Saturday, January 9, 2016

On the subject of Otis Clay and Joey And Rory Feek

2016 picks up where 2015 left behind.  More people dying but Donald Trump,  Rush Pimpsickle, and The GOP keep sucking on life and things ain't never fair.  Otis Clay suffered a heart attack and died Friday he was 73.  He was a R and B shouter that worked with Billy Price.  But if anybody been paying attention to the social media of late, they may have been reading the blogs of Rory Feek, whose wife and singing partner Joey Feek has been in Hospice care the past two month and slowly dying from stage IV cancer. They have recorded a few albums and gospel albums and once hosted a country show on Rural Farm Network, and Joey had to fight cancer back then before it got in remission but then came back more aggressive than before.    It's a tough feeling to know what Rory is going through, I've never had anybody that young that ended up the damn C and waste away before their very eyes and powerless to do anything about it.  Joey is only 40 years old.  In a world that wants to know the next time Kim Kadashian farts or shows off her ass or touts her auto tuned king hubby Kayne Kadashian West, behind the glam and fake posing of today's stars,  Rory is documenting the last days of his wife being on this planet and fighting the heartbreak and tears to do so. In a parallel universe Kim,  and Kayne would have their roles reversed.  Not to bring ill will to the media whore hounds that is Kasdashianmania but there are more important things in life to live for.

And no life is not fair and everybody dies.  Your time's coming, Mine's coming is so on down the line.  This world has become so GD me first and the rest can fend for themselves.  One and the same, Trump make America work again, ISIS join us or die, Bernie the Socalist going destroy America whereas the GOP controlled congress is doing that in front of your own very eyes and nobody gives a shit.  Money rules all.  Hilary Clinton running for POTUS, the lesser of the evils but still it's an evil. Heathcare for everybody but good ole  Blue Cross/Blue Sheild/Anthem/Etc continued to raise the rates every GD insurance out there.  Prices go up, but nobody wants to raise the minimum rage, and nobody takes account of the cost of living.  Even then you still cannot afford to die.

Getting back to subject, The Feeks are a rare sight on social media, they're in love, they got married and stayed in love and made country music.  Among the bro country crap that GAC pukes up on TV, I have noticed that GAC has quietly put back in rotation When You're Gone, a song that they did in 2012 for an album called His & Hers that came out on Sugar Hill.  Three years later, this song is quietly making the rounds again, not only on country but to a lesser extent on soft rock KDAT.   I won't say that this song will be the second coming of Amazing Grace but it will make you take stock in what you have in life and who's in your life.   If this song doesn't make you shed a tear or two, then you're probably Donald Trump or the NRA.   No, it's not rock n roll but the video to the song, you will relate to losing somebody when illness claims them.   Even more so, when you're seeing the love of your life, the one you dedicate a life of music and marriage and children, soon will be leaving you behind, not by choice but by a disease that would not go away.   In the end, Rory trying to pick up the pieces and try to live his life the best way possible.

And life will go on, though the void will never be fully replaced.  There'll be a grieving process and by the grace of God Rory will survive.  He has put on a brave face baring his soul and the pain for all to read.   I don't know him nor Joey but even from a far it's a emotional read.  So far Joey has really put up a big fight to continue to live in her grave condition.  It'd be a major miracle should the unthinkable happen and watch her get better but as we all know that does not work at all.  So all I can do is send a thought and a prayer and keep them to my heart, even as a total stranger. And if it's time to walk a little closer to Thee an go with Jesus back to home in the great beyond,  then Joey will depart.  If there's a miracle, When I'm Gone will be one of the new hymns that people will sing in the future.  So shall it be.

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