Friday, January 29, 2016

Rock and Roll and The End Of The World

It's been a bittersweet month here at Record World/Crabb Review Site.  For each day I have remaining here, till the end of the month will be the best ever for this site.  To go this far in and see over 5,000 views and even breaking 6,000 has not been thought of or even expected.  If the views tracker is just plain fabricated, I can still live with the results.   Even if Russia has been the most patrons of this site, this old Yankee Crabb thanks you for at least looking through a decade's worth of whatever comes to mind.   This is not a money making venture that's for sure, and the time vetted could have been put to better use.  But once in a while a blog will make a impact and so I continue to blog on.

I didn't intend to do 10 plus blogs here in the month but the weather has been crappy, and I spent the last ten days getting over yet another GD cold that sucked the life out of me and canceled birthday plans to go see bands.  And I rather be dead than deal with another lifesucking cold flu that's a constant post nasal drip hell and copious amounts of cold meds don't help and I did get a fucking flu shot.  And when I'm sick, nothing gets done, sleep all day, stay awake all night and fight a body that doesn't respond to anything I do.

2016 has already been hell on earth.  Bad music, pointless music news about pop rappers getting into other pop rappers on pointless jibs and jabs at each other.  Steven Tyler's ill fated attempt to go Bro Country, Mackelmore's bloated comments about Elvis still ripping off black singers and he's been dead for 38 plus years now.  Black Sabbath going on without Bill Ward and the music mags still bringing that up.  It's going to end Black Sabbath without Bill Ward anyway.  Reminds me of Keith Moon when he was in The Who, both Bill and Keith gave their bands that added manic style of drumming which wasn't built to last.  Even in Keith's last years his drumming, while still distinctive, was deteriorating and he barely got by on Who Are You.  Which sound like Bill's effect of the 1983 Born Again album.   If only we can be young and play like that all over again.  I wish I can play like I once did 31 years ago in my old band too.  It's a bitch getting old and a shame that Bill and Sabbath couldn't find a common ground to give it one last go before the curtain falls down for a last time.

The state of music today is awful, especially on major labels.  Bad raps, 3rd grade level bro country pandering done by backward baseball cap frat boys and calling it country, the noise they call alternative rock and torturing us via radio has finally made me turn in my reviewing new music card. I find it more rewarding to stick to local bands and listen to their music, since we are one and the same.  We still like good new music and the local bands are more friendly than some upjohn with a beanie flooding the inbox with halfassed rap lyrics on Facebook or Twitter.   There's no shortage of new music and new bands, but time is short and I'm not about to jump on what NME or Rolling Stone is touting the flavor of the day.  At some point, our life is running down and if the music doesn't  grab my attention after a half minute it's time to move on to something more familiar or more rocking.

I still believe in the power of rock and roll and 50 years ago the music scene was changing for the better.  And 50 years later the power of The Kinks or The Who or even Jerry Jaye and millions in between still resonates, hell even 20 years ago there was still viable rock and roll out there, but not anymore.   The rules have changed, and we became our grandparents big band music.  I do not fit in to a world of Five Finger Death Punch or Andriana Grande or Florida Georgia Line.

The world is changing as well.  And not for the better.  The hatred of seeing Donald Trump throwing his barbed wire propaganda through this state, the equally polarizing Ted Cruz who is more dangerous than the Donald, making American great again?  With these fools running around, we're not even so so anymore.  Money pays top dollar to a congressman who will dance to the strings of the money puppeteer, you can't drink the water in Flint anymore and meanwhile social media pays attention to the Shrill known as Sarah Palin, whose  dumbass daughter keeps falling on dicks and getting preggo, and son beats up his girlfriend and blames Obama for his problems.  And meanwhile the greed that is man continues to rape and pillage this world for more oil and polluted fracking water poisons the well.  It's not a beautiful world I'm seeing anymore, it gets uglier each day.  And one day Mother Earth will eventually   cleanse and remove mankind from this world. It's bound to happen and it will happen.

And looks like our little days of over 100 views is over.  So this blog can return back to normal now.