Monday, November 16, 2015

TE Radio 14, P F Sloan, Waterloo, 10-0 Hawkeyes, Night Flight

Explosions of Paris happened on Friday the 13th as the terrorist Islam cowards known as  ISIS crashed an concert by Eagles Of Death Metal and a couple other places and in usual pussy mode, killed over 150 people with their radical bullshit.  Among the dead was Nick Alexander, merchandise manager for Eagles Of Death Metal, however the band made it out safe.  However U2 and The Foo Fighters decided to call off concerts.  Whatever the situation might be, we're watching the world slowly dissolved into a religious war by ISIS is trying their best to throw everybody back into the 7th century.  However the world needs to come together and rid of these infidels of religious bullshit. The question remains who are they and where they can be destroyed at.  So far Anonymous, the cyber hackers from afar have found and exposed over 3800 twitter accounts of so called ISIS supporters and recruiters on the first day after declaring war on them.  While the GOP and fear mongers want to go to war on the first drop of the hat and not take in refugees, Anonymous is actually doing something to combat the ISIS haters of peace.   To which I say, go get them. 

While ISIS continues to throw their hate and fear around, we continue to live life the way we should. Another bargain hunt to Waterloo which St Vincent De Paul had some real vintage but scratched up 45s, the best of the bunch was Reet Petite by Jackie Wilson and Bill Haley's Rock Around The Clock, which was known as a fox trot back in 1954 since rock and roll wasn't a term yet. There were some other vintage 45s, a Johnny Winter 45 that I've never seen but it was too far gone to buy, scratches and all, Lotta Lovin from Gene Vincent which got lotta record player loving to the point of no grooves left. Only other worthy 45 was Marion Worth's Shake Me I Rattle, but I really didn't see the need for that particular song.  Nice to sort through and see what was there, but dumpster 45s are about as worthy as reference copies but hell on your record player's needle should you want to play them.  I found 6 CDs for 50 cents a piece at the pawnshop, but Stuff, Etc and Goodwill had junk and nothing worth getting.  One more bargain hunt will be in the works before the snow hits, or worse, the Christmas buying rush to which I forgo the stores and shop online.

The Iowa Hawkeyes are now 10-0 and have once again claimed ownership of Floyd Of Rosedale, outlasting Minnesota 40-35. While Lashaun Daniels ran wild for 195 yards and a couple TDs, his 51 yard run with two minutes left gave the Hawks the win although Minnesota ran it back down the field for a TD in 45 seconds and had a chance to pull it out, but the kicker's onside attempt sailed out of bounds, thus sealing a Hawks victory.  However, like the Indiana game, the Iowa defense looked below average, as Minnesota receivers constantly got open for big yards, thus will be fueling more complaints from Colin Coward, the FOX sports Hawkeye and Big Ten hater.  Although Mr. Coward's complaint about the soft teams Iowa has been playing, he forgets that both Indiana and Minnesota have given the Iowa defense fits, but for the second game in the row, the Iowa offense came through.  CJ Beathard being the competitive quarterback, and managing to play a great game although we all held our breath when CJ got hurt after a QB sneak and had to sit out a play.  On the other side of the Big Ten, Jake Rudock, former Hawkeye quarterback who took his business to Michigan rather than being second string, played his best game and setting a record for most touchdown passes by a Michigan QB (6) going 33 for 46 for 440 yards in a Michigan 2 overtime victory over Indiana  48-41. That should grant him Big ten offense player of the week over Daniels' 195 yards 3 touchdowns effort.  But then again, Jake Rudock did show some of his ability to come back from deficits as Hawk quarterback.

Your dream date of the month: Ashley Alexiss.  Certainly there's plenty of eye candy cheese cake to go around on the internet but Ashley has been one of those who does keep in touch via the social media outlets and of course she's at her most vocal when the New England Patriots win and go 9-0 so far as they managed to squeak by the New York Giants on a long 54 yard FG and on par to try for another undefeated season. I have no time for instragram or Tumblr (which I haven't been on in over a year) but Ashley does pop in on Facebook and wants you to know that New England is still number 1 in her book.

BTW, guess who is the second most searched keyword here in Record World Crabbland?

