Thursday, December 8, 2016

Greg Lake 12/8/17 RIP and Comments

"I think there is some truth in the fact that ELP may have appeared at times to be pretentious. It depends, really, on your view. I think people tend to dismiss things they don’t understand.

I think if someone listens to something like Pictures at an Exhibition, they assume – because they were probably brought up that way – that classical music is for the elite. And really, it’s not. Classical music was for the everyman. It was written for the public; it was just written at a different time in history. And, it’s less complicated than people would imagine. There’s nothing really complicated about Pictures at an Exhibition.

However, if your view of classical music is that it’s for the elitist-type person — the intellectual, the them-what-knows – then you’ll probably be offended when someone like ELP tries to play some classical music.

To us, though, it was just doing a great tune that we liked."

Greg Lake RIP.  (Died Wednesday from cancer. He was 69.)

From Tad:

OK, this sucks. I'll miss ELP for half a dozen great pieces of music. Ghod knows I didn't always love them (Tarkus, most of their later stuff), but when they were good (Karn Evil 9, Fanfare for the Common Man, Still You Turn Me On, From the Beginning, Lucky Man, even Emerson's Piano Concerto) they were pretty great. I don't think Lake "made" ELP, but he did write the hits and produced all the albums ... and he always claimed he wrote the melody for King Crimson's "Epitaph,