Monday, November 2, 2015

The Sights And Sounds Of Halloween

I wasn't much fun this weekend, battling back spams and congestion so I didn't venture out to any of the digs.  But I found some pics from various sites this weekend and thought I'd share them with you.

Starting out, The Young Guns made their way to Monticello Saturday Night, with the drummer posing as Peter Criss and John Shaw being Slash. They almost look like the real thing.

Next up, The Past Masters made their way to a full house in Walford.  Bart Carfizzi has been on my case about attending a show soon and I promise I will get to one.  Chad Johnson is one of the best entertaining singers in this area.

Terry McDowell, fellow jam brother and drummer to four different bands found himself with Toxic Blonde with Dawn Sedlacek opening for Cheese Pizza at Cedar River Landing.   Terry drummed with Flex at the reopened Chrome Horse Saloon Friday Night. Some say Terry Mack might be the loudest drummer but yours truly might have that title to himself.  I get headaches after I jam afterward ;)

I was well enough to get to the Sunday Afternoon Jam Session at Rumors but didn't get up on stage.  While I missed out chances to hang with Dan Johnson and Brook Hoover and Tim Duffy I got to see some good drumming from Jon Wilson, Mike Lint and Patrick Geasland.  There's always a next time to participate.

Below: Past Masters at Wild Hogs 10/31/15

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