Monday, December 8, 2014

PLAYLIST: 12-13-14

Well I figured if it worked last year with the 11 12 13 event and giving me the highest rated views, I thought I try it again and see how far views this gets.  This weekend we have the 12 13 14 to which for the final time for another 100 years, the month date and year follows each other, December 13, 2014.  Falls on a Saturday.

College football season is now over and we now know who the best 4 teams are. Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State which ripped up Wisconsin 59-0 in the B1G championships. The much hated Buckeyes led by Urban A Hole Meyer, lost their starting QB for Cardale Jones who became a folk hero. J D Barnett replaced Braxton Miller early in the season and was having a stellar season when he broke his ankle and Jones stepped in and it was business as usual.  For the thrashing of Bucky Badger, OSU managed to claim the 4th spot to play Alabama. TCU and Baylor got thrown by the wayside, if TCU would have held on and beat Baylor, they'd be the forth team.  Give Ohio State credit, they flew past the naysayers by beating just about everybody in the B1G ten.  In the meantime, Michigan says adios Brody Hoke after a sub 500 year, Mike Riley replaces Bo Pellini in Nebraska.  Kirk Feranez gets another contract extension after a disappointing 7-5 season but managed to get rewarded with a January 2nd bowl game with Tennessee in the what used to be known as the Gator Bowl now Taxslayer Bowl.  And it's in Florida.  I have a classmate that lives down there that says everybody should meet at her new place in Florida to see the game.  I'll be there in spirit.  For the other team, Arizona State, they're off to the Sun Bowl on the 27th to take on Duke.  Good thing they didn't play Oregon for the Championship, the Ducks dismantled Arizona 55-13, getting revenge for the Arizona win earlier in the season.

If you like lists of worst of, here's the worst country songs of 2014, with the usual motley crew of artists that show up regularly in Worst songs list:

For the do list of next year, I need to get a new computer.  The continuation of hang ups and not responding messages  and shock wave not working messages is the stuff that you take a fucking hammer to the computer with.  In this day and age of throwaway technology what is buy now obsolete a day later.  I have this computer for 10 years running, in today's world, it's an printing press from the 1700s.

The return and comeback of vinyl has been a big surprise as record collectors are now going to thrift shops in droves to find rock albums in between copies of Lawrence Welk, Mac Davis, the classics and garbage gospel acts of the 60s and 70s to the point that thrift stores have actually raised prices on vinyl now.  Which is basically a double edge sword, fine if you enjoy playing vinyl but not so much if you have to pay 20 dollars plus for what used to sell for 5.98 years ago.  I managed to find the elusive Fantasy album (the band made Stoned Cowboy a fine rocking song years ago) but didn't feel like paying 35 dollars for it.  It has come down to economics as well.  While some stores do sell vinyl (Target is rumored to be selling vinyl but I yet to see that at a store so it's an online thing) the nadir is the higher prices for 180 or 200 gram virgin vinyl but it's buyer beware, no refunds even for a 35 dollar copy (you'll get store credit but no money back).  Heaven forbid if you have a scratch on that new Ryan Adams LP. Perhaps the rip off folks behind Because Sound Matters think it's fair to charge 70 dollars for the latest Neil Young CD that always been forgotten.  There used to be a time which Target or K Mart had a nice cut out selection of albums ranging from 99 cents to 3.98 to which we could satisfy our music binges and discover new bands.  But those days are long forgotten and from another planet, another time.   Even for the bargain hunter like myself, I had to contend with the other bargain hunters when it comes to seeing who donated the latest vinyl at Goodwill and most of the time I end up finding nothing of value.  But it's nice to see people walking out of the store with that long lost Eagles Greatest Hits or Led Zeppelin 4 to play on players and not cheap sounding MP3s that you hear on your smart phone.  This generations' version of the transistor radio.

Another classmate went beyond the sunset last week.  Mark Chalstrom passed away from a sudden illness and he was four months younger than me.  We weren't close as friends but we did trade beer cans when that fad was popular in 1975.  Mark was a popular classmate, went out for football and basketball.  My favorite story was that Me, him, along with Mark Prouty and Rick Cooper went behind the old Katz Salvage brownfields in search of rusty old beer cans.  At that time, the old Milwaukee Road railroad went through Marion and trains would blow by sounding their own.  Being wild and free at that time, I loved the train yard enough to trespass through and of course that was a no no, I've had a couple run ins, with the old Milwaukee Road gumshoe, to which the third time led to a scream fest outside the Diary Queen and why didn't he go after the four other kids walking behind the old coast to coast instead of picking on me when I was more closer to the main thoroughfare and not in the yard was raised at this dude.  He never did pick on me again after that.

Anyway back to the story, the four of us was in this year after dark and finding a few dumpster cans there were train cars in the yard, and Mark Chalstrom managed to pull the air brake on one of the cars which prompted the gumshoe and other employees to come running out. And we all scattered around, somehow I was stuck inside the Salvage yard and basically trapped.  However I did managed to come across to the green tin fence in front of 7th avenue and somehow climbed over it and didn't get caught (one of the rare times that I ever gotten away with anything).  Chalstrom also got away but Rick and the other Mark got caught at the front.  We all managed to meet at the old Me Too store across the street and had a good laugh over that.  After graduation we all went separate ways, Mark got married and divorced a couple times and raised a daughter.  But now he's gone.  And will be missed.


Let Me In-Rory Gallagher (Against The Grain)
Gonna Be Alright Now-Gayle McCormick (S/T)
Talking In Your Sleep-Paraphernalia Tyrus (Live Under A Full Moon)
Primer Coat-Drive By Truckers (English Oceans)
Wait-Camel (I Can See Your House From Over Here)
Wigmore Swingers-The Len Price 3 (Nobody Knows)
Turn It Up-Texas Hippie Coalition (Peacemaker)
Shut Up And Dance-Walk The Moon (Talking Is Hard)
This Old Fool-Buddy Guy & Junior Wells (Play The Blues)
Echoes-Spanky And Our Gang (The Complete Mercury Singles) 

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