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KCRG SUPER 30 SURVEY June 6 1975

A look back at the life and times of being in Cedar Rapids 40 years ago.  Back then, we had drive ins.  We still had the Armar Ballroom with the Do's and the Dont's playing there. Chubby Checker would be playing at the Ramanda Inn on June 11. Certainly there was much more places to play at. Frank Osmanski and the Chordsmen playing from 9 to 1 30 from June 2 through the 14th.

As I remembered it, FM was becoming more of a go to place to hear new music, whereas KCRG was still good for hearing Paul Harvey and having a top 30 list of assorted music.  Northern Light's Minnesota was their only charted single, Sha Na Na was considered a fluke and the less said about the Captain and Toni Tennile the better although I heard Neil Sedaka sing that song and preferred that version.  While there had been R and B hits in the past, that week's survey only has one black artist on the top thirty and that was War. But if you look on the Bubbling Under 30, Van McCoy's The Hustle would take over the top spot a month later.  There's no shortage of the novelty numbers, CW McCall's Classified benefited greatly from Convoy the previous release and I'm surprised Classified got up to number 6 on the charts. The late Roger Whitaker would also hit the top ten with his Last Farewell, perhaps one of the last gasp of MOR pop music making it on AM Radio, although I think Q 103 did play that one and of course the majority of songs here. America, Alice Cooper and Elton John's Philadelphia Freedom were on the way out, One Of These Nights, Jive Talkin, Listen To What The Man Said, Midnight Blue and the odious Please Mister Please debuted on the chart.

I used to collect the Super 30 surveys in the early 70s and forgot all about this one till somebody posted it on Facebook and decided to share the nostalgia with y'all.  After all, I do remember.  It's also my parents 55th anniversary too. 

The KCRG Top 30 of 6/6/75

1.  Love Will Keep Us Together-Captain And Tennile
2.  Magic-Pilot
3.  Just Like Romeo And Juliet-Sha Na Na
4.  Thank God I'm A Country Boy-John Denver
5.  Wildfire-Michael Martin Murphy
6.  When Will I Be Loved-Linda Ronstadt
7.  Classified-CW McCall
8.  Hey You-Bachman Turner Overdrive
9.  Long Tall Glasses-Leo Sayer
10. Before The Next Teardrop Falls-Freddy Fender
11. Pinball Wizard-Elton John
12. Minnesota-Northern Light
13. Take Me In Your Arms-The Doobie Brothers
14. I'm Not In Love-10cc
15. I'm Not Lisa-Jesse Colter
16. Why Can't We Be Friends-War
17. Trouble-Elvis Presley
18. Only Women Bleed-Alice Cooper
19. Sister Golden Hair-America
20. Bad Time-Grand Funk Railroad
21. Bloody Well Right-Supertramp
22. It's A Miracle-Barry Manilow
23. Misty-Ray Stevens
24. Jive Talkin-The Bee Gees
25. Please Mister Please-Olivia Newton John
26. One Of These Nights-Eagles
27. Midnight Blue-Melissa Manchester
28. Attitude Dancing-Carly Simon
29. Philadelphia Freedom-Elton John
30. Listen To What The Man Said-Wings

Bubbling Under:
Black Friday-Steely Dan
The Last Farewell-Roger Whitaker
Goodnight Vienna-Ringo Starr
The Hustle-Van McCoy

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Crabby, that countdown's pretty great! I could still listen to about half of it....