Monday, September 30, 2013

Revisiting In Utero-The 20th Anniversary Edition By Ken Da Dude

I don't know if I'm just 'bored and old' but the new remixes don't do much for me. I do notice slight differences between the 2013 mix and the old - mainly the former cutting unnecessary bits like the first few seconds of cough and preparation by Kurt before "Pennyroyal Tea", and some tracks having cleaner transitions into the chorus. 

But I'm a 90's child, and I clearly remember purchasing this album on cassette (sue me, I was a late bloomer to CD's), and I recall worshiping the suggested EQ volume recommendation on the inner sleeve in attempt to impress my neighbor, Tammy, an 80's hair-metal female rocker chick, whom I now consider to be the godmother of my everlasting love for rock music. Also Gary, who was my next door neighbor, a headbanger dude with long hair, who was a die-hard fan of Nirvana; and cried when Kurt has passed.

Did it work? I doubt it. But it doesn't matter now because I realize how pathetic I was, trying to fit in with their taste. Legendary music should reflect your ever-changing mood, somehow charge your energy, and blow the mind beyond the limit. As pathetic as that might sound, all I can do now is thank them for introducing me to the genre of 'rock'.

In summary, reissues seems like a good concept at first. But most of the the time it is done with a hardly noticeable change and seems nothing but for monetary gain.

I leave with you a famous quote: "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."

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