Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Record World

A new year upon us and after having the most views ever, this month will return back to under 2,000 views.  It's no big deal, this site was never top 10 anything in Blogger's World, unless the bogus russian site Xowhatever or Vampirestat puffed the numbers up.  Through with the Top Ten, I stuffed that into mothballs and filed it away, happy at the notion that I managed to keep at a project for 10 years. So why did I change it over to Record World?  It sounded better plus it took off pressure to find and comment on 10 songs of the week and add pictures to enhance things.  It didn't exactly helped the situation but did the get the top ten views to around 20 or 30 more views.  Plus, I can't type worth a shit anyway, I wore out the spellchecker and backspace key on my computer and now moved on to my third keyboard in as many years.

And 95 percent of the time, the GD words that I typed out had letters turned around on Spellchecker, which trying to type the (and end up with teh 8 times out of 10) and bashing the keyboard till letter keys go flying every which way, it got to be no fun even typing things and I'm still struggling with this.  So, I figured if there was a actual need to do more blogging, wait till something comes around or have an major event.  This week, the polar express came through town and Monday we had a all time High of minus 12.  Fucking cold if you asked me while trying to start the cars and keep them going.  You don't want to be out in minus 40 degree wind chill but I don't know if you can tell the difference between 40 or 50 below or worse.  You just hope and pray that the power doesn't go out and your pipes get frozen.  Thankfully we didn't get the 8 to 10 inches of snow that seems to arrive with polar expresses, that went further south and east of here.  So we got the lesser of evils.  But I heard of 120 temps in the land down under and I guess we'll worry about that six months from now. But I never bitch about how hot it is.

Last year was my last commitment to new music, therefore I will not be sucked in to hear mediocre crap that the NME, Spin or Rolling Stone raves about.   I have my faves that nobody knows about but I blog on a regular basis but then I get tired of promoting my faves and telling about it via their FB sites or their record label and get no thank you or kiss my ass comments so I started unfollowing them, the Bob Dorr rule as it's called.  And it makes you think differently of them after they rub you the wrong way, to see the smug Dorr mugging at the camera during IPTV's national pledge drive after playing the DVD of Old Time Doo Woppers of the 50s five years in a row makes you just want to donate to the local animal shelter for dog food.   But then again if you do stop at their FB site, you end up seeing more pics of their precious grandchildren.  Which is not exactly rock and roll to me.   Back to subject at hand.....But first Only Solitairie Blog tears apart Bob Dylan's Saved. An album that garnered a C plus in my book.
. If it is not a failure, it is an insult. If it is not an insult, it is a failure.

I spent lots of time and money at Best Buy listening to what they had for up and coming artists and most of the time the cd gets played once or twice and then gets donated down the road at Goodwill and traded in for a few cents at Half Priced Books.  The investment return of time and money isn't worth it anymore, especially on turds like Kings Of Leon Mechanical Bull or David Bowie's Next Day.  And what passes for music on Carson Daly's late show makes me wonder what the fuss is.  One can only buy so many reissues before you throw in the town and stick to what you have for tunes.  And there's real no shortage of tunes here.  With the independent record stores about an hour away and Best Buy shrinking their CD section month and month again, it hasn't become cost efficient.  So basically I said the hell with it and stopped shopping every week.  I debated about not buying any CDs this month but with a 5 dollar coupon and plenty of gift cards to HP Books I don't forsee that happening.  But it has been too cold to even go out and visit them. I have a low tolerance level for screaming brats showing their goofy dad a Brad Paisley CD and wanting it and he's saying No.  It makes me glad that I never had any of my own.

I'm sure 2014 will have a good share of tunes that I missed the first time or purchasing again a second time after getting of them the first time.  I was kinda tempted to hear that Paul Harvey spoken word album on Word in the late 50s but since Word Records is a Christian Gospel label, it'd be too preachy to me.  But I always loved hearing Paul Harvey on his news and comment on the noon hour when he was alive.  On New Year's Eve I did stopped at Sweet Living Antiques and despite the owner's bratty stepkids standing on a pile of 5 dollar albums, I did buy a couple of albums.  Devo's 1984 schattershot Shout (not all that bad as Robert Christgau would like you to think but it's a more watered down dance techno version of Oh No! It's Devo, which I still like) and The Housemartins London 0, Hull 4 which I could have found cheaper on CD but factor in gas prices of getting somewhere not that big of a bargain.  Since I was short of time, I didn't really sort through it all but who knows when another venture into Iowa City will be forthcoming I'll pick up where I left behind.  And hope that Junior Brat stays off the record stacks.

The way to go will be the 2 dollar cds that are in the bargain bins at thrift stores or Stuff Etc and I managed to find a few before the year was out.  Sad to say somebody bought the Throbbing Gristle  Better Living Through Pain CD but left behind The Weathermen Beyond The Beyond (Mute) which sounds like smart ass Depeche Mode with smarter beats.  Plus the guy sounds a bit like Lou Reed.

I love me some shoegazer music but Slowdive Just For A Day (Creation/SBK) isn't one of them. Yeah it's dreamy, like a good Choetau  Twins (Can't type the fucking name, Blogspot keeps messing with the damn error messages, another reason why I'm cutting back on the blogging) but at it's worse ventures too much into new age territory.  Lush and Curve and Jesus And Mary Chain did this better, although I heard good things about the Slowdive spin off Mojave 3.  But Just For A Day really doesn't do much till the end song which somebody thought it would be funny to turn the volume up towards the end of Primal. To which it just annoys than entertains.

The Monty Python Instant Record Collection (Arista) is a hodgepodge collection of their highlights of being on that label but more of a Contractual Obligation than the album of same name years ago. But it does have the tasteless Sit On My Face and the only place you can find the bad Farewell To John Denver skit. Which got left off on the remaster of Contractual Obligation CD due to Denver's passing in 1998.  Highlights include the Nudge Nudge and Argument Clinc from the Live At City Center LP.

Anyway, that's the up to date happenings of yours truly.  Yes I still check the ratings and I will miss that 927 views that I gotten on Dec 12 of last year, that mountain will disappear after this week and the ratings will really go down.  Except for one bump over 100, everything has been under 100 and that's the way things will be.  However, the rising star of this Record World has been Ivy Doomkitty who has now passed Samantha Fish and her amazing guitar into third place on the most searched keyword.  On a interesting note a keyword of Black Pussy was mentioned a couple times.  I'm guess that is the stoner rock band your talking about.  I guess they have opened up for Chino Vista (the former Kyuss lives band) a few times.  So here you go, a little Black Pussy for you.

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