have a bicycle trail on the Chandler/Mesa border and when I lived there, it was a pipe dream and a very dark place to go walking by the canal.  Not a good idea after dark back in 1987 but they have done a remarkable job making it a bike friendly trail.  This is about a half mile from where I used to live at in Chandler and sometimes I miss being there.  Until somebody comes up to ask for spare change.

The big news was that Justin Bieber started his tour in Phoenix on Saturday Night and gave a great show from reports despite him going offstage to throw up but he came back and the crowd went wild.  I have to give him credit for dedicating a song to a little girl who died of cancer and he kinda teared up. Also Rob Zombie played outdoors Friday and blew Marilyn Manson off the stage.  If I could have stayed a couple more nights I could have gone seen My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult.  Or Train.

Hands down the best radio station out there was KCDX 103.1   They're classic rock but they played a lot of off the wall stuff that made me try to figure out what they were playing.  They actually played a song from Flash, a band that had Peter Banks leading the band and they played Children Of The Universe from the first album, and it goes on for about  9 minutes.  When I got back to Mesa I never changed the dial once I discovered KCDX.  I had this 2012 Camaro for the past week and I loved that car as it got me from point A to B. Ironically, the last song that was played when I got to the airport was Styx Babe, a song that I can't stand but for some reason it fit quite well with the final farewell to the car as I returned back home after my 9 days of the desert.   Nevertheless, Cumulus and Clear Channel should take notes on how a radio station can play great music and not annoy the hell out of us. 


Although I could post a blog one night there at the motel, I had more problems trying to stay online at the motel.  The computer kept kicking me off when I try to access the blogspot site and got fed up and didn't post anymore till I got home.  I didn't think that I would pass 2,000 views this month, I had a trip to plan and really didn't have much to say, even when I added the blog from the past and a birthday tribute to my co worker Sonya.  But I heard her 40th party was a lotta fun and Lonnie, the first shift senior managed to get the birthday girl to sit on his lap for a moment (lucky guy).   But a final tally proved that we cleared the 2,000 mark plus six.  To which we thank the heavens for the Brains Blog which continues to bring the readers in, but the ratings for the last couple blogs have been poor, and the last five blogs haven't cleared 20 views.  The Wussies and Pussies being a very disappointing 17 and the 1994 Archives only 11 views.  I sure hope the next one will do better, otherwise they might pull the plug on me before I pull it on myself.

Forthcoming goodies, will be the continuation of the CDs found in Arizona and I found quite a bit to keep me out of the pawnshops here for a good couple weeks, still debating on seeing Sam Fish later in the month and Pumpkin Fest will be this week in Anamosa.  Another singles going steady might be in the offering in this month as well.  And maybe a attempt to dissect the new Green Day or just say the hell with it and not do anything.  New releases this week also is the new Vaccines, Waylon Jennings' final recording are in stores as well.  And more to come I'm sure.  And perhaps a matter of Mad City to plan as well.  We'll see.

Finally it was nice to see the harvest moon in its glory down in the Arizona desert as it rise above and peeking through my motel window.  And even got to see it from the airplane as I returned home.  On the airplane I read about a 4th way through on the new Neil Young book Waging Heavy Peace and it's all over the place, Neil Young making things as he goes, and jumping from one decade to another it may frustrate the average reader that it doesn't flow so well but I had not a problem keeping up through the chapters.  I might be in the minority but I love the guy and like the book.  It's a bit disjointed and sometimes hard to follow but hell, I'm disjointed and hard to follow most of the time too.  I think it's a good read. You should read it too.



TAD said...

OK Crabby, glad you enjoyed your week in Paradise.... Now, it's time to face stupid Reality again!

R S Crabb said...

Yep Tad,

Found that out while getting on the road here and have some semi pull out in front of me on the way to work. Nothing ever changes here in Stupidland! ;)

TAD said...

Crabby: Playing Miles's KIND OF BLUE while driving across the Arizona desert?! Mood-wise, I Get It. But I thot you wanted something to keep you AWAKE...?

R S Crabb said...

Actually it was a compliation of the better tracks off the Miles Davis/John Coltraine era Tad, so the only song that played was So What. It just fit the mood of open highway and no places around on California 66. Next up was Stevie Ray Vaughn Live At Carnige Hall before I got back to Kingman. The Hastings store in Lk Havasu City had that for 3 bucks and plenty other SRV stuff too but I had them all. Sure miss Stevie Ray.