Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fun With Scratchy Records 3-Dress Them Up Ready To Show

Some of my favorite 45s over the years and some came from previous Singles Going Steady blogs.

Records and their sleeves can tell a story of where they have been or where they come from.  A few may been seen on various 45 sites but these come from my personal collection and of course from Goodwill.  I suppose it's a case of nostalgia but before everything became throwaway, the labels actually would take time to make some kind of art work to store their 45s or tout their wares.

The Animals Gonna Send You Back To Walker may have not been the first forty five I ever bought but it was the first single that I remembered and loved.  Too bad after hearing it the first time, I ended up breaking it and it would take 40 years for me to locate a excellent copy.  The wonders of EBAY.

King Flash I brought years ago from the long ago forgotten Salvation Army in uptown Marion, where the elderly lady would call me the record boy when I pop in to buy cheap 45s.  This record has actually held up very well over the years, before 1973 and before I started taking care of 45s and leaving them in their sleeves.  The Leo Greco Dot 45, is a tribute to the now departed Leo, who hosted the Czech Party on Sunday Mornings on various channels.  Leo made a few polka theme albums but he managed to record a single and album for Dot Records.  And of course Roy Hamilton, Don't Let Go, a fun late 50s R and B boogie number with the late great Jesse Stone doing the arrangements.

If only the record sleeves to tell the story of where they been and how they got into my collection.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't pay 88 cents for the King Flash 45, this actually comes from another record, Herman's Hermits Can't You Feel My Heartbeat.  For camp value I left the price tag on the sleeve.

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