Chicago Cubs News: Kris Bryant was named Rookie Of The Year, the first Cub since Gevoany Soto in 2008.  He batted .275 while hitting 26 home runs and 99 RBIs, not bad considering he started out in AAA and could have drove in a 100 runs.  He also struck out 199 times as well.  Still, his power was there when he hit the ball and he won Rookie Of The Year with a unanimous vote, the first since Craig Kimbrel did it for the Atlanta Braves in 2011.  Also, Joe Maddon was named NL Manager of the year in his first season with the Cubs.  Certainly, Maddon should be considered for comeback player of the year since he went to a team that was in disarray but had enough youngsters that could turn the corner and the fortunes of the Cubs of 2015 to which they did the unthinkable and took out Pittsburgh and St. Louis in the playoffs before things came to an end.  Future looks bright for the men of blue, if this translates into going further next season and The World Series is still wishful thinking but at least the future has never been this bright since Tinkers to Evers To Chance, many many moons ago.

No surprise as Jake Arrieta won the Cy Young Award as best NL pitcher beating out Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw for the honor.  Gerrit Cole and Max Scherzer, who despite pitching two no hitters came in fifth place.  Arrieta posted a 22-6 record with a 1.79 ERA.  Jake, after the all star break posted a 0.75 ERA and after August 4th a hard to fathom 0.41 ERA the lowest ever since records were kept. Plus no hitting the Los Angeles Dodgers in August. Jake becomes the first cub since Greg Maddux (1992) to win the Cy Young Award. While The Cubs posted three guys in winning awards they will not have a clean sweep of the awards since no Cubs player was mentioned for the MVP award.  For a team that wasn't supposed to be there, The Cubs managed to surprise and shock a few folks along the way.  Although history will suggest that Arrieta won't duplicate what he did this season, he should be a force to be reckon with next season.  As well as Kris Bryant, if he can cut his strikeouts in half.  Great job guys!

Site of the day: Night Flight.  The best thing that ever came out of USA Network in the early 80s, Night Flight was cutting edge movies and music and the late Peter Ivers' New Wave Theater.  They also have a website too.

Searching through the internet, in the case of the Dave Clark Five, their 45s were on Capitol but in Canada only.  Epic had the honor in the US.  Somebody in an outdated blogspot site was kind enough to scan a few of them here:

Bart Carfizzi from The Past Masters is back from his Cruise vacation and managed to photo bomb this picture from what I'm seeing here.  Just kidding ;-)  Anyway, weather permitting of course, he shall be back the Rumor's Sunday Afternoon Jam as well as playing in the Past Masters on a pre Thanksgiving show at Wild Hogs in Walford next Wed.  I plan to be permitting of course. They're predicting the first snowfall this Friday.  So much for a mild and dry winter....

Wooden Nickel Lottery opening for Anthony Gomes at The Redstone Room 11-6-15 (top,bottom)

Passings:  P.F.Sloan, perhaps one of the best known and unknown singer songwriters of our time passed away from liver cancer Sunday.  He was 70.  Best known for Eve Of Destruction, Sloan wrote You Baby and Let Me Be  for The Turtles, Take Me For What I'm Worth, covered by the Searchers and of course Where Were You When I Needed You by The Grassroots.  Sloan would record for Atco and Mums but basically stayed out of the music radar due to health issues and music label shenanigans.

Charlie Dick, husband to the late Patsy Cline passed away at age 81.  He later worked at Starday Records in the promotions department but all his life centered around the preserving the legacy and the music of Patsy Cline.  He now joins her in the great beyond.

Disgraced: Jared Fogle, ex Subway spokesman who's diet of eating Subway Sandwiches made him lose over a 100 pounds, and then ended  to be a child pedophile  and having sex with underaged children while trying to be the all around good guy on the Subway Commercials received a 15 year 8 month jail sentence, more than the 12 year sentence that the prosecution was asking for.  While Jared tried to convince a non-believing  judge about being sorry for his actions and saying that his ex wife was a victim of his idiocy, the judge reminded that Jared did give 7 million to his wife so she will be okay.  But not so much for Jared once he gets to prison and have to deal with the prison crowd, which will be unforgiving as well. That will give new meaning to 'eat fresh' eh?  Something about Fogle looked creepy from the Subway spots even before his evil doings, has actually made me even going to Subway anymore.  To be associated with that pedophile might have put a dent into Subway sales although I don't foresee them closing up shop anytime soon.  Anamosa still has two of them in town.  But it makes you think about eating at a place, with a guy that once did good but somehow the exposure and the money rolling in, may have changed Jared into the creepy guy with an eye on your 16 year old. But the lies and bullshit that Jared may have claimed, even blaming Subway themselves for his hyper-sexuality problem but the judge saw through that and gave him 188 months in prison.  He may talk a good talk about being a good father to his children and a better person but he should have considered that before taking advantage of the underage while hiding under the Jared Foundation banner.  It's too late to do that now Jared, the damage is done.

Over the weekend, my guitar playing buddy and jam bro Ray Robertson married Brandy Herman in a very private setting Sunday on a beautiful day.  All the best to you.

