Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Last Bargain Hunt: Maquoketa Again

As the title says, it's been a costly month for me.  Going to Maquoketa to get the car's oil changed and what I thought would be a hour long stay turned out to be a three hour affair.  As my car technician Jamie marched me to the service bay and point out a tire that was shredding tread.  I knew about needing new tires before fall but looking at this peeling and full of splits tire I basically had no option but to get new tires and align my investment of bargain hunts car and put things on the backburner.  Which in the end they politely relieved me of 756 dollars. Which to add another 576 dollars for a new computer the amount needed for Arizona went to other things.  I'm sure Allegiant Airlanes will have a sale to Mesa for under 100 dollars in the near future but the ones that will suffer greatly would be Zia's Records.  Usually they're the place which I hang out when I'm in the AZ area.

There's not a lot to do in Maquoketa, but they do have the pawnshop with the friendly doggie and dollar CDs and Goodwill.  Brad Deery Motors is uptown so it's a nice walk when the sun is out.  So I tend to look at the 2015 cars and dream away.  The Impala I have for 2 years and 38,000 miles has done a remarkable job in the trips for me and St Louis of last year.  I like the full size cars, in fact Ron, the salesman who sold me Redd keeps emailing me wonderful news that with trading Redd in, I could get a 2015 for 36K or 508 dollars a month.  I'm already in the poor house, and Ally is demanding another payment before the end of month.  With us being idle at work, payments are going to a bit more to make ends meet.  Unlike the Koch Brothers, getting a new car every year is a pipe dream, I'm more inclined to pay Redd off before next year and hope it stays together.  Unless I win the lottery.  But alas, I wasn't in that line for good luck, but I can have a GD Redwing attack me in a crowd of people and two weeks I'm still livid over that.  Thankfully downtown Maquoketa was missing those angry birds, so consider that a good day.

Basically after glancing over the new Impalas and seeing a salesman across the street just waiting to make commission, I decided for Chicken in cheese sauce for lunch at the downtown Mexican place. And then off to the pawnshop, to replace a copy of Dick Dale and The Deltones I once had and a couple of LPs at the MacQ Goodwill, Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and Elegy from The Nice, albums you rarely see anymore, curios from the past.  There was some Emerson Lake And Palmer albums and some 70s stuff (Stranger In Town Bob Seger, Linda Ronstadt, oh, Frampton Comes Alive).  I dropped off a few CDs for donation, the stuff I got for a dollar here in town and decided to share the wealth with some open minded folk.  Then went out walking around to kill another hour.  They were putting up a stage area which tended me to think that there was a art festival going on.  Comparing towns, I think Anamosa has a block or two more empty buildings but Maquoketa has a Goodwill, a Wal Mart and a Fareway and a downtown movie theater, but they also have on the outskirts of town on US 61 and 136 their own drive in.  The 61 Drive In, which has been a family fest for many years and has been filled to capacity in the summer months.  I think it's been about 7 or 8 years since I've gone there, last movie I saw was the final Shrek Movie.  But even while driving out of town after the car got fixed and got new shoes put on it, I drove past the 61 Drive In at around 6 PM, and started seeing about 10 cars already lined up ready to go on....even though the movie didn't start for another 2 and a half hours later.  But it's a nice perfect place to let the kids run loose while Mom is busy checking out her smart phone and Dad popping a few and swatting Mosquitoes before sunset.

I would have loved to stayed longer, however I picked a day that we things to do at work and I couldn't get it off, nor change the appointment, so I just loaded up with tunes and drove the hour and half back to work. The way it goes sometimes.

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