Monday, October 13, 2014

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In every home, in every neighborhood, there's always a neighbor from Hell.  Usually the one who lives next to you.

No love in CSNY land.  Neil Young saying he'll never tour with them again.  Word has it that David Crosby didn't care about Neil's new GF and mentioned it, and of course Neil heard about it.  New Neil Young album is him in front of a orchestra.  Hope it's better than A Letter Home, his low fi recording with Jack White.

Can't wait for November 5, when all the political bullshit ads end.  We had to deal with this shit since April.  Everybody here is sick of the Bruce Braley or Joni Ernst attack ads, the latter brought to you by Citizens United, a front for the Koch Brothers' propaganda crap. I'm not a fan of Ernst, she's another right wing shrill, but sometimes what the left throw out for propaganda aren't much better.  Rolling Stone wrote a scathing article about them Koch Brothers, which their response was less than cordial.  Rolling Stone gets the last word in rebuttal  here.

Ed Graham has left The Darkness after a decade and three albums playing drums.

Forgotten single from the past Too Easy To Love by Dahcotah. (1976) Recorded in Otho and a couple members would figure into the formation of Hawks.  You Tube has a speeded up version but this website has the corrected speed of Too Easy To Love, Charted number 25 via KLWW (I think).

And I am giving this more news that it should be but Izzy Azalea leads the American Music Awards with 6 nominations. Katy Perry, John Legend and Pharrell Williams has five apiece. Now that's out of the way, Ivy Doomkitty shakes the boredom up here.

(the continuing disappearances of pictures continues to piss me off more than you know.  Basically the Ivy Picture is from my archives and hopefully she won't disappear from here).

Ratings so far this month, better than expected, despite only 3 entries.  Looks like we're getting more fans from France of all places. Xolodremont continues to hog all of the referring URL's, to which I await their demise.


Sweet Blindness-Laura Nyro (Time And Love)
Shakedown-The Wild Flowers (Days Like These)
Long Long Time-Bo Ramsey (Live)
Ugly-Fishbone (Rhythm Come Forward Volume 2)
Hitch Hike-The Rolling Stones (Out Of Our Heads)
Day Tripper-Jimi Hendrix (BBC Sessions)
2D Gal In A 3D Town-Chuck Murphy (Coral Single 61014)
Hitch My Wagon-Hank (Are You Insane?)
Belfegore-Belfegore (S/T)
Shadow Boy-Scruffy The Cat (Tiny Days)


Radio Moscow-Magical Dirt (Alive Natural Sound)

In 1978 I came across a record ad touting the new Frank Marino Live and I played the hell out of it.  Marino blew the people away on the California Jam record that came out earlier that year, but he was a journeyman guitarist highly influenced by Jimi Hendrix but also Johnny Winter.  Sony Music has kept a couple albums in print but the ones to get is 20th Century Fox Records Child Of The Novelty and Strange Universe.  And Mahogany Rush IV.  Which leads us to the 21st century and the antics of Parker Griggs and his band Radio Moscow.  From Ames Iowa, their first album, produced by Dan Auerbach remains the perfect blend of Black Sabbath's first album, Blue Cheer, some Hendrix and the aforementioned Marino.  Four albums in, Griggs returns with Magical Dirt, an album that sounds like Mahogany Rush and Marino, all the way down to the stereo panning of wild lead guitar left and right.  Ain't no doubt about it, Griggs is a child of the late 60s early 70s of guitar rock.  At times he sounds like Frank Marino after too much Red Bull.  If you love the Axis Bold As Love Jimi Hendrix  and like Frank Marino, you'll might dig this too.  Griggs has that style down quite pat, problem is the songs themselves lack substance.  Griggs continues to play everything in the studio whereas live the bass and drummer are sidemen.  Ain't nothing wrong with style, but the songs on Magical Dirt, like the last couple albums showcase Griggs' wild style playing.  As for substance I'll stick with Frank Marino

Grade B-

Florida Georgia Line-Anything Goes (Big Machine)

And it goes out the window.  More autotuned bro country anthems that will be quickly played and forgotten and in the buck bins at your local thrift store.  But don't take my word for it, here's another opinion
If this fails, they could have a music career in EDM.  Stick a pink umbrella in that boys.

Grade D-

On Lucky Star Radio, I host my own show called Townedger Radio.  It will be a once a month thing, broadcasting on the third Wednesday of the month, it comes on at 12 Midnight CST.  Tonight's show I play some of my all time favorites from the Teddy Bears, Jerry Jaye plus tunes from Foghat, Unwritten Law, King Missle and others.  So check it out!

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