Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Last Bargain Hunt-Stuff Etc Coralville

Technically, I'm not an angry person but rather a perfectionist in a imperfect world.  Which means the slightest things that happens gets taken personally and God hears about it.  The commandant about not taking the Lord's name in vain is broken just about every minute. After yesterday's FB tirade about getting to work made me really to bring the world down in GD and F bombs galore, the FB prude asked me if I'm always this angry.  Not really honey, but that time I was.  But I don't believe Miss Mellow would be been so nice and kind when she had to sit through 10 minutes of road construction, idiot farmers pulling out in front of you to go 40 MPH and then the stuff you wanted to recycle at work falls on the car floor 8 times and then falls out of your hand when you leave, and then having your recently new car's door, caught by the wind, proceeds to bleed itself on the car next to it.  But then again Miss Mellow is a Gemini woman and they are usually the worst kind for me. 

It's been a very hectic and shitty week, even when making the effort of doing a bargain hunt and having to deal with road construction that makes you sit and wait for 10 minutes or finally breaking free on the road to get the interstate, going about 70 and then having Miss Muffin Stuffin behind you riding your ass and playing with her pussy it seems.  When the brakes came on, she had to quit doing that before running into me.  If she was interested of getting together and wanting to have sex, it's better that she wasn't in my back seat of the car.  Objects may be closer than they seem but if I don't see headlights behind me than we have to do something drastic, new car fully insured, why not, hit the brakes and then kill them when they hit you.

The lure of bargain CDs is still out there but the stupidity and mindlessness of today's drivers in a fucking hurry to get somewhere and too bad if they run you over has started to take its toll and basically keeps us online to look for bargains.  Your chances of getting a stroke is less that way. But it was a nice day to go do something before work and I chose wrong.  After the episode with Miss Snatch's sexcapades I said that I better find something out of this mess.  And basically I did.

Iowa City and Coralville, like any other place now, the record stores are drying up and anything you find must be taken at thrift and consignment shops and Stuff Etc is so hit and miss but I did find three things, James 1990 Gold Mother album, which was replaced by the S/T album with three songs replacing Gold Mother, Peter Himmelman's Stage Diving, a 1996 live acoustic which has been fondly thought of due to Peter's live performances being unpredictable and maybe I'll do a review of his output and The Judybats Down At The Shacks Where The Satellite Dishes Grow, and don't know why.  I didn't care much for Native Son but upon trying to see if I still had that, I ended up donating it in Madison.  And then Housewerks had The Mighty Lemon Drops World Without End with bonus tracks, Dan Fogelberg Nether Lands and Foxy Shazam to which I tore up the house trying to find The Church Of Rock And Roll that they issued for IRS a couple years ago and have no idea where that CD went.  . If The Scissor Sisters were the Bee Gees of the 00's, then Foxy Shazam is the Queen of this era.  Strange to see them not making it big but usually when you hear bands of this sort, you tend to seek out the originals. 

And that was it.  Goodwill nor Salvation Army had much to offer although who ever priced the damn albums had an scratched up Elvis album for 50 dollars and a scratched up Kings Of Leon Only By The Night for 8 dollars needs to get their act together.  Records are making a comeback but we're not paying new prices for used scratched up vinyl.  The needle wouldn't like those bumps and pot holes on that disk.  But basically I was paying the price for the Mighty Lemon Drops who had the same three songs playing in my head for hours at a time. Earworms suck when you have to hear the same thing over and over and you can't go anywhere working on the slitter at work.  I have 20,000 other albums or CDs to listen to and the only songs that come up are the same three.  No wonder people blow their brains out to get away from hearing the same things over.  

And leads back to the angry guy issue. Am I really angry all the time like Miss Wilcox says?  I don't think I am, I try to stay positive, even though have the time I wearing out the backspace key on this blog, or dealing with asshole spudbuddies on the interstate (male or female) but I will tell you of my all time most pet peeve. Static.  When anything you touch you get a electric charge back, that's the thing I hate more.  But recently about 5 years ago, some other Satan influenced thing started happening with static, when you go to Casey's or Kum n Go or Circle K in need of a drink and you put your drink and take a drink and you get shocked on your tongue. That's when the f bombs start flying.  Or hitting 10 straight red lights. The static issue really pisses me off max. Does that even happen to you, get a drink at the store and you get zapped from within? 

Next week is Record Store Day (weather permitting of course) and although I have no idea where I will be, I'm sure it will be a city by the Mississippi River.  It's the 7th straight year of the idea of buying rare and overpriced vinyl made for the occasion and dealing with the crowds although it is great to see a record store full of people buying music regardless. And some will have local bands play a acoustic set or two.  And it does make me miss of the days of Relics and Rock n Bach in town.  For myself RSD is always a day when I make an appearance into your local record store and although I have bought some RSD vinyl (Velvet Underground Scepter Sessions) you really have to wow me with something worth getting.  Which means I usually arrive later in the day if I'm at your local Record store on RSD.

Might as well get this out of the way, The Jann Wanner Wiener Fest (rock and roll hall of fame induction) was on Thursday and KISS played nice, and kissed and made up, Paul Stanley giving a tensely worded dig at Jann Wanner and the suits about letting the people decide who gets in or not.  Darryl Hall saying more Philadelphia artists should be in as well and Nirvana returned with Dave and Courtney Love hugging one another but letting the women singers take over for their leader who couldn't make it for the usual reasons.  Joan Jett leading them through Smells Like Teen Spirit and Lorde on All Apologies. Andrew Loog Oldham playing the radical rocker skipped the ceremonies.  Brian Epstein like Kurt Cobain was indisposed and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band rambled on for so long about the history of that band that there was no time left for the all star jam. Which means we missed out on Ace Frehley leading the all star band through Highway To Hell and maybe stopping half way to go into the outlawed New York Groove.  If you wanted drama, you sure didn't find it as well as you did on the ACM's Sunday when Bro Country nation cried foul when George Strait was voted Entertainer Of The Year.

But over here, with declining ratings (this month might be the worst ever here (we haven't broken over 50 since scoring 80 six days ago) the weather is warming up and perhaps a more yearning to go someplace takes over.  I'm sure another playlist or two is forthcoming.  Or another ICON series to which 15 of you will probably take a look at. But for now, this will do.


TAD said...

Ya know, you CAN get a little angry, but as long as you're out there, I know I'm doing OK.
Numbers are down at my blog too, though maybe it's cos I ain't been writin' all that much lately -- had 3 views yesterday, 8 so far today, but hey it's Spring. And I'm thinking over a new post in my head.
Take care of yourself....

R S Crabb said...

Some people tend to get annoyed with me (as you'll find out in my next playlist installment) but I must tell it like it is. Really there's no such thing as a nice Crabb ;)