Sunday, April 20, 2014

Record Store Day 2014-Davenport

The big news of the week was J & R Music World closing their doors, a few months after closing their classical music area.  For 43 years they served the New York Area and sometimes helped me get some needed cassettes for working on Townedger albums and projects.

But on a different subject Record Store Day took place, whereas you can get overpriced RSD exclusives at your local record store, provided if you have one to go to in your area. This time out I chose Davenport since I haven't been there since December.  And for the most part, Ragged Records remained pretty busy throughout the day till they kicked us out at 5 o clock. I got there about 4 :15 and figured if I limited myself to a quick look and not debate all day on what to get I'd still end up with enough music to keep me happy.  Ben Crabb mentioned that they opened up shop at 8 AM and there was a long line of folks waiting to snap up the most wanted stuff.  Even in the late stage of getting there, I passed on Joy Division's 1977 EP for 16 dollars but did pick up the Bob Wills Tiffany Transcriptions for 30 dollars which was in main intent of going to RSD.  I didn't see the need for the Green Day demos that comprised their Uno/Dos/Tres albums that they issued a year or so ago.  I did complete my Belle And Sebastian CD collection with Fold Your Arms You Look Like A Peasant, and the Rhino Camel Comp and the first Mothers' Finest LP.  But I didn't see the need to spend 35 dollars for the now out of print Crazy Horse Loose CD that Wounded Bird put out but now reissued Scratchy, the complete Reprise session which is much cheaper.  Not high on my list of things to get.  Co Op, in Moline had the High Hopes Bruce Springsteen LP on vinyl but the only thing I picked up was Beck Sea Change.

FYE in Moline has disappeared along with a bunch of other stores and the food court uprooted and I have no idea what's going on over there.  I recall a few years ago that FYE was gone during a trip but the next time I was there FYE was back in their old haunts.  Southpark Mall is going through another facelift?  Hard to tell but it felt like walking in Westdale Mall, however in the case of FYE there were no Going Out Of Business signs, no renovation messages, nothing.  In all honesty, FYE really had nothing to offer last couple times I was there.  But not too many people for FYE anyway, the closest one would be in Des Moines but again, that's not high on my destination for now.

The weather was beautiful, so I got the bargain hunting jones out of the way to take in a ball game at John O'Donnell, the ball park by the Mississippi River to see the Quad Cities get beat by South Bend 7-6, which the winning run was by a Daniel Patka home run, that sailed above my head.  It wasn't the first time that happened.  Almost 3,600 fans showed up, but it seemed that the crowd was much smaller than that.  Especially when I had my own seat out in the left field bar area.  But if I got too bored by the game, I could always look out to the Mississippi and see a goofy pelican fly above and then land in the river and then get uprooted by some crazy boat driver. And then a flock of 25 Pelicans flew overhead. The river was fairly high, not flood stage but high from all the rain from last weekend and the winter snow melt from Minnesota. I also seen a few other things, about one too many couple sucking face and a couple doing some serious heavy petting from behind the scoreboard.  Bet they got a room soon afterwards.

In my time of driving down to the QC and back, I finished up listening to two Julia Fordham albums and donated them back to Goodwill soon afterwards.  Both Porcelain (1989) and East-West (1997) shows that Jules as she affectionately known has a voice somewhere between Joni Mitchell, Christine McVie and Anita Baker and can write bittersweet dark love songs but she tends to oversing too much for my liking.  Another album was by Rear View Mirror that made one album for Palm Pictures in 2001 but I could only stomach two songs and donated that back to charity too.  But upon donating to Goodwill and Salvation Army, I didn't find anything of note at either one but I did find an odd album from the 60s from Joey Dee And The Starliters, The World Is Twistin.  Never seen it before, and may regret picking it up, but Dee had a big hit with Peppermint Twist and had Dino Daneli (later drummer for the Young Rascals) pounding that twisting beat.

Things Found:

Peter Gaberial-Passion (Stuff. Etc Davenport)
Beck-Sea Change (Co Op- Moline)
The World Is Twistin'-Joey Dee And The Starlighters (Goodwill, Bettendorf)
Buck Owens-Country (Wally World-Davenport)

Ragged Records:
Dave Brubeck/Paul Desmond Duets
Mother's Finest
Bob Wills-Tiffany Transcriptions (RSD Version)
The Black Lips- Underneath The Rainbows
The Compact Camel
Belle & Sebastian-Fold Your Arms Child You Walk Like A Peasant

Imagine that. All the pictures that were posted on this blog have disappeared.  Too bad you can't see them no more.  All that hard work gone forever. FML. 


TAD said...

Hey Crabby -- is that Camel package like that old CD collection with supposedly the best stuff off their first four Decca albums, supposedly their classic period (Mirage/Snow Goose/Moonmadness/Rain Dances), or something a little larger? I think their earlier stuff is OK, but I'm a sucker for their later period, which I think is smoother -- sometimes TOO smooth, they go from nice pastoral mood music with good guitar and then slip into commercial schlock.
And at least you HAVE record stores to go take a tour of, which is more than I can say....

R S Crabb said...

Hey Tad

The Camel CD is called A Compact Compilation and it came out on Rhino years ago and I have seen it used on occasion. And Rhino cherry picks the songs off the four albums that you mentioned. I'm sure the Decca imports are available if we looked hard enough but outside of Nude and the 1984 Live album and Rain Dances on CD that's the only Camel that I have.

I wouldn't say going to 2 record stores about an hour and half away is a major tour, Madison would have been better since they have about 9 stores but since I was up there last month didn't see a need to go this time out. Record Collector in Iowa City was packed but didn't go there. Ragged Records had a few folks in there before they kicked us out at 5 but since they opened the doors at 8 both Bob and Ben Crabb were tired. A lot of these record stores are open from 10-6 or 11-7 but Co Op was open till 9.

But I think Seattle still has a few more then down here. At least they did when I was there in 2001. No intention of returning there anytime soon. We have a house to waterproof ;)

TAD said...

Seattle? Ugh. Only if I'm really adventurous or really desperate. Tacoma used to have a TON of old book and record stores on 6th Ave., but I don't think I've been there since the economy tanked. Don't even want to think about how many times I dropped $200 at those stores -- that can't happen now, being a grown-up is a pain in the ass. Not doing my part for the new economy anymore I guess, plus I got a car payment to make. Cheers!