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Crabb Bits: More Bowie, Stan Kroenke

Stan Kroenke is the most hated man in St Louis today, as the NFL has granted the cash hoarding, money strapped asshat to move the Rams back to Los Angeles, thus ending a 20 year association with the city after Georgia Frontier moved them from Anaheim.  Kroenke was the snake in the grass that would buy the Rams and do his damnest to move them back to L.A. at any means necessary.  Once again St. Louis sees another team leave town and perhaps it was as well for the Rams to return home.  Just like the San Diego Chargers returning back to L.A. after 55 years removed, but unlike the Rams, the Charger faithful supported the Chargers.  The Chargers did make the first AFL championship but attendance was lousy, on a good day they bought in about 8,000 fans.  Which means I will looking for a new team to root for and will be donating my Chargers stuff to Goodwill.  And root for another tream, perhaps Kansas City, maybe Pittsburgh, or maybe don't give a shit about the NFL anymore.  I really haven't paid much attention to the NFL all year due to other interests going on.  I find I can live without the endless E.D Big Pharma and Budweiser spots just as fine too.

Despite the Rose Bowl blowout, The Iowa Hawkeyes still managed to finish 9th in the top 25 college football teams this year, a nice reward for a 12-0 regular season despite playing so so teams.  So we are now spared of any more ratings baiting bullshit from Colin Colonoscopy Cowherd, forever.  I don't watch him on FOX sports.  And besides there's nothing on cable anymore anyway.  On a related note Sirius XM continues to hound me by calling twice a day and filling up the recorder with clicks and silence.   They may not like me when I pick up the phone and tell them where to stick their overpriced pay radio service.

I'm sure this will have Colin Colonoscopy Cowturd in a uproar but the Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball team has swept the Michigan State Spartans for the first time since 1993, defeating them in East Lansing 76-59.  The Hawks were shooting lights out basketball, hitting 9 three bombs and had lead by 22 at the half.  And this was the return of Denzel Valentine back to the lineup too.  You can say that Sparty had gotten a bad case of Jok itch, as Peter Jok had 23 points in the game.   The next time they might meet again will be in the Big Ten Tournament in March.  Perhaps it's time that Colin says that this men's Hawkeye team is not playing cupcakes as the football team did last fall.  And they might be...for real?

Ian Kilmister's passing has not gone on in vein.  From now on, ordering a Jack and Coke will renamed a Lemmy (although I cannot drink Jack n Cokes anymore due to a deteriorating liver and quit drinking coke too). But Jack Daniels has put together a very limited collector's item of their famed Lemmy whiskey.  And all of the bottles have been bought out so you may have to wait for the limited edition version, I'm sure EBAY jackrobbers will have some up for bids at very high prices. 

And now the unthinkable.  The fine folks in Russia has been reading up on the latest of happenings here at Record World to the point that I might see this site crack 5,000 views barrier.  Certainly the land of Putin has been the most readers here, even more than the US folks.  Since December 22th I enjoyed 100 plus views each day but I still think the bottom will drop out.  But I do thank the Russian folks for catching up what is music news here.  If things continue to grow like this, the prediction will be I might see 6,000 or even more.  I still think the bottom will drop out and we'll return back to the the average number of 50 views per day, 2,000 a month. Or till the Russia once again tightens the censorship over there.

Giorgio Gomelsky famed manager and producer for The Yardbirds and later produced the likes of Brian Auger and the Trinity and Gong passed away at age 82.   Another victim of cancer, Giorgio was the manager for The Rolling Stones before Andrew Loog Oldham replaced him.

Alan Rickman actor best known on Die Hard, another victim to cancer died Wednesday.  He was 69.