And Brooksie lives!  So nice to talk to her once again.  She's doing well.


Shawn Phillips-Faces (A&M 1972)

For a cult artist, Shawn has been uneven at best.  Even trying to sort through the songs on his Best Of, I tend to wonder what the fuss was all about.  But in actuality, Faces is by far, the album that I sit through and listen although the song that I recorded on a mixtape years ago, I can't find the song and any album I heard didn't have that song.  Faces is interesting for the role of a few folks that helped Elton John (Paul Buckmaster, Caleb Quaye) and is that Glenn Campbell on lead guitar Parisian Flight II?  Perhaps but no doubt that's Steve Winwood on organ.  I'm thinking that's the best track here, although Shawn does make an feeble attempt for radio airplay on Hey Miss Lonely and ecology song I Took A Walk.  To which I did like both songs but still find when Shawn tries for the high notes such as the tail end of Parisian   Flight II and We, I tend to wrinkle my nose.  But I probably would play this a bit more than, say Contribution or the Best of for that matter.
Grade B

Teenage Frames-More Songs Less Music (Rock And Roll Records 1996)

One of more honest titles to name a record, Teenage Frames straddled the lines of power pop and punk rock.  They were from Chicago and bore some sounds to Cheap Trick (but without the BS balladry that tends to overrate their Rockford brothers) although they might be been more in relation to the Suicide Commandos but with more polish.  They're punk since none of the songs go over 3 minutes, to which Lemon Drop is more rockabilly flash than New York Dolls trash.  They're power pop since their sound is too nice for punk, the guitars way too clean.  This CD relished in the 50 cent bin at the pawn shop for months, so I thought I buy it on and hear it on the way home.  At times there's flashes of brilliance (Down With The Kids) but when Frankie Delmane tries to convince me that We Hate It When We're Well Respected and tries sound punk, it just doesn't quite work.  For a power pop debut, it's not bad but would have been a bit better had the Frames slop it up a little, which was why the first Cheap Trick album was better (although it's debatable when people consider that one a power pop classic too)
Grade B-

Marshall Crenshaw-Field Day (Warner Bros. 1983)

In terms of power pop Marshall Crenshaw's classic album was this one, more so then the celebrated self titled with his hit Someday Someway.  Field Day didn't have that kind of it, but it had much better written songs.   However, while power pop purists bitched about Scott Litt's loud drum mix or Steve Lilywhite's echo laden production.  While Robert Christgau gave this a solid A Plus, I think an A Grade is more of a reality, some songs do go on forever (One Night With You) and while Whenever You're On My Mind wasn't as catchy as Someday Someway it did made a nice single although Our Town would have been better, or Monday Morning Rock.  Credit must be due to brother Robert Crenshaw's oddball drumming on the record and For Her Love.  While there was a attempt to remix some of the songs for better effect, I still like the Lilywhite/Litt sound on Field Day, an album that stands out even farther than the debut, you may not like the mix but you'll remember it from day one.
Grade A

Nina Simone-A Single Woman (Elektra 1993)

For Nina's final album she went pop standards.  Which I suppose was the direction she was heading for between her last album Baltimore and this one which came 15 years later.  By then she became more eccentric in her music an personal life. Gone was the sometimes rock and roll she would interpret in her own way and replaced by a eye toward light jazz and pop.  While A Single Woman has moments and like the rest of her albums, honest to her vision, it's also an album that I wouldn't play all that much.  Far too many songs go too much into muzak territory and I'm sure her French number will suit her France fans, it does nothing for me.   The record isn't a total waste, songs like Lonesome Cities and Love's Been Good To Me do sound like the soundtrack of her life and she can still do swinging jazz, just like she did on her debut album, the closer Marry Me is vintage Nina, although the piano player is Mike Melovin and not Nina but at least she sounds like she is having fun one last time before heading into the sunset.  Too bad there's not more of this on her finale.
Grade B-

Townedger Radio Playlist 11/18/15  (a tidal wave of hits)  Broadcast via Lucky Star Radio

Mama Let Him Play-Jerry Doucette
Does It Matter-The Townedgers
Slow Down-Dave And The Stone Hearts
The Shout-Robin Trower
Better Than Nothing-Jen Trynin
Blood-Big Back Forty
If You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself)-Peter Droge
Shot Down-Kevin Salem
Weed Bus-The Stairs
Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine-Harry 'the hipster' Gibson
Gone Dead Train-Crazy Horse (without Neil Young)
Jeanette 15 Years Later-The Townedgers
Too Much Too Young-The Speicals
Before Too Long-Paul Kelly
World's Looking Lonely-Volbeats
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White-Los Dilly Sisters

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