Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Rock And Roll To The World

I've had more readers (from Russia) twice more this month than all of last month and haven't posted much.  Is less more?   I've been busy on other things and still working on the 2016 wrap up. Outside, the weather is cold just like they would predict it but we have to deal with it the best way possible.  Death continues to take people, Alan Thicke passed away at age 69.  Bristol Palin is knocked up for the third time (you betcha) and we all can't wait for the failed reality star to take over the POTUS role and have the GOP finally kill the American Dream once and for all.  You know to route, tax cuts for rich, raise the retirement age to 75 and jack them gas prices up back to 4 dollars a gallon and build crappy made pipelines so that oil can poison our water supply. 

Forthcoming blogs will be the Best Of 2016 albums, Townedger Radio playlist, and Good Riddance to a Shit year blog and after that.....?   If anything of value comes along that's newsworthy and not having to deal with the failed reality star, the crooked female democrat who won the popular vote and the end of the world, I'll pass it along.   In the meantime, to my USSR faithful, keep inflating those viewership ratings and if we get 10,000 views for this month, perhaps I'll commit to another year.  But in reality folks, life happens and I must follow where it leads.

Not gone yet.

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