"I'm shocked. I'm in disbelief. I'm devastated. I can't stop crying. Alan Rickman was a beloved part of my childhood and teen years, ranging from Hans Gruber in Die Hard, to Professor Snape in "Harry Potter", and most recently starring and directing in "A Little Chaos". I fell in love with his acting style, especially the way that he spoke that would make you hang onto his every word. I fell in love with the way that he brought Snape to life from the pages of my favourite books. I was fascinated by how his love for Lily was undying. He will always be my Professor till the end. "After all this time? ...ALWAYS"

RIP Alan Rickman. You shall be deeply missed "  (from Ivy Doomkitty)

Lawrence Phillips was a great running back coming out of Nebraska but his NFL career was haphazard at best and he could never stay out of trouble.  Anger issues caused him to be thrown in jail and he eventually killed an inmate. On Wednesday, Phillips killed himself.  He was 40

The death of David Bowie prompted somebody to compose a meme about the aging rock stars that are still around and it's still an impressive list although it's getting shorter and shorter each year.   Chances are that some of the names on this list will leave us but it would be interesting to see Chuck Berry make 90.  Little Richard is missing from this list though and he's still around as I type this.

David Bowie was cremated Wednesday in a very quiet and private setting.

Sterling Campbell, was one of David Bowie's best known drummers, his thoughts:

Alas, finally, I did not win the lottery and neither did you but somebody in California won it.  Yeah I tend to think it's all rigged anyway, especially when the lottery machine kept picking the same GD numbers in different sequence.   So nice of the lottery committee add more numbers to the whole thing.  A big line of bullshit, the more numbers the better chances of winning.  Yeah Right!

Record Reviews Of The Week:

Tyler Reed-Only Rock And Roll Can Save Us Now (Pop Opera 2007)

Originally on Immoral/Virgin, this new blend of rock and roll is more of the new bands at that time, Puddle Of Mudd, Blink 182, Saving Abel though Tyler Read was a bit more poppy.  Southern Rock for the 21st Century so to speak, let's just call it Redbull Rock.   There's moments that they almost burst out of their comfort zone, Baby's Got A Temper (and she takes it out on me) Private School Girls does come close to topping Puddle Of Mudd.  Otherwise like most Southern Rock bands of the 2000s the album is a fun listen for a couple of times before you move on the next big thing, or for that matter go back to the original sources of Southern Rock.  They since renamed themselves Lush Sunshine and the Spirit Animals.
Grade B-

Motorhead-Another Perfect Day (Mercury 1983)

Sandwiched in between the two classic eras, is Brian Robertson replacing Fast Eddie Clarke who moved on to Fastway and made a classic album and a good album before the wheels fell off.  Robertson came from Thin Lizzy and while Motorhead fans dismissed this album,  I think it still holds up quite well, although Robertson never did change much of his high pitched chorus phased guitar work.  And most songs are midtempo except for the crazed Meanwhile Back At The Funny Farm and Die You Bastard.   This does sound conspicuously like Thin Lizzy at times, especially on lead track I Got Mine and Rock It.  I also like the slow blues cooker One Track Mind right up to the very end where one thought it was going to fade out, Lemmy shouts a HA! and the ending is louder. It might have caught Tony Platt the producer off guard.  Nevertheless Brian Robertson was not long for the band, he simply couldn't or wouldn't play Overkill or Stay Clean so he had to go.  For that one moment of getting together Another Perfect Day remains a listenable curio, and a underrated album too.
Grade B+

Black Oak Arkansas (Atco 1971)

Next to the beloved Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Black Oak Arkansas was a different type of southern rock, led by Jim Dandy Mangrum and they were produced by Lee Dorman and Mike Pinera (Iron Butterfly).  There are two classics on this record, Uncle Elijah and Lord Have Mercy On My Soul, the former a minor top 30 charting single and the latter an FM staple although that has fallen by the wayside.  The production holds things down though, Hot And Nasty, a failed single would get a second life and a better production live mix from Tom Dowd as well as the bizarre boogie of When Electricity Came To Arkansas, with Jim Dandy wailing away on washboard.  Another reason why the live album was better, Tommy Aldridge came on board.
Grade B